Chapter 149 2 Potatoes And Strange Scars

"...Yes, yes, you've guessed it. You're so astute."

Elena observed the impeccable reasoning, every fold on his face was like an arrogant Gellert Grindelwald. She sighed silently and wisely decided not to continue arguing.

Clearly, unless she can immediately collect a pile of bedding from the room downstairs and shoot it in front of Grindelwald, even if she takes a picture, Grindelwald could be sure she's using magic.

"Don't argue about where I live in the first place, you should know the purpose of my visit. Let me see, what a treat..."

Elena cautiously looked at Grindelwald, carefully approached the end of the old man's bed, dragged the gray suitcase Dumbledore had left, opened it and took a look inside, her face suddenly froze.

The space inside the suitcase is much larger than it looks on the outside. As soon as she opened it, she felt a slight coolness, as if she were opening the refrigerator in a previous life.

Undoubtedly, Dumbledore at least added spatial magic like the spell of indefinite extension to this box, in addition to some kind of magic Elena couldn't name yet, and turned it into a "magical version of a cold storage".

However, compared to the magical spell cast on the suitcase, the contents stored in it are too pitiful to be simply described with the word threadbare.

The first thing that catches the eye is a pile of potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, yam eggs of different sizes, followed by cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, and the rest is a small pile of bacon and dry bread that look somewhat familiar, as well as five or six large barrels filled with fresh water with the Hogwarts school crest.

"Staple foods, vegetables, meat, water... everything is available, or rather abundant."

Elena's lips curled and she retracted her previous generous evaluation of Dumbledore. The old cunning wizard is still the same old cunning wizard.

Apparently, Dumbledore packed her exactly the same ingredients he had left after raiding the Hogwarts school kitchen yesterday.

Let's forget it, don't get angry...

Be gentle, be calm...

Wants to be a polite maiden...

(\# ̄Д ̄) ¡Boom!

Elena slammed the lid of the suitcase shut and issued a loud, deafening noise, looking down into the large room, at least for this time.

"Is this really all?"

Elena turned a bit reluctant, looked at Grindelwald sitting on the edge of the bed and asked, scanning the old man back and forth as if to see if he was hiding food.

"In the corner of the box, there are some materials and basic potion tools. Looking at Albus, it seems that it means I have time to teach you some potion knowledge. Other than that, only you can see it."

Grindelwald shrugged, for him, as long as there was something to eat.

He looked at Elena sitting dazed next to the box. The old man thought for a moment and threw a roasted potato with dark skin and a piece of dry bread at Elena.

"Well, this is for you, take it while it's hot."

Grindelwald said to Elena, as if it were a great reward and honor, "I don't expect you to say anything nice, I just hope you don't burn down my castle for roasting a potato, of course, the premise is that you must at least know how to make your wand spark a few small pitiful sparks".

"Relax, Grandpa. In a few days, the school teachers will teach you about magic, so you don't have to worry." Elena raised her eyebrows, with a disapproving look on her face.

Anyway, there is a fireplace in the room downstairs. Don't worry about the source of fire.

In these five days of freedom vacation, magic is nothing more than a pastime used to pass the boring time. Even if Grindelwald wants to teach now, she doesn't necessarily want to learn.

"Well, now bring the food I gave you and a blanket. Get out of my room quickly."

Grindelwald snorted, turned his head angrily and issued an order to the guest.

"You call this food?”

He threw the potato, which was roasted like lightly charred briquettes. Elena was about to say something. Suddenly she pointed with her eyes and saw Grindelwald still holding a not black potato in his hands.

"Hey, I'll give this back to you. Let's swap the potatoes we have in our hands."

Elena threw the potatoes back into Grindelwald's lap. Before the old man could react, she quickly reached out and grabbed Grindelwald's hands.


Just as Elena's finger touched Grindelwald's palm, the old man's original expression relaxed and he suddenly shuddered as if he had been given an electric shock. He inhaled sharply and almost quickly retracted his hand. Disappeared.

In the dim light, Elena seemed to vaguely see some red bubbles inside Grindelwald's palm, as if they had just been burnt.

Plop ~

With the old man's violent reaction, the potato that was originally hidden in his hand fell from it, rolled across the slate floor and stopped at Elena's feet.

"Is this...?”

"Give up, get out of here!"

Elena looked strangely at the old man with some abnormal expressions. She skillfully stepped back, separating Grindelwald, who was about to pounce, and quickly bent down to pick up the potato from the ground, stepping back a pace.

With some difficulty, Elena squeezed it a little, totally different from the dark black potato.

Upon close inspection, the surface of this potato was slightly warm, as if it had just been removed from the fire. It had a small fresh crack in it, and it looked like it had been bitten recently.

Looking inside from the crack, except for the yellowish outer layer, the inside was all white, faintly exhaling an earthy smell and a fresh plant smell.

"This potato can't be eaten, it's raw." Elena frowned, raised the potato in her hand and shook it at the old man in front of her, with a serious expression on her face.

Foods rich in starch such as potatoes cannot be eaten raw because the starch granules in raw potatoes are not easily broken down, and the human body has difficulty digesting them. After hastily consuming raw potatoes, it is easy to experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other adverse reactions.

There are many ways to determine if the potatoes are cooked. The simplest difference is that the interior color of cooked potatoes is yellow, while raw potatoes are white.

However, the key issue now is not just the problem of cooked potatoes.

"Mr. Gellert, could you please extend your hand?" Elena said calmly.

"The children should go back to rest, don't bother me... Wait, what are you doing? Hey, hey, let go!"

In Grindelwald's frightened eyes, Elena threw the half-cooked potatoes she was holding onto the side table and quickly approached Grindelwald.

Drawing on the strange strength of her own blood, she accurately grabbed the old man's wrist and turned over Grindelwald's palm, which he was trying to conceal.

Indeed... Elena stared fixedly.

She had read it correctly before, only to see that Grindelwald's thin and shrunken palm was covered with terrible burn marks.

"What is this burn on your hand?" the girl asked anxiously, a somewhat ridiculous conjecture emerging in her mind. Would it be like rubbing a fireball with hands, simply "rubbing" two potatoes with magical power?

But, it shouldn't be so, wouldn't he cast spells without a wand...?

Hush ~ one second more ~

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