Chapter 15 The frightened phoenix bird

"No move, lest my hand tremble, and you might cut the cap off the branch!"

Due to the panicked screams of the branch cap, Elena had to raise her voice to make sure that the Phoenix Fox, standing on the table in the center of the room, could hear her.

There is no doubt that the Phoenix Fox, who has been accompanying Dumbledore for decades, is very aware of the importance of this talking cap to Hogwarts. It is wise and loyal. It must be extra cautious when facing such a decision.

In this way, whether it's the Phoenix Flame or the sharp long beak, they have lost their threat to Elena.

As expected by Elena, facing the branch cap, the movements of the Phoenix Fox clearly showed a bit of hesitation.


While the beautiful big eyes of Fox were filled with confusion and the long golden beak paused blankly, Elena promptly placed the wide branch cap over the poor Phoenix.

"Look, this is not so simple!"

After successfully covering the Phoenix's head with the branch cap, Elena proudly raised her eyebrows, encircled Fox's warm body with one arm, and gently caressed the trembling wings of the Phoenix, soothing it gently with the other hand.

"Don't be afraid, I haven't prepared kitchen utensils today, and I won't eat you for the time being."


Following Elena's voice, Fox began to move and emitted a pleading cry.

The great red-gold bird with its long beak restrained by the branch cap lay quietly on the table, not daring to move, fearful of the small silver demon behind it that was displeased and demanding its long beak to pierce the branch cap.

"Fool, even if you manage to catch the Phoenix, what could you do?"

Apparently, the characters in the portrait have their own unique way of communicating. A young witch with long dark hair appeared in an empty frame beside the bookshelf and snorted.

Another old fault finder? The little silver-haired Meiwa shrugged helplessly and was about to retort when she heard the witch suddenly turn back.

"The Phoenix is not afraid of flames or high temperatures. Although I haven't cooked a Phoenix, roasting a fire snake has shown that this method is not feasible. Have you thought carefully about how to cook it?"


Roasting fire snake...

Sounds like another delicious meal. Did the former Hogwarts headmistress have friends with the same tastes?

Elena didn't respond. First, she carefully looked at the nameplate and presentation under the portrait of the young witch with dark hair out of curiosity.

[PhyllidaSpore], sadly deceased from a poisonous chrysanthemum in 1408. Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, famous herbologist, author of "Thousand Kinds of Magical Herbs and Fungi".

She is simply a female version of Shennong in the magical European world. Without a fearless herbologist like her, the level of potions in the magical world might not be known for how many years.

Thinking of this, she looked at the trembling Phoenix Fox, and the original guilt in Elena's heart suddenly disappeared, so she was striving for a higher ideal.

"Headmistress Phyllida, you are right. The cooking method I was thinking about before was truly inappropriate. Magical creatures should not be considered with conventional thinking."

Elena, who had always been reluctant to accept, carefully thought for a moment, nodded earnestly, and generously admitted her mistakes.

She is worthy of being a witch who can become the headmistress of Hogwarts; even hundreds of years later, the wisdom that remains in the portrait is enough to provide guidance to future generations.

Magical creatures in the magical world have their own characteristics. If you blindly cling to the appearance of biological forms and forcibly imitate non-magical cooking methods, some of them are too violent.

For a long time, the reason why people are used to eating cooked food is nothing more than that compared to raw meat, cooked food sterilized at high temperatures not only preserves longer but also is healthier and easier to digest and absorb. Additionally, it is said that cooked meat usually has a flavor that is more appealing to preferences.

However, although the phoenix looks like a large red and golden turkey, in fact, it cannot be treated completely according to bird cooking methods.

As a miraculous creature that rebirths on its own, every piece of phoenix meat has been sterilized by high temperature and strict sterilization from the beginning, and it is a top-quality food in perfect condition. It is unnecessary to consider anything superfluous.

"So, actually, you can slice the phoenix meat thinly, prepare a bowl of ice water and a small seasoning plate on the side, dip it in ice water, coat it with a thick layer of seasonings, and put it in your mouth.

The temperature difference between ice and fire, coupled with explosive flavors, is simply the most delightful enjoyment in the world."

Elena thoughtfully caressed the soft feathers of the Phoenix Fox, swallowed nervously, and furrowed her brow in anticipation.

"But this way, the freshness of the meat will be very demanding. There's no need to rush to grab Phoenix's meat every time you want to eat it. If you accidentally kill it, you'll have to patiently wait for it to regrow."

Upon hearing the whisper of the little silver-haired loli, Fox's body trembled once more, and the head trapped in the branch cap began to move back and forth in panic.

"Behave, don't cause trouble, I'm thinking things through."

Feeling the Phoenix beneath her, Elena gently stroked Fox's broad wings.

"Calm down, I generally don't like sashimi, well, that is to say, slices of raw meat have no technical merit for consumption."

"In fact, if eaten raw, it seems a bit wild. We are sorcerers."

The portrait of Filida Spoor nodded in agreement, holding her arms in confusion, "But aside from this, it's really difficult for the Phoenix to find a suitable cooking method."

Unconsciously, all the portraits in the headmaster's office stirred, holding their breath and watching the man's dangerous conversation nervously.

"Wait, Director Filida, I think I have come up with a method."

Elena's fingers swam back and forth along Fox's wing muscles, and suddenly a flash of light crossed her mind, as she looked at Filida Spoor joyfully.

"Have you heard of non-magical fishermen's methods for handling those extra fish?"

"Eh? You mean salted fish..."

The young witch with long dark hair brightened and nodded approvingly.

"This is truly a good method, just need to place the thick salt on the wings and legs of the Phoenix, and put them in a cool, dry place, and slowly dry them, and they can be stored for a long time."


Phoenix Fox's struggle began to intensify, its long beak poking through the branch caps one by one from the inside out.

"Yes, this way, when it's a cold winter, you only need to cut a small piece of the Phoenix meat into the soup, and boil the warm magic contained in the Phoenix, even a small bowl is enough to instantly warm the whole body."

Finally, she met a confidant in the magical world, and the little silver-haired loli was excited and then added Filida's words.

After a brief pause, Elena wiped her mouth and drooled slightly, saying, "What a great wizard wrote 'A Thousand Kinds of Magical Herbs and Mushrooms'. I regret not having met Director Filida earlier."

"Please don't exaggerate, over the years, you are the bravest little witch I've ever known, the bravest to explore the unknown."

The young witch with long dark hair waved her hands somewhat bashfully, but obviously Elena's praise suited her particular

Filida Spoor looked at the well-behaved little silver-haired loli with satisfaction. After some thought, she raised her finger and said slowly, "Indeed, I can teach you a little trick about cutting magical substances...


At that moment, Phoenix Fox suddenly emitted a series of unusually sharp chirps, and began to shake its entwined throat desperately, no longer caring if it would pierce the branch cap.

Immediately after, Fox's huge golden-red wings spread out directly to both sides, and its wings flapped fiercely, taking off directly.

"Eh? Hey, hey??!"

Perking her ears and attentively listening to the magical tricks taught by Director Filida, Elena leaned her body, subconsciously grabbing the branch cap with both hands, trying to hold onto the Phoenix.

However, even the little silver-haired loli, who couldn't match the strength of a fish, was even more helpless in the face of a Phoenix that could bear the weight of several adults.

In the next second, Elena was effortlessly taken by Phoenix Fox, as if she were a piece of fluttering paper, with almost no effective hindrance.

Gripping the edge of the branch cap with her hands, following the silver-haired loli Phoenix's twists and turns in the office, she suddenly remembered a saying: riding a tiger is difficult.

Because her entire head was covered by the branch cap, the terrified Phoenix Fox began to fly around like a headless fly in Dumbledore's spacious and beautiful office.

On its back, a small figure with silver hair struggled to grab a black hat to prevent it from falling.

"Left left left!"

"Ah, stupid bird, don't fly around here, I'm not eating you today!"

"Right and right, don't go there, it's a bookshelf!"


The tall wooden bookshelf groaned bitterly and slowly fell, and several books scattered everywhere like scattered flowers.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Then hit the lamp again--"


Several lights were directly broken by Fox with the lamp post, and fell to the ground.

"Don't come! Don't come!"

"Oh my God, who will notify Dumbledore?"

Finally, she escaped the ear impact, and the exclamations of the prestigious directors of Hogwarts arrived.

"Wait a moment, there are portraits of the directors over there..."

The girl raised her head, narrowed her eyes slightly, and the next impact was on the directors' frames, some of the portraits were outdated. It would be a shame if they were damaged. After all, she didn't know if Dumbledore could fix them.

More importantly, she thinks the thoughts of those directors are quite interesting.

"Let's forget it!"

Gritting her teeth, Elena grabbed the two sides of the branch cover with both hands, swung her body with momentum, and reluctantly aimed the bird's head in another direction of the room, then shrank as if avoiding injury.

Clang! Clang!

The frightened Phoenix Fox ran directly to the wooden table where it was before, causing all kinds of snacks and desserts to fall to the ground, and finally collided with Dumbledore's wooden desk, stopping.

The ink bottle on Dumbledore's desk fell, drenching the scattered letters with a layer of ink.

Elena's small body hit the wall with the directors' portraits with momentum. The girl panicked and seemed to grab the edge of a wooden frame, slightly cushioning the force, and then slowly slid down the corner of the wall.


Several seconds later, a large wooden frame fell from the wall, and the next moment, Elena heard Phineas's roar in her ear.

"I want to fire you! In my time, I must fire you."

Okay, obviously, Elena already knew which director had inadvertently taken the portrait.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

Elena smiled, sitting on the floor, rubbing her reddened and swollen shoulders, and tapping the edge of the portrait's frame.

"Again, Director Phineas, this image remains quite strong. Relax, relax."

At that moment, Elena suddenly noticed that there seemed to be an ancient scroll hidden behind Phineas's frame, and it seemed to have many secret records.

- Is it a hidden magic spell, the UU reading at, or a clue to the secret treasure left by the founder?

The slightly bright eyes of the little silver-haired loli looked around, her lips trembled, and she reached out to take the scroll from behind the wall frame. She was about to open it and take a closer look.


There was a slight noise at the door, it seemed that someone was pushing the door.

- Dumbledore has returned!

Elena frowned and quickly tucked the scroll into her clothes, then fell to the floor pretending to be in pain.


Dumbledore pushed the door and looked at the messy office with a surprised expression.

The entire headmaster's office seemed to have experienced a fierce battle.

The massive chandelier on the ceiling had a strange tilt to one side. Sweets, cookies, and various snacks were scattered all over the floor. The huge wooden bookshelf was leaning in the middle of the room. The floor was littered with scattered papers and books, still gurgling. Ink from the inkwell was splattered everywhere.

In front of the bright and moving Phoenix Fox, and lying on the floor in front of his desk, was a messy pile of feathers, alongside the crumpled branch hat, and the silver-haired Elena huddled in the corner with a pained look, not knowing how to fall. The portrait of director Phineas on the floor blocked most of the girl's body.

"Cough. So, what the hell happened?"

The director, respected by all the teachers and students in the history of Hogwarts, the greatest contemporary wizard, finally felt the sense of confusion after many years.