Chapter 150 ~~the Wandless Spell And The Potatoes.~~

~~"It's just a slight burn, it's normal for wizards, and only your tiny self would worry about such a thing."~~

Grindelwald's face flickered unnaturally, and his wrists tensed, releasing Elena's hands.

"I just didn't expect it..."

Elena took the black roasted potato and unexpectedly broke it easily. The inside was completely cooked and emitted a unique aroma of food.

Though it looked ugly, but if she guessed correctly, this could already be the most successful work of the first Dark Lord.

"Don't overthink it, I just don't want you to meddle with food for half a day, and whine and disturb me while I'm resting. And..."

Glancing at the eloquent Elena, Grindelwald snorted in disgust.

"Don't show that annoying weak expression, I haven't stooped to the point of needing a little girl's pity. Well, you can go."

He said as a faint white light emanated from the slightly clenched palms of the old man. With a slight smoke, the blisters on Grindelwald's palms disappeared rapidly and invisibly to the naked eye.

A faint ray of light filtered from the skylight above, and a narrow beam of light flew, so that Elena couldn't see the expression of the old man for a moment, but the stubbornness behind that proud tone couldn't be clearer.

"Hey, it seems better than it looks. It's surprising. Although it's sticky, it doesn't smell like charcoal fire."

Ignoring Grindelwald's eviction order, Elena sat cross-legged on the floor, blew on the steaming potato in her hand, took a bite, and with her head resting on Grindelwald's expression, curiously asked.

"I don't understand, why don't you use a magical spell? Even if you don't have a magic wand, with your strength, you can cast fire without a wand, shouldn't it be simple?"

"A simple wandless spell? Why do you call it a wandless spell? Is it just for casting magic without using a wand?"

Glancing at a rodent-like white-haired being nibbling on potatoes, Grindelwald raised an eyebrow with amusement, and couldn't help but express a trace of mockery and disdain.

"Listen, wandless casting and the magical antics of you little ones who can't even control your own magic are two completely different extremes, this is very deep magic."

Magic is an instinct of the wizard, a unique talent that can manifest at any time.

There is no doubt about it. It does not change whether a wizard's wand is in their hand. In fact, when the wizard is angry or excited, magic will naturally manifest.

As the wandmaker Olivander said in the original: "If you're a wizard, you should be able to show magic with almost any tool."

However, this kind of instinctual magic is unsystematic and full of randomness. To be precise, it can only be called wandless magic. It can only come as close as possible to the result that the subjective consciousness wishes to achieve, but it cannot be as exact as wand casting. Precise control (though in fact, many wizards can't even materialize their ideas accurately using their magic wands).

If we say that the difference between performing magic and silent magic is equivalent to learning the alphabet from 'a' to 'z' to read "War and Peace", then wandless casting is more difficult than silent magic. An existence with degrees.

However, the reason it is called difficult magic rather than impossible is because even in the magical world today, there are some people who can skillfully perform wandless casting...

"...for example, Albus Dumbledore, and I, Gellert Grindelwald," said Grindelwald calmly.

Looking helplessly at the arrogant first-generation Dark Lord, as standard as a textbook, Elena tried to swallow the baked potato in her mouth and shrugged.

"Well, I've never denied your magical talent... But, that said, I still haven't been able to explain why you handle a potato and burn yourself."

When communicating with eloquent people, you must clearly remember what the key points of all the issues are, so that people are not easily misled by other topics.

As a high-level sophistic talent at the mastery level, Elena obviously will not be distracted by Grindelwald's simple and obvious methods. The reason for not immediately interrupting the refutation was only because she wanted to calmly eat the potatoes and listen to the story.


Glindvor's expression was light and unconcerned, and instantly the foolish man's expression hardened, and a flash of annoyance passed quickly, manifesting that he hated children, especially the cunning little ghost in front of him who had a thicker skin than a wall.

"Hiccup! If I recall correctly. The Fire Curse should be [Blazing ()]..." Elena shivered slightly, her index finger pressing against her lips as she thoughtfully remembered.

"I don't need you to teach me, and you just got it wrong. When you pronounce it, your voice should be light and quick." Grindelwald narrowed his eyes, frowned, and unconsciously corrected~ Meanwhile, the old man snapped angrily.

"So, let's not talk about whether my spell can be cast. Do I just burn my only bed board as firewood to roast a few potatoes?"

"Besides, wandless casting is not casting without a medium. Most magic requires a medium to be cast. If I use my fingers to cast fire, before the potatoes are cooked, my arms would already be singed. It's charcoal."

Mentioning this, as if remembering something, Grindelwald paused for a second or two, then looked thoughtfully at Elena, who was listening attentively to his speech, and continued significantly.

"It's as if house-elves and goblins can perform magic with a snap of their fingers. The principle of wandless casting actually consists of treating our body parts as a wand. Simply put, unlike those magical creatures, the fragile body of a human wizard is difficult to directly bear and carry out high-intensity magic."

As he spoke, Grindelwald pointed at the potato in Elena's hand.

"Do you know that in the entire world of today's magic, even Albus Dumbledore whom you adore, I find it impossible to bake potatoes from the inside out using only one hand with magical power."


Elena looked at Grindelwald, as proud as an elder child, quite perplexed, her lips moved and she did not speak.

Forget it, for the sake of the rare pleasure of the elder, I still should not pour cold water on it.

Gu ~