Chapter 151 Caramel And Temporary Departure

Forty-six years ago, at its peak, Gellert Grindelwald lost a one-on-one duel with Dumbledore. Subsequently, Grindelwald was sentenced and voluntarily detained in the highest cell of Newmontgarde Castle.

Since then, Grindelwald has never left this castle or appeared in the public eye. All the legends about Gellert Grindelwald, as well as his entire army, followers, and wealth, also disappeared almost overnight along with his self-imprisonment.

According to the original book's argument, Grindelwald will spend the rest of his days here until he is killed by Voldemort, who will come to force the old wand to fall if no accidents occur.

After all, judging from the current situation, if poor Tom Riddle can resurrect smoothly as planned, it is entirely within the mind of the beautiful and intelligent Miss Elena.

"However, after so many years of solitary practice, the first Dark Lord finally practiced hand-mashing magic potatoes. Emmmmm..."

Elena continued to concentrate on the roasted potatoes in her hands, her attention long gone from Grindelwald's words to the sky, lost in thought.

"I do not know the current style of Grindelwald. If I allow his followers to see him, will he continue to boldly shout 666, or will his ideals and beliefs completely collapse?"

Upon careful consideration, Grindelwald's outstanding ability to cast spells without a wand and his slightly unhealthy appearance are not incomprehensible.

Decades of isolation, in this place devoid of entertainment and social contact, Gellert, the elderly widowed Grindelwald, besides eating, sleeping, sleeping, it seems that his only pastime is thinking about casting spells without a wand.

Even if this old man were given enough time and energy to further develop this magical magic, perhaps he could eventually develop a spiral pill or a large fireball...

"Amazed? This is the unique power of magic. The magical muggles in your mouth could never do it."

"Well, I think the large fireball is better... Eh?"

Elena, who was in a dreamy state, returned absentmindedly. Just halfway through the words, the girl suddenly froze and came back to herself with a hint of embarrassment.

She tentatively looked at the surprised elderly man. Elena secretly bit her tongue. While eating someone's roasted potatoes, she was found to be absent-minded. It was also embarrassing.

At this moment, she should put into practice her inherited skills... Apart from Dumbledore, she had not met a second person who could be indifferent to the deliberately cute little Lolita.

"Hey hey... potatoes, beautiful! Delicious! Your skill is so good--"

Elena blinked and quickly smiled on her face, swiftly pointing at the roasted potatoes in her hand, tilting her head flirtatiously, trying to cross the barrier.

However, Grindelwald's reflected face still quickly cooled.

"I'm tired, take your food and leave."

Realizing that she had been talking to herself for a long time, Grindelwald narrowed his eyes, raised his hand, pointed towards the door, with a calm and indifferent tone.

"Well, the potatoes must be cooked..." Elena continued to try.


Grindelwald repeated expressionlessly. The old man suddenly seemed like a different person, so cold that it was impersonal. The disgust that suddenly emerged in his eyes could not have been more obvious.


Glancing at Grindelwald with a sour face, Elena pushed the plate towards the sink and obediently fell silent. But it was fine. She was worried about not finding a reason to escape.

Elena thought about it, picked up the half-cooked potato in her arms, and quickly ran to the "magic refrigerated warehouse" left by Dumbledore, and separately took out each ingredient from there: she had already figured out how to return the baked potato to him.

"Wait, there's also the blanket."

Seeing Elena about to leave the room, Grindelwald sitting on the bed couldn't help but move his fingers, and the thin blanket pushed by the bed seemed to be dragged by an invisible thread and landed directly on Elena. It shook the room as if a cute monster had suddenly appeared.


Right, I almost forgot.

Elena rolled her eyes, suddenly stopped at the door, then quickly turned around, approached Grindelwald in front of her, took out a handful of candies from her pocket, and dropped them into Grindelwald's arms.

"These are for you, I've tried them and they are very sweet, there is no strange taste."

"What are you doing, take them away!"

Grindelwald frowned with a cold expression, and before she had the chance to give them back, Elena dashed out of the room.

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

Grindelwald's frown deepened a bit more as the girl's crystalline voice and the light, gentle sound of steps in the stone staircase corridor leading down from the tower building echoed.

"The Hogwarts candies... Hm, childish?"

He lowered his head and looked at the colorful candies in his arms. Grindelwald's expression appeared on his face. If he guessed correctly, he estimated that Elena had stealthily obtained them from Hogwarts at breakfast. Would she have been caught?

The old man raised his hand, and was about to throw them all out of the room. His hand was halfway up, and the movement suddenly stopped unconsciously.

"Just in case the half-blood girl regretted later and wanted to come up to ask for candies, it would be a nuisance if I didn't have them."

Grindelwald murmured so softly, and with a flick of his wrist, he carefully gathered the large pile of candies in his lap and placed them together in a small storage box under his bed.


On the other hand, Elena, who had returned to the luxurious Hogwarts-themed suite, was already standing in front of the open kitchen counter.

The potatoes, bacon slices, stale bread, and cabbage were already cleaned and neatly placed on the counter.

Next to the flame over the fireplace, the water in the crucible designated by Elena to temporarily serve as a soup cooker has also bubbled and begun to boil. Elena took off the wizard's robe and grabbed the sleeve, tying the thin cover sent by Grindelwald as an apron, gently sliding her fingers along the cold edge of the Zwilling knife.

Since the house-elf took over the daily menu of the orphanage last month, she has not prepared a serious meal in a long time.

Whether it's sweet and spicy grilled mutant fish or Hogwarts moss with honey flavor, they are not really dishes made with genuine passion. Monotonous fun is actually more burdensome.

Elena felt it was time to do something, to stabilize her resurgence in craftsmanship, and the first step to check if her culinary skills had regressed was to win over the proud first Dark Lord with the simplest ingredients.

And the monotony of the ingredients? That's not a problem at all.

It's worth knowing that in the mysterious country in the east of her past life, people are not only experts in all kinds of strange ingredients, but more importantly, in how to create the most abundant and exquisite cuisine with the simplest ingredients.

Not to mention that now she has a varied combination of ingredients, even if she only has a lot of dry flour, Elena has a way to turn it into dozens of different dishes.