Chapter 152 Medicine Cooking

As an elderly English gentleman, Dumbledore's kitchen for Elena was naturally a well-established open British kitchen.

Of course, this also means that under such a design, Elena had better not attempt to cook with heavy oils that produce smoke.

On one side of the kitchen is a small, metallic stove similar to an oven. It seems like it can be activated directly by some sort of vital spell.

However, for a level-zero magic apprentice like Elena, the only way to use it is by tossing it into the fireplace and heating it.

Fortunately, the structure of the stove is similar to the one in her orphanage's kitchen. With the help of the firewood in the fireplace, it can be manually ignited, at least avoiding the need for the girl to crouch in front of the fireplace to cook.

The spices placed in front of Elena are varied, in addition to salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, chopped garlic, sweet paprika, black pepper powder, chili powder, five-spice powder in the suitcase she brought from home...

And Dumbledore also left dozens of traditional European spices such as cheese, butter, olive oil, cinnamon leaves, curry powder, etc., on the work counter, carved into Hogwall seasoning jars. It's easy to deduce where these things come from.

Elena took a look at the ingredients she took from the Newmongard Tower, potatoes, cabbage, salted bacon, bread, although they are not many varieties, the versatility of each ingredient is quite high.

There is no technical content for roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, boiled potatoes, and other difficult dishes to enlighten, Elena removed it from her mind for the first time.

However, if she were to start using the most powerful Chinese medicine application method or mix in some exciting new tricks, she was a little concerned that the mind and body of the old Grindelwald might not be able to handle it.

After careful consideration, she started with the old man's most familiar ingredients and gradually explored the resistance and flavor preferences of the first Dark Lord, then stopped at the critical point to feed him accurately.

After all, as a wizard who grew up in Germany, there is no doubt that for Grindelwald, the most familiar staple food must be potatoes.

She knew that Germany is also called the country of potatoes.

For them, potatoes are not just a food, but also a spirit in which the whole country believes. Even when German men and women are in love, they sometimes send each other a potato to express that the other's position in their hearts is as important as the potato.

Therefore, it was more appropriate to impact Grindelwald's taste without causing resistance. Obviously, a delicate and rich potato dish is suitable.

Elena thought, but if two people were to eat it at noon, the portion and the dishes should not be too complicated.

A cheese and bacon potato ball, garlic bread, an Orleans roasted potato, and the next fried cabbage dish should be sufficient.

Just then, the water in the crucible had already boiled. Elena first selected two large potatoes and lightly washed them, then threw them into the crucible and waited for them to cook so that she could peel them and mash them and form potato balls.

The quality of the crucible that can be used directly to make potions is undoubtedly quite good. In terms of heat resistance and temperature transmission, it is much better than many inferior kitchen utensils in the non-magical world. Elena even plans that the next time she returns home from vacation, she will buy some crucibles in Diagon Alley and place them in the orphanage's kitchen.

Because the cheese and bacon potatoes need to wait for the potatoes to cook, Elena's main focus is temporarily on the culinary work of the three remaining dishes.

The first is to make the simplest garlic bread.

It is the most common pre-dinner bread at a Western-style banquet, undoubtedly the most suitable food as an appetizer.

Usually, the main body used to make garlic bread is actually French baguette. However, now Elena's raw material is English milk bread, so the specific production methods need to be adjusted slightly.

If you want to make authentic garlic bread, the most important part is preparing a "garlic butter" with a suitable flavor.

The main ingredients of the complete "garlic butter" are: garlic, butter, olive oil, parsley.

Since there is no fresh garlic, Elena simply uses the garlic powder she has at home to temporarily replace it.

Butter and olive oil, there are quite a lot on the kitchen work counter, as for the parsley...

Elena blinked, rummaging through her arms for the Hogwarts variant lichen that she hadn't baked in the morning, in theory, can this really be used as a special parsley?

It doesn't matter anymore, it's fine for now, it won't be noticeable anyway after being chopped.

Without hesitating for too long, Irene directly washed the lichen in her hand and picked up her beloved kitchen knife to chop the dark green lichen into small pieces.

Wait until the butter in the pan is slightly heated and softened, pour in some olive oil and garlic, sprinkle with salt and black pepper powder, stir well, then mix the dark green powder on the side and stir well.

"It looks quite good... "

Elena looked at the mixture of garlic, butter, and crushed lichen in the bowl.

At first glance, it really looks similar to authentic garlic bread sauce. In the dim light of Grindelwald's room, the old man surely wouldn't have noticed these details.

After all, Grindelwald is not like the young girl who is easily fooled like Hermione and Hannah. Faced with strange and unfamiliar foods, the first Dark Lord will not easily attempt to open his mouth.

Therefore, Elena, limited by objective factors, can only copy as much as possible.

The rest of the process is quite simple: just evenly apply the "garlic cream" on both sides of all the bread slices, and then place them directly over the flame using tongs, wait until the surface of the bread turns golden brown.

The main reason for grilling garlic bread over an open flame instead of in the oven is because the next dish, the "New Orleans Baked Potato," needs to be cooked in the oven.

New Orleans baked potatoes, also known as oven-baked potatoes, are a very suitable homemade meal for lazy people to learn.

This is because it is a rare type of staple food that can bypass the peeling of potatoes and the steps of preparing sauces.

And the ingredients needed are even simpler than those of garlic bread: potatoes, cheese slices, meat foam, and a little salt.

While paying attention to the garlic bread baking over the fireplace, Elena placed the washed potatoes on the cutting board.

Without peeling them, she directly sliced the potatoes. Elena carefully controlled the force of the knife, not completely cutting the potatoes, making them look like small organs.

Then, she cut the cheese on the worktable into thin slices and carefully inserted them one by one into the spaces of the potato slices as if they were small organs.

After filling the cheese slices, the girl took the remaining potatoes and placed them firmly in the oven on the worktable, and then... um ~ ~ it seemed that Dumbledore forgot to give instructions, he couldn't get the oven started.

But the problem was not serious, she was not worried that magic would start the oven. Elena had already figured out how to solve it.

The girl spat out two small fairies in the palm of her hand and rubbed her palm vigorously.

"Ehya ~ Foi!"

She saw a small silver-haired witch directly grabbing the oven, turning it around, and placing it in the lit fireplace.

"Ready, there it is."

Elena clapped with joy. Now she just had to wait another ten minutes, take out the baked organ potatoes, sprinkle seasonings, meat foam, and other seasonings, and put them in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, there were tongs to take them out of the oven, so she didn't have to worry about the problem of taking out and putting in the food afterward.

Will this reduce the service life of the oven?

Well, the generous and magnanimous Professor Dumbledore, of course, will forgive her: the school is mortgaged, and he definitely won't worry about her because of a small oven in each area.

Not to mention that she did all this for herself, not for the care of the old demon who was imprisoned by Dumbledore in the Chamber of Secrets for 46 years.