Chapter 153 I Will Take The Last Bite

Boiled potatoes are like falling in love.

Especially with whole and raw potatoes, they need to be boiled slowly to cook evenly. If you are too hasty, it is easy to be similar to Grindelwald's previous work that failed to rub your hands. Although the outer layer is cooked or even cracked, the inside is raw.

As an excellent lover of good food, Elena naturally will not make a low-level mistake for a quick success.

Therefore, after patiently waiting for another ten minutes, Elena took out the potatoes that had been thrown into the crucible, took her wand, and gently pricked the surface of the potatoes. The tough black nut almost effortlessly sank.

"It seems I have cooked them a little... It's not easy to control the heat of the fire used for heating. However, old teeth are not good, and they cook poorly."

Elena frowned slightly, the potatoes were not as soft as they should be, especially when it comes to mashed potatoes for a second cooking, it is better to remove the potatoes before they are cut. The seductive granular aroma of mature starch is wasted.

This simple detail is one of the reasons for the difference in taste and aroma of mashed potatoes in Michelin-starred restaurants and common Western restaurants.

In addition, in her impression, the truly luxurious practice of mashed potatoes should use milk and honey to enhance the aroma during cooking.

However, Elena, abandoned in the bird-free Newmongarde castle, apparently does not have such a rich selection of ingredients at the moment, and being able to get rid of her heart is enough to completely hang up the work of rubbing Grindelwald's grains.

"It seems I will have to find a way to add more ingredients later."

Elena thought, but her hand movement did not stop at all. She saw the girl raise the knife in her hand, cleanly split the cooked potatoes in half, and then carefully scoop out the core with a spoon. She placed it in a pre-washed empty bowl to give it a pasty shape.

As for the part of the potato skin near the epidermis that has been penetrated by the water, Elena, seeking delicacy, threw it back into the fire without hesitation. Anyway, Hogwarts is now a local tyrant, and she doesn’t have to live a sorry existence that can't even discard potato peels.

"I think of whipped cream, glutinous rice flour, salty bacon, black pepper, salt..."

The whispered names of the ingredients on her lips, and Elena's eyes gradually returned to the cooking state. The technique of adding various seasonings to the bowl also became increasingly confident and stable, and the mixing movement went from clumsy at first to skillful and smooth.

When all the bacon bits have been evenly distributed in the aromatic mashed potatoes, the mixed whipped cream and glutinous rice flour in it have fully exerted their proper functions, and they will not be too sticky like pure mashed potatoes.

Elena licked her lips satisfied, took a spoonful of mashed potatoes, pressed it into a flat round cake in the palm of her hand, and used two magic wands to skillfully sandwich the small cubes of cheese prepared in advance into the center of the potatoes, then clasped her hands to form a cute potato ball, placed it in a container filled with bread crumbs, and continued to form the next ball.

It didn't take long for a bowl of mashed potatoes to become small cheese-wrapped potato balls. They lay in the bread crumbs in a cute and tempting manner, making people want to taste a bite in advance.

"The next is the moment to witness the miracle. The first step is to widen the frying pan!"

Elena looked at the small cube of olive oil on the work table, showing a happy smile. She had long wanted to try this legendary chef's step, but unfortunately has been hindered for so many years. The orphanage's funding has never been willing to cooperate.

To be precise, the last cheese and bacon potato ball she prepared was half-fried, and its high fuel consumption made it less friendly in most common families.

Because, when dealing with mashed potatoes mixed with glutinous rice flour, you should not skimp on the oil in the pot, otherwise it is very easy for the pot to stick or the heating to be uneven, resulting in all previous preparations being abandoned.

When the oil in the iron pan has been heated to about six degrees, you can start putting the potato balls in order. According to the classic phrase, it is to coat the egg mixture ~ ~ Wrap the bread crumbs and fry in a pan until the whole body is golden, and the old man upstairs cried out.

Gluglu ~

Elena looked at the golden potato balls in the pan, swallowed saliva and hesitated for a moment, then spread the chopsticks, jum, raised a wand and grabbed a potato ball and put it in her mouth.

As a gourmet chef, before presenting the dishes to the diners, it is the most basic professional attitude and table etiquette to taste beforehand.


The crispy golden potato ball made a pleasant crunchy sound on the surface, and the rich aroma of potatoes enclosed in the inner layer exploded in the mouth instantly.

The lips and teeth crossed, the thick and salty mashed potatoes melted on the tip of the girl's tongue, and the slightly warm white liquid cheese flowed from the depths of the potato balls, so Elena couldn't help but slightly open her rosy mouth.

"Uh huh, huh, huh..."

The girl's starry eyes are slightly closed, and her mouth is like that of a kitten whispering a satisfied pant.

Oh... it's so hot.

But, it's delightful!

Well, this one seems a bit greasy, try another.

Hey, this one's a bit loose. The third one.

Finally, take another bite to see if the bacon flavor is good.


The last bite, don't savor it after eating...



Rua ~