Chapter 154 "may I Sing You A Song?"


Chopsticks, oh no, the wand hit a delicate plate produced by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and made a crisp sound.

"Hey? Hiccup ~~ what's the matter, am I a big plate of cheese, bacon, and fries?!"

Suddenly, Elena caught herself, recovered, and looked at the dinner plate in front of her with cheese and bacon bits, blinking.

Unbeknownst to her, there were only three fries left on the plate.

She recalled not eating much, and there were only three: the first, the other, the last, the ultimate, the last...

Nevertheless, as an optimist, Elena has considerable experience in self-consolation and counseling.

After all, looking at it from another angle, she was actually thinking about Grindelwald's physique. You know, the calories in cheese are too high, for the elderly, it's good to take a bite.

Thinking this over, Elena, who was a little uneasy about snatching a few fries, suddenly became more assured, and the guilt in her heart instantly disappeared.

"Just that, in this way, the surprising power that food can offer alone is not enough."

Elena swallowed, and with her strong will, she averted her gaze from the three lonely fries on the plate, frowning anxiously and tapping her wand with pensive fingers.

"Perhaps I should consult some other techniques?"


In the interval of Elena's distraction, a faint crackling sound emanated from the direction of the fireplace in the room, accompanied by a slight smell of burnt air wafting towards Elena's nose.

"Hey, what's going on...?"

A slight premonition flashed quietly, and Elena, who was lost in thought, suddenly turned her head, looked, and heard a cry.

"Yes, bad news! My garlic bread is still baking!"

"It's regrettable, there are organic potatoes in the oven! It's time to bring out the seasoning."

"Hey, so hot, so hot, the tongs are hot... where are the tongs?"

"I still have to fry the cabbage, forget it, anyway, I can't see it."

With the girl's occasional exclamation, there was another bustling in the kitchen.


After a quarter of an hour, atop the tower of Newmontgarde Castle.

"So, what you said earlier is true?"

After a moment of silence, Gellert Grindelwald's expression on his face was quite complicated, and he stared at the white-haired figure in front of him. His tone rose slightly, and he slapped the hard wooden bed board with his palm.

"It's unbelievable, this Albus fellow, without a word, transformed my previous room into a little girl's room?!"

On the worn wooden table in the room, several new white trays were lined up, and the food inside emitted a tempting aroma, starkly contrasting with the burnt black potatoes hidden behind Grindelwald.

And Elena, who reappeared in Grindelwald's room, had also taken a new set of clothes from the suitcase, from the black Hogwarts-style witch suit to dark blue jeans with Academy Peach-style knit sweaters.

Faced with so many obvious changes, if Grindelwald insisted that Elena was a "fellow prisoner" who sympathized with him, then he might have been seriously disturbed.

Obviously, in front of him, the little mixed-race lolita who only ate her hard-baked potatoes, the actual living environment was much more comfortable than Grindelwald imagined, and his old friends quickly doted on this little annoyance?!

"Now, Mr. Grindelwald, why not try my cooking?"

Elena looked at the first Dark Lord with an expression that smelled of constipation, and said cautiously, never expecting that the gap between the rich and the poor would cause such a strong harm to the elder who was once at the top of the world.

Knowing that, in order to prevent Grindelwald from feeling too embarrassed, she cleared her throat at the door as she discreetly served the dish, reminding herself that she had arrived.

So at that moment, the first Dark Lord who picked at the potatoes with his teeth and smiled magically had plenty of time to adjust his emotions, and hid half of the potatoes that were "picked at" behind him—well, of course, it was all done in front of her, after all, a kind fairy wouldn't make a noise when walking.

"I'm not hungry."

Grindelwald calmly looked at the garlic bread, bacon organic potatoes, cheese and bacon bits, and fried cabbage in front of him, his throat moved quietly, and he stoically uttered.

Gru ~

At the same time, a sound similar to a frog rang out in the quiet space. Grindelwald's face changed abruptly, instinctively covering his abdomen, a slight embarrassment and surprise flashed in his eyes...

Odd, he clearly didn't...

Gru ~ Gru ~ Coo ~

The strange sound continued to resonate, and it had a tendency to intensify.

"Are you having fun?"

Grindelwald squinted his eyes, his cold gaze piercing through the girl who was making a strange noise in front of him, his chest was stifled, and he only felt a surge of fire rising.

"I just thought it's more fitting to have essential background music at this moment. Look, you're really hungry, otherwise you wouldn't have covered your stomach in the first place."

Elena, who imitated her growling stomach, halted and stuck out her tongue. If the cute and playful appearance were to change somewhere, it's unknown how much uncontrollable logic can be overwhelmed.


Grindelwald took a deep breath, and began to understand why Dumbledore wouldn't even have his old face, and would pull off the trick of cheating and escaping.


At this moment, Grindelwald, who hadn't even eaten, finally couldn't suppress his hunger, and there was an embarrassed chirp in his stomach.

"Look, look, I told you..." Elena's tousled hair shook from side to side excitedly, and she said proudly, pushing the plate onto the table towards the elderly man.

"Shut up! Get out! I like to eat magically baked potatoes."

Grindelwald finally couldn't contain himself and roared angrily, feeling that it was impossible to defeat this energetic little monster.

As Grindelwald said this, he turned to look at the dishes on the table and the annoying white-haired gnome. He took half of the potatoes from behind him and prepared to continue the process.

"It is not good to be picky about food... So, Mr. Grindelwald, shall I sing you an appetizer?"

Elena watched the old man struggle for the last time. After thinking for a moment, she carefully left the room and stopped outside the threshold. She tried to recall the famous "Millennium Recipe" from her past life. A smile formed at the corner of her lips, and she sang in unison:

"Baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, potatoes with cheese and bacon, mashed potatoes, french fries, and grated potatoes. Fried chicken, lentil soup, steamed Alaskan cod, bolognese pasta, fragrant Viennese steak..."

"Beef brisket, curry sausage, grilled steak, meatloaf, lasagna, and that Turkish barbecue. Original chicken nuggets, turkey noodles, Hungarian stew, mulris, grilled sausages, as well as grilled pork knuckle and a large jug of cold beer..."

"Stop! You win! You are simply Satan reincarnated!"

Grindelwald turned sharply, no longer able to suppress the hunger in his belly and finally chose to give in to the girl's song.

Indeed, music is the most effective means of communication for human beings. Elena smiled satisfactorily and continued to sing beautiful songs undisturbed...

(The original lyrics of "Ode to the Millennium Recipe" click here to expand)