Chapter 156 You Will Know

"This garlic bread is overdone. Even if you scraped off the black and charred parts, I could still smell that unpleasant burnt dough odor, even if I closed my eyes."

"A Bolognese potato, I've had it before. But it's much better than the one you made. At least it's not like yours. Every potato piece is cut into different thicknesses. Of course, the main issue is the same. It's too overcooked."

"Oh my! The sautéed cabbage is still dirty, yuck, yuck, boy, don't you know how to wash vegetables? If I were in my most irritable moment, I might throw the whole plate in your face."

In Elena's tune, like a demon, Gellert Grindelwald, who took the initiative to pick up the knife and fork, did not succumb to her exceptional cooking as the girl imagined.

On the contrary, as Grindelwald tasted the dishes in front of him while ruthlessly cooling off, the energy in the room gradually began to be controlled by Grindelwald.

After all, as the gangster who once controlled half of the magical world, the first generation of the Dark Lord, Gellert Grindelwald, is not a common wizard without knowledge.

You should know that in those years of expansion and growth, even if he had no special requirements in his diet, his fanatic followers would actively provide Grindelwald with food to satisfy them to the fullest.

These memories of delicious food, even though Grindelwald has been trapped in the Newmontgarde castle for over 40 years, those experiences and past perceptions will not fade with time, but will heal into endless thoughts. The invention is clear.

Do not get angry, do not get angry, this is an ignorant old man who does not know what to do.

In case he accidentally did something wrong, he would have to kneel for a while and beg the Dark Lord not to die.


Elena scrutinized with her eyes as she chopped away at her work, while still feeding Grindelwald with food into his mouth, and the corner of her mouth could not help but twitch.

Oh, man.

Clearly, the body and eyes show a strong sense of satisfaction and pleasure. He wants to clean all the dishes in one go, but here he has to pick and choose.

If one thinks carefully, the original Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald can be considered the most important character he has hosted since he arrived in this world.

Fortunately, Grindelwald has been eating "pig's food" for decades in a row, so in theory, the strategy will be more difficult, but only a little help is needed.

To cope with such a situation, Elena has already added some unique things to the dishes. Now she just needs to wait for the drug’s effect to silently take place...

Soon, in Elena's gaze, Grindelwald's face after eating several pieces of "secret garlic bread" finally changed.

"Well, is it for this reason, it's not an illusion?"

The old man looked thoughtfully at the garlic bread in his hand, pondered, looked up at Elena, furrowed his brow and asked.

"What are those green things on the bread slices? Why do I feel like you added something strange to my food?"

If Grindelwald remembers correctly, the taste of the authentic French-style garlic bread he once ate does not seem to be quite the same as the "garlic bread" now.

At least, under normal circumstances, ordinary ingredients definitely would not have this strange and lingering refreshing taste on the tip of the tongue, and it is impossible that the magic in his body would consciously produce a slight resonance.

"Oh, this. This is parsley grown at Hogwarts. The taste is very unique. We eat this every day for breakfast. Professor Dumbledore also knows about it."

Elena replied without changing her expression.

This is not a lie. This morning, half of the students at Hogwarts school had eaten it.

"Really? But..."

Grindelwald looked at Elena skeptically, although neither the look nor the tone seemed false. However, according to his long life experience, Grindelwald knows very well that true lying ability does not necessarily imply a lie. The white fluffy ball in front of him must hide some secrets.

Furthermore, Grindelwald could hardly help making strange noises after chewing the first slice of garlic bread, unless it was due to his superior self-control and the burnt smell of the bread.

At that moment, the boy in front of him with a broken heart would take the opportunity to laugh at him. At this point, he was cautioned by the strange expectant eyes of the girl, and there might be some traps waiting for him.

The first Dark Lord who lived through the war of the wizards would not treat the white fluffy ball in front of him as an innocent and ordinary girl, nor would he think that just a baked potato could turn this newly fought mixed-race girl into a young lady.

"Of course, if you ask Professor Dumbledore, you will know I never lie."

Seeing the growing suspicion in Grindelwald's eyes, Elena put a smile on her face and pushed the small bowl with three small baked potatoes with cheese and bacon in front of Grindelwald, quickly changing the subject.

"Don't say that, let's try this dish. This is my most successful work today."

"The most successful work? Three small baked potatoes that are not enough for me to eat at once, can it be called a dish?"

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, picked up the fork and randomly grabbed the three small potatoes in front of him, and said quite gracefully, with a touch of disapproval in his tone.

After tasting Elena's culinary works, although Grindelwald's mouth was stiff, he was actually quite satisfied. God knows how many years it has been since he had a decent dinner.

And Albus Dumbledore's thoughts about sending the girl and some of his subsequent plans and calculations, Grindelwald, who was a close friend of the old man for many years, almost guessed seven or eight things, although the only thing he hopes for is, through the girl's exceptional culinary skills, to mend the relationship between them, and get him to commit to helping Hogwarts teach students with problems.

To be honest, like Grindelwald himself, it is certainly curious the case of the young Meiwa of mixed ancestry, born with a powerful magical gift. If he and Dumbledore were to teach together, what kind of monster would she become?

But before that, they would have to contain the arrogance of this little creature, or perhaps they could not wait for Dumbledore to return to Newmontgarde Castle, already exhausted by this energetic young one.

"You will know if you try...".

Elena flashed a significant smile and took the old man's hand to cut one of the potato dumplings.

"This, this is it!" In the next instant, Grindelwald's eyes opened wide.

He saw...