Chapter 157 Green Direct Magic Of Dvor

In the dark room, light appeared.

The bright but soft white light, not dazzling, instantly covered Grindelwald's entire view.

A dazzling glow emanated from the small cheese potato balls, sweeping away the darkness and cold in the room, and the surrounding stone walls were covered with a dreamy glow.

From the narrow cut opening, a thick milky white liquid slowly flowed from deep inside the potato ball, and the rich taste of cheese and bacon burst forth at the same time, following the rising heat floating towards Grindelwald's nose.

"Is this... fluorescent flash?"

Grindelwald mentally steadied himself and repeated it with a determined tone, "Yes, it is the light spell."

The most common magic spell for wizards is as familiar to him as an instinct, and it is impossible to deny it.

Unconcerned about the increasing hunger in his stomach. Compared to the temptation of food, Grindelwald is more concerned about another situation that is presented before him: Elena does not have a wand at the moment.

"Casting without a wand? How is it possible? How did you do it!"

The calm expression Grindelwald tried to maintain finally broke, and the waves in his heart were exaggerated tens of times more than his facial expressions.

You know, the number of magic geniuses he has seen is not small. To be precise, he and Dumbledore can be considered the most outstanding representatives of magic genius in the contemporary era.

However, the vast majority of talented wizards, when at Elena's age, can at most control magic to exert some vague effects, such as: making objects float, making objects briefly disappear, disturbing electronic instruments, and rapid body recovery...

In this way, according to the wizard's own wishes, he got rid of the wand and cast a spell precisely, even Grindelwald waited until the fourth grade before gradually trying to master it.

"Hey? Wait, what are you talking about...Look here, look here!"

Elena, looking forward, looked at Grindelwald with a surprised face, but couldn't help but be astonished, even though the surprised expression came, the focus of the elderly seemed strange.

Is it time to focus on what magic? !

Elena ignored Grindelwald's question and incredulously pointed at the bright cheese potato balls.

"This is a luminous kitchen, the kind that really shines! Don't you think you should praise a few words? Don't you think it's amazing and surprising?"

Talking about magic while eating, this kind of direct and incomprehensible male wizard is almost the same as the male engineer discussing complex functions with his sister on a date. No wonder they have been living alone for over 100 years.

"Well, it's not bad, casting the creative spell [fluorescent flash] away from the staff. The key is how you did it, or where you're hiding the wand on your body..."

Grindelwald waved his hand, praising it casually, frowned, and looked carefully at the silver-haired witch in front of him, trying to see if she had secretly grasped the wand with one hand.

Speaking of which, he had never seen the little witch take out her wand in front of him in such a long time.

"Don't look at me with this strange look, it's like an old metamorphosis... Give up, I put the wand downstairs."

Feeling that she was being watched from top to bottom, Elena awkwardly raised her eyebrows, struggling to resist the urge to slap him on the bald head in front of Grindelwald, shrugging disapprovingly.

"Even casting without a wand? I think it's very simple. Didn't you say to simply imagine the body as a wand to perform magic. Will all Hogwarts students do this now?"

Frankly, Elena is not a strict casting without a wand.

Because she still lent her beloved magic wand when she cast [Fluorescent Flash], but let go of her wand when she continued to maintain the point of light.

If we make an analogy, it is as if she were an embarking terminal that can open hotspots and connect network cables.

When I first used the magic wand to cast [fluorescent flash], I simply called a built-in function directly with a physical network cable, and gradually transitioned to a hotspot connection. After the data was stable, the network cable was removed.

Perhaps for other young wizards, it is easy to release the cable when switching from the wand to their body.

But for Elena, aside from the slightly worse signal, if she simply maintains the bright light point, it can still be done, after all, the core of her wand is just one of her hairs, and normally, a girl her age has around 100,000 or more hairs...

"Will all Hogwarts students do it? You're talking nonsense, little one."

Hearing Elena's response, Grindelwald's eyes unconsciously widened, with a strong suspicion in his tone.

"Of course, it's true. Imagine yourself as a magic wand, but this is a wizard training course developed by Professor Dumbledore," Elena nodded and carefully explained, listening to Grindelwald without a wand. After explaining the spell casting, she understood why Dumbledore would support his [military training plan] as a joke.

"Oh. Do you think I'm a fool?" Grindelwald pursed his lips and looked at the little silver-haired girl in front of him with a look that scrutinized the liar.

"If you don't believe me, why don't we make a bet? If I lose, I'll let you punish me, and if you win, tell me what happened between you and Professor Dumbledore." Elena's eyes clearly lit up, the eager desire to try was exciting.

You know, she has always been curious about the tragic love story between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Such an exclusive piece of news may be more interesting than deep knowledge of magic.

"Oh, naive."

Grindelwald snorted coldly and, with his experience, he would not stoop to such low-level acts.

However, from Elena's words and actions, Grindelwald can mostly see that Hogwarts seems to have the teaching system which the girl spoke of.

Simply, why did Dumbledore never tell him...?

Grindelwald looked at the precious glimmers of fireflies floating in the room, and after a moment of silence, he couldn't help but ask.

"Hey, young lady, how did Dumbledore teach you to cast spells without a wand?"

"Eat everything in front of you. I will tell you about UU reading"

Elena slightly pursed her lips in anger, and with a delicate movement of her chin, angrily pointed to the plate in front of Grindelwald, saying.

Just as she said, the girl raised her right hand and softly snapped her fingers in the air, actively disconnecting her own "hotspots", and the little flashes of light coming from the cheese, bacon, and potato pie went out one by one in order. The room was dark again.

She rarely showed great compassion when cooking for this 100-year-old man living alone. She didn't choose one over the other, and didn't even receive a simple applause for the legendary dishes that would shine.

However, Elena didn't believe it. With so many kitchens in her previous life, she couldn't surpass a German master with great drug resistance. Next time, she had to prove it to herself.