Chapter 158 Great And Small


"Hey! Enough! Don't push it!"

Elena angrily slammed the table and stood up, forcefully cutting off Grindelwald's upcoming words.

For all her hard work, she wouldn't even say anything nice, even if she had to start on the order! Did he really think she was a waitress? More than what he said, some dishes she wouldn't even cook!

Grilled pork knuckle? Bolognese pasta? Red meat stew? She also wants to eat Dongpo pork that is fatty but not greasy!

But being trapped in this remote Austrian snowy mountain community, and being able to grab a plump Scottish round-faced chicken to eat, would be considered the most luxurious indulgence!

So there's a reason why this kind of old man who can't speak becomes the Dark Lord, if it's not for magical power, wouldn't he have been beaten to death on the ground?

Elena decided that the standard for the next Dark Lord's meal would be directly reduced, boiled cabbage and boiled potatoes, and then added a dish of coarse salt, he was always clamoring for the lack of sauce.

By then Grindelwald will understand, who has the final say in this Newmontgarde castle!

"Return the pork knuckle?! Stop dreaming, I'm telling you..."


Without waiting for Elena's anger to completely vent, Grindelwald's mouth lifted slightly and the subject quickly changed. "Compared to these less outstanding dishes, your magical potential and talent are simply terrible."

"Huh? Really, how tall is that."

Being inexplicably praised, Elena was stunned and couldn't help but ask with curiosity.

It must be said, compared to being praised in the kitchen, being praised by the best wizards in the magical world is another very strong vanity.

This is like in the original book, regardless of whether the Hogwarts professors praise or belittle Harry Potter, it is not as effective as Albus Dumbledore's positive statement.

"Very high, at least it has surpassed Albus and mine's performance."

Grindelwald's eyes sparkled with tiny points of light flying like fireflies in the room at that moment. His face was slightly correct and he thought about it seriously.

At the age when most little wizards are still in the spell of step-by-step memory, Elena had already begun to try to change the visualization method and the way of casting spells, and had succeeded in realizing her vision.

No matter how Hogwarts' teaching methods change, it is impossible to make too many complicated derivative changes in a textbook for a simple [flashing light], which is no longer possible with pure blood of magical creatures.

Along with the terrible and subversive thoughts in the girl's mind, even Grindelwald started to believe in what Dumbledore said: This girl has the possibility of far surpassing the two, a kind of beyond in every aspect.

Upon hearing Grindelwald's response, Elena's vigilance lowered slightly, after all, with Gellert Grindelwald's pride, he wouldn't deliberately be unmotivated and Dumbledore's talents to please a little girl.

The good mood of the well-kept white-haired turnip secretly turned on the floor, and the dull hair on his head had started to sway from side to side.

"Really? Hey hey... it's really very simple."

"So, shall we talk about magic?"

Grindelwald smiled disapprovingly, a look through his eyes, and with his over 100 years of experience, he wanted to guide the topic and emotions of a little witch under eleven. It shouldn't be too simple.

Previously disdained simply for not bothering to speak, as long as he thought that Grindelwald, a whimsical little Meiwa half-breed, was still not in his hands, and in this way, the next three meals a day would also be sumptuous.

Of course, before this, there is still a very important place. For this whimsical little boy to take the initiative to have reverence and interest in magic, it is best to find a way for her to actively propose her will to learn magic from him.

Imitating Albus Dumbledore's representative gentle smile, Grindelwald looked at the little silver loli in front of him with just the right surprise and approval, and continued speaking softly.

"To be honest, I have never seen an outstanding little witch like you, and in half a day I discovered the secret of casting spells without a wand. Can you tell me?"

Is it? Is this decent smile?

Elena looked at the old, wrinkled face in front of her. A trace of alertness passed through her heart, and the face of a pungent radish couldn't help but surface in her mind.


Wrong! This is not the normal expression that the first Dark Lord should have.

Nothing is attentive, neither *** nor robbery, this old man must want to dig a hole for her to jump into.

The original impetuous emotions instantly calmed. The girl's beautiful big eyes rolled and her lips became slightly invisible. After all, isn't it just a mutual performance? Over the years, she hasn't lost.

While maintaining the expression of shyness on her face that turned into a smug look, the girl nodded without hesitation, and the pride of a child who was tickled to the place, "That's right, of course, how bad I am."

Then, a trace of alertness quickly passed through Elena's face, looking at Grindelwald, "But why should I tell you? Didn't I suffer?"

The facial expression and tone are precise, it's simply the perfect performance of a little loli encountering a tricky milo.

Grindelwald frowned slightly, vaguely feeling in his heart, but unable to speak. He continued to be patient and smoothly followed Elena's words, "It's not the same, I can teach you more wandless casting skills, you teach me one, and I'll tell you three."

"Rub potatoes by hand? Or call the pillow to block the face? I don't want to learn."

Elena pursed her lips and said with disgust, this time it was really disgusting.

She couldn't even imagine what expression Dumbledore would see when he arrived at Newmontgard Castle and saw two people, one large and one small, carefully rubbing the potatoes.

Rub the potatoes by hand?!

That's a very deep wandless casting in addition to magical skills, not even Albus can do this!

Forget it, I won't get angry, I don't know a little bit of **** without sight... Calm.

Grindelwald took a deep breath and kept the smile on his face, continuing to ask kindly.

"So, what magic do you want to learn?"

"Well, I'll think about it..."

Elena's index finger pressed against her pink lips ~ ~ Her eyes turned thoughtful in the room and she said softly, "I've heard there's a very practical spell, called the Cleaning Charm, can you cast it without a wand?"

"Of course."

Grindelwald, who was a close enemy, breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head with a silly smile.

Taking a long time to do a simple cleaning spell. What he feared most was that this little one had no interest in magic. As long as she has a little interest in magic, the following things will be much easier.

"Show me." Elena whispered softly. "For example, can you remove the stains from these dishes without a wand? If you can do it, I'll tell you I don't have the magic trick wand."


If it were a light spell, Grindelwald might not be able to do it, but a simple life spell like this only requires a few simple auxiliary spells, and it can be easily done.

I saw Grindelwald speak to the side, with his palms covering the plate, and softly said, "Clean and fresh."

In the room, a bright flash passed, and the oily dishes returned to being white and tidy, as if they had just been sterilized in the dishwasher.

"Look, it's very powerful, this is just the most basic, there's more..."

Grindelwald turned as he looked at Elena, his arrogant expression suddenly froze. "You, what do you want to do?!"