Chapter 159 1 Hit, 1 Metallic Sound

"After lunch, of course, I went downstairs to the bedroom for a nap."

Elena looked at Grindelwald with a strange expression, shrugged, and replied to him in a normal tone.

The chair in Newmongad Tower's attic is uncomfortable to sit on, the lighting is poor, and there is a first-generation dark lord who doesn't know what to worry about. Anyway, the plate is now clean. She continued to banter with the elderly widower.

"You're tricking me..."

Seeing the sudden clarity and calmness in Elena's eyes, Grindelwald also reacted instantly. The gentle smile on Dumbledore's face could no longer be maintained, freezing his expression quickly.

Observing the clean plate in the girl's hands and her nonchalant expression, Grindelwald couldn't help but place his hand on his chest.

Clearly, what Elena had said earlier was about to display childish pride, but it was just because she didn't want to wash the dishes, so she wanted to trick him into temporarily acting as a dishwasher. The most important thing is that it was still just a trick.

"How can we put this? Isn't it good to say good things from the beginning?"

Elena happily touched the hair falling over her ear, looked at the ugly old man, and sweetly smiled.

"Calm down, I am not that incredulous type of person. Since the great Gellert Grindelwald has actively helped me with the dish-washing, I will naturally tell you the magic skills I have summarized."

"What do you mean?" Hearing what Elena said in her words, Gellert Cleaner Grindelwald looked increasingly unpleasant.

"Don't rush to get angry first, it's bad for your health."

As she said, Elena made a calming gesture, slightly reassuring Grindelwald, pursing her lips and presenting herself, "If I have guessed correctly, you are beating around the bush, but you only want to know this?"


Grindelwald's face relaxed a bit, if he could achieve his goal, he was also too lazy to continue acting with this small matter.

"However," Elena raised her eyebrows and paused for a few seconds, adding a touch of mischief. "Before that, I need to ask a slightly more..."

"Well? What's the issue?"

Grindelwald frowned and remained alert, not knowing what idea the little devil in front of him was plotting.

Elena looked at the old man's bare bed and the potato next to it. She decided to give the old man another chance for the baked potato and thin blanket.

"If you were asked to choose, would you want to eat the delicious food I make every day, or learn to master wandless spellcasting?"

"Of course, how did you master wandless spellcasting in such a short time?" Grindelwald replied without hesitation.

For this little witch who was brought by Albus Dumbledore to Newmontgarde Castle, although she was a bit troublesome, but regardless of character, talent, vision, she aroused great interest: calm, cunning, breaking rules, ambitious, and endless, just like Grindelwald himself.

The only thing he couldn't understand was why this girl always cared about her appetite.

Observing the girl with clear and tranquil eyes, Grindelwald waved his hand, smiled as if it was almost the same, and added, "Besides, what you make is not delicious."

=. = #

Oh, very well... This is what they call a choice of destiny.

"Well, let me tell you something better."

Elena nodded with a smile, so that not even Dumbledore could accuse her of abusing the elderly.

"The wandless acridine spell is actually very simple. It is..."

A look at Gellert Grindelwald's expectant face. The girl's mouth lifted, her hands gestured in the air, her expression was very serious, "Come on, then ping, and the spell will be released..."

"Wow, ping?"

Grindelwald blinked.

"Yes, bang, ping."

Elena nodded, serious, and gestured.

He couldn't laugh, he had to give the first dark lord, the most basic respect for the predecessors of magic.

"Wow, ping?"

Grindelwald restrained his anger, looked at the little Loli in front of him, and repeated again with a sour tone, "Is this what you call spells learned at Hogwarts, wandless spellcasting?"

"Yes, just a bang, a ping. Then the light spell is automatically cast, Hogwarts didn't teach me this, this is what I figured out by myself, why, are you unsatisfied?"

Elena tried to contain the laughter on her face, deliberately and involuntarily waving a small white fist, then gracefully leaned over, picked up the plate from the table and left the room, leaving a beautiful backdrop for Grindelwald.

"So, goodbye, grandpa."

"Wait, stop..."

He realized that Grindelwald's lips were trembling again, realizing that he was once again being played.

Elena stopped, exposing a delicate profile, her blue eyes looked behind Grindelwald, and said in an old-fashioned tone, "Do not rely too much on other people's experience, Mr. Gellert. Some things can only be understood through your own practice."

Finally, before waiting for the old man's angry roar, Elena ran down the stairs.


A half-raw potato flew out of the room and struck where Elena had stopped.

"Get out! I won't allow you to be seen again before dinner!"


Elena, who had left Grindelwald's room, did not take a nap in the luxurious bedroom as she said.

Instead, after carefully putting away the dishes in the kitchen cupboard, Elena put on a coat and took the wand hidden in the suitcase, leaving the warm and comfortable room.

Plop, plop.

Along the dusty stairs, Elena held her magic wand and carefully explored the desolate and deserted castle. No matter how beautiful the snowy scenery, it looked more of the same. Eating too many sweets can make you feel a bit cloying. With the lichen brought from Hogwarts already finished, Elena doesn't want to eat potatoes, cabbage, and bacon for a week in a row.

Instead of going back to the room to drowsily sleep, or to read a book to study, hoping for a plump, round-faced, small-eyed chicken to land in this castle.

It would be better to make good use of the time, take a walk first in this legendary Devil's Castle to see if she can find some lovely treats to eat: to seek food, catch food, cook food, which in itself is the most direct and noble fun and the greatest existential meaning of all creatures.

Since Hogwarts Castle cultivates delicious lichens, it would be meaningless if, in the natural world, almost half a century later, Newmontgarde Castle does not have special products. The time elapsed has been enough to allow generous nature to renew those beautiful plants and animals.

Just as twenty years later, the man at the top of the entire non-magical food chain said the saying: Never, ever lose hope. Humans live in an extraordinary world. Nature is beautiful and dangerous, but it is always abundant.

(ˉ﹃ˉ), where are you, little castle babies?