Chapter 16 At the top of the food chain

Due to the mourning of the phoenix fox, the condemnation of the branch hat, and the eloquent explanations of the portraits, Dumbledore quickly understood what was happening in the headmaster's office in just ten minutes.

He looked calmly sitting in the rattan chair, observing the eyes and noses, a pair of obedience, silently licking the little silver loli with pumpkin iced juice, Dumbledore rubbed his eyebrows with a headache.

After so many years of teaching at Hogwarts, he had also encountered many students with eccentric characters.

But a student like Elena, who obediently obeys like a model student, and sometimes even more audacious than Pippi, is indeed the first time he has encountered someone like her.

At least in Hogwarts' long school history, she was the first to dare to cook the owl that was sent to the school.

"Miss Caslana, it seems that you have a different understanding of the word food."

Combining the disappearance of the owl in Professor McGonagall's mouth, Dumbledore even formulated a strange guess.

In the eyes of this cute girl, perhaps everything in the world is simply divided into two types: edible or inedible.

"However, this behavior is actually..."

After thinking for a while, Dumbledore said euphemistically and slowly, thinking about how to guide the girl to understand her problem.

"I was wrong."

Before Dumbledore finished speaking, Elena blinked, left the pumpkin iced juice in her hand, and responded seriously.

"I'm not accusing you, just..."

Dumbledore's tone paused, he shook his head, slightly changed his breath, and continued gently.

According to his years of experience teaching students, simply emphasizing or blaming a student for their mistake, in addition to repeatedly expressing anger, cannot actually help these children find the right path.

Exploring problems from the perspective of an older friend is much more effective than blindly using the identity and mandate of a teacher.

And this is what Dumbledore is most proud of, he can always be friends with all the students.

—Well, until today.

"I know what I did wrong!" Elena interrupted again.

"Uh, no..."

Dumbledore's smile solidified, and he unconsciously raised his hand to say something.

"The phoenix is a friend to humanity!"

"I am very wrong to do this!"

"I am extremely repentant and apologetic for all I have caused!"

"I promise not to do it next time!"


The little silver-haired loli put her hands on her knees, like a renju cannon, and quickly conducted a self-evaluation with a very correct attitude.

The girl's delicate face was vivid and firm, and she systematically explained her errors and corrective methods from various aspects.

For a moment, even Dumbledore didn't know what to say and could only awkwardly open his mouth.

Like a rap, after finishing a bunch of words at once, Elena finally stopped, took a deep breath, picked up the set-aside pumpkin iced juice, and continued sipping it slowly.

The room fell into a strange atmosphere of silence.

In addition to the murmuring of the portraits of the directors on the wall, only the faint and remorseful groan of the Phoenix Fox remained.

Dumbledore reached out and gently stroked the beautiful red and gold bird lying next to him. He clearly felt the tremors of the Phoenix as he held it in his hand. It was evident that the Phoenix had a more pronounced psychological shadow than he had thought.

But the key is how it was done...

Dumbledore's left index finger rubbed back and forth on the wand, his blue eyes filled with confusion.

Speaking frankly, an adult Phoenix cannot be easily caught by a girl who has not yet learned magic, let alone be harassed in such a way.

This is also the only place he cannot understand after hearing everyone's description of the story that happened in this room.

If the Phoenix could be so easily subdued, the magical world would not qualify it as a special magical creature with a XXXX rating (dangerous / requires specialized knowledge / skilled wizards can deal with it).

"Dumbledore, don't you think your Phoenix's mental state is strange?"

At this moment, Filda Spor, who was indirectly involved in this chaos, suddenly broke the silence in the room.

Mental state? Dumbledore frowned and observed Phoenix Fox carefully. For the first time, those beautiful eyes showed evident fear and unease, as if the animal had encountered a terrible natural enemy.

Wait... encountering a natural enemy?

Suddenly, Dumbledore remembered the characteristics of a magical creature that he accidentally mentioned when he returned to the school a few years ago and shared with him the story of his previous observation of magical creatures.

An extremely rare magical trait that only appears in magical creatures.

Newt Scamander discovered in the long process of studying magical animals that among some magical creatures, special individuals are born with extraordinary magical powers.

Although due to their different types, there will be obvious differences in strengths and weaknesses, but one of them will show a very obvious common point.

That is, these special individuals spontaneously produce an incredible deterrent in front of hunting targets, similar to how the breath of some carnivorous creatures in the non-magical world will make the prey's muscles stiffen with fear.

Simply, when such a situation occurs among magical animals, it's not just that the muscles stiffen, it comes from some kind of mysterious entanglement and even affects the magical ability of the prey.

Newt Scamander calls this unique individual a predator, and their range of recipes is often more than double the average of the entire ethnic group.

If he had had the opportunity to visit the British animal ecologist Elton in the same period, perhaps he would have proposed a more precise explanation: the existence at the top of the food chain above the ethnic group.

When thinking about this, Dumbledore unconsciously looked at the harmless Elena. A hint of absurdity took hold of Com's heart.

It is not always that such a young girl will come into contact with any predator, even if she has half the bloodline of Meiwa, but Meiwa herself is not a fierce existence.

Furthermore, according to Newt Scamander's research, one of the most important things is that all predator threats need to make the prey feel the threat of death, and the Phoenix has always been an extraordinary existence unafraid of death.


Dumbledore raised his head, and his eyes sparkled with a layer of silver light, and suddenly asked, "Elena, if I told you that I will give you the Phoenix, have you thought about what to do?"

Give it? Elena looked confused at the red-golden bird huddled next to Dumbledore.

"Of course, cut a wing off every day and wait for it to live..."

The little loli instinctively replied, but halfway through, Elena bit her tongue hard.

"Never mind, I mean, cut a piece of fish every day and feed it with white bodies!"


Dumbledore's face suddenly turned serious, and he could feel that the moment Elena's attention focused on Phoenix Fox, there was a slight confusion in Phoenix Fox's magic.

The key lies in whether it is the predatory characteristic produced by Meiwa's bloodline, or...

Dumbledore couldn't help but shiver; this girl might be more dangerous than he thought.