Chapter 160 Barren Lands And Accident

Austria, Newmontgard Castle.

An uninvited guest who suddenly burst in was eagerly carrying out the activity of surveying the "Devil's Castle" in her mind.

As evidenced by the thick dust accumulated on the floor, Elena is the first guest to explore the castle in decades; obviously, neither Dumbledore nor the deaf and mute caretaker are interested in the Lord strolling the castle.

In the corner of the nearest spiral staircase to Elena's bedroom, there was a dusty piano of the same style as Dumbledore's classroom on the eighth floor of Hogwarts Castle.

On the piano lid, there is a bouquet of roses that have long withered and lost their color, adding a touch of mystery to the castle.

The cold wind passed through the closed shutters and snuck in from time to time. From the top of the castle, the atmosphere gradually turned cold and damp, making Elena feel fortunate to have grabbed a coat before leaving.

There is no doubt that before this castle was completely abandoned, an extremely terrible battle occurred.

By the light of the magic wand, the girl could clearly see the terrifying spell marks on the wall and the large black marks left by the flames.

Further down, in the middle of the fourth floor of the castle, there is a huge hole caused by an unknown spell.

Elena stopped at the edge of the stairs and looked down with curiosity. The collapse penetrated the two floors below. The black hole looked like a monstrous mouth.

However, no matter how fierce the battles were, the scars caused by human wizards in this castle have been silently erased by the power of nature.

Moss and vines in every corner of the castle are, of course, the most shameless new residents. Elena has studied them carefully before, and they should be normal non-toxic varieties. With a little treatment, they will be full of wild flavor.

Descending the speckled and broken stairs, and then coming into view for the girl, are some green broad-leaved plants growing in the crevice between the castle stones.

The roots and leaves lie on the ground and look a little unsightly. The leaves are ovate to lanceolate. The leaves have conspicuous deep wrinkles. The thick rhizomes seem to be filled with water.

"Seeing the herb, uh, isn't it delicious? If it's purslane..."

Elena frowned. She vaguely remembered that this plant had grown a lot in the ruins of the old house in her previous life. Most older people used to call it "shrimp herb". Although it cannot survive, it is also a relatively common herb. It is usually used to regulate the digestive system, stop diarrhea, alleviate coughs, or promote blood circulation.

Elena's roots and leaves are edible, but they are very bitter and not very suitable for cooking. Even if used to feed pigs, it will be rejected by them, and they will only be hungry during the humanitarian flood. Someone has a method of cooking it.

"Let's forget about it, how much of a harvest. It will be used to give the discerning Uncle Grindelwald a test, anyway it's not poison."

Elena, thinking, pulled out a few purslane branches from the pocket of her robe. Hehe, the flavor and taste need to be compared, and the first generation was black. Obviously, the devil has never seen what is called the legendary dark culinary world.

However, the greatest surprise for Elena in all of Newmontgard Castle was the room where the door panel was missing, which was next to the large hole on the fourth floor.

Looking through the remaining door frame, a whole row of large wooden-structured wardrobes could be seen. From the interior design and structure, it seems that it used to be the exclusive wardrobe of an important person, even if only covered. The dusty wooden frame can also imagine the scene of that time's style.

Unfortunately, now that there is a new occupant in this room, Elena stooped down and stealthily caught something small crawling at her feet, and placed it in front of her wand for a moment to examine it carefully.

Elena raised her wand and waved it quickly, running it along the wand tip, looking forward with anticipation, a vibrant and energetic miniature termite realm appeared in front of her.

Indeed, as soon as one of these long-standing social creatures is found, it is equivalent to the discovery of an extremely bright future. As for the damage from the worms, anyway, the bite

It's not her wardrobe, it doesn't matter.....

Termite larvae (scientific name Xuanju) are actually not the same species as ants. It is the oldest and most primitive social insect on the planet, and is a close natural partner that humans have known very well since ancient times.

As early as over 3,000 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty, termite sauce was included as a royal food for the Eastern emperors, and it was a delicious dish at the emperor's banquet. In many countries such as Africa, Australia, and India, some termites are classified as high-class food.

For example, black Africans fry termites with oil, the aroma is intense and tastes almost like shrimp; Filipino residents use termite powder to make soup, which is delicious, like tomato soup; termite-filled buns and fried termite eggs are some local Filipino dishes on the table; in Sudan, fried termites are often sold in large and small markets and people like to eat them...

The most beautiful thing is that the termite mushroom nursery of this variety that appears in Newmontgard Castle is usually accompanied by Agaricus Agaricus, which is thick, fleshy, and delicious, similar to chicken, crisp, tender, fragrant, fresh, and sweet.

Nostalgically, Elena unconsciously licked her dry lips.

Thankful to Mother Nature and the sterility of Newmontgard Castle. The universe's will always favors those who sincerely love food.

"They have lived in Newmontgarde Castle for so many years. It's time to reckon the time. It must be time to pay the rent. After waiting for the tools, it's time to protect the castle owner's rights by Grindelwald."

Having just finished lunch and not having the tools at hand, this time Elena stood at the door with a little interest and observed for a while, not hurriedly disturbing her quiet life. In a circle of surroundings, Elena closed her eyes to confirm that she had noted it down, and then made many marks on the door panel and the hallway, and then left that level step by step.

However, after experiencing the joy of this short harvest, the next development process of the wasteland seemed to be a curse, and it was almost zero in total.

Elena searched most of the conspicuous corners of the lower floors. Aside from finding a long-abandoned mouse hole, a group of unknown plants that shone in the cold and glimmered, and some shed snake skin, there were no more gains.

As for the underground area of the castle where the cellar could be stored, Elena consciously chose to give up: the intricate underground area is too hostile for Lu Chi; if you accidentally get lost and die of hunger, then it would really lose prestige in front of millions of people.

The greatest tragedy occurred when Elena happily returned to the bedroom door with moss, snowdrops, and vine leaves collected from all over the castle...


"How did this happen?"

The loot held in the girl's arms was scattered everywhere, and a hint of confusion and anger passed through her delicate and pretty face.

The door is locked.