Chapter 161 Elena, The Plunderer

"Is that a lie...?"

Elena reached out and pushed the closed wooden door again, motionless.

To be precise, the word "lock" might not be appropriate because initially, there was no lock on this door!

Indeed, after she left the room, someone used a spell to seal the bedroom!

"But the problem is not significant; I am a traveler protected by destiny."

Elena tentatively withdrew her wand, skillfully drew a circle in the air, and then descended a bit, "Araho Cave!"

Nothing happened...

Well, it turns out that the spellcasting actions of the Muggle staff at the Harry Potter theme park in her past life were completely fabricated and served no purpose.

As for truly effective spells and incantations in this world, they are all stored in the box in the room. She had not taken a glance before finally beginning her vacation life.

After all, before coming to school, Elena always added and trained according to the standard of **** a flamboyant demon in the later stage.


Elena smiled and stowed her wand, lifting her foot without hesitation, kicking **** the door.

Oh... Don't hate Dumbledore.

A sharp pain came from the tip of her toe. The girl bent down again. The old radish deliberately did not cast an additional cushioning spell on the wooden door. He was intentionally targeting her.

As for why Elena can confidently say that this is the ghost of Dumbledore, the answer is quite simple.

With the physically unlocking behavior of the irritable Lolita, it was seen that the Hogwarts school shield carved on the door suddenly shimmered, and a chain of luminous characters appeared on the surface of the school shield: "Magic, Gellert Grindelwald."

Obviously, as can be seen in the "mission reminder" that Dumbledore intentionally left, this is definitely not a coincidence.

This was a carefully planned conspiracy: let her experience the luxurious life of the European-style castle for half a day, and then wait until she leaves the room, close the door directly and silently. If Elena wants to continue entering a warm and comfortable room, she will have to open her mouth to Grindelwald and ask him to teach her magic.

The familiar operating routine reminds Elena of the various so-called limited-time experience packages in national mobile games in her past life, and numerous children and adults have paid a heavy price after the free experience.

Faced with a truly shameless sugar-coated bullet, Elena was well aware of the current situation and chose to obey the provisions. After a while, she went to seek out Grindelwald to learn magic, but before that, there is still an issue to be resolved-

"Why didn't the door close when fetching cooking ingredients and returning the dishes?"

Elena frowned in confusion and fell into contemplation.

The wooden door of the room is not a self-aware magical accessory, which can be concluded from its lack of response after knocking earlier, and Dumbledore obviously is not the kind of **** without limits.

In other words, the current "emergent" incident is not an accident. In fact, according to Elena's rich experience and women's sixth sense, all this is just the beginning of a great series of tasks.

Since he was able to do such an exasperating thing, Dumbledore might not be content just letting Elena learn a simple unlocking spell, and there might be some unexpected events waiting for her in the future. He wouldn't want a rare vacation to be so clearly planned.

Therefore, before following Dumbledore's plan step by step to complete the task, Elena needs to do one important additional thing: based on the existing information, try to complete reverse decryption and find possible logical flaws.

There is still much time until nighttime. Compared to entering the room to rest and enjoy, Elena is clearly more overwhelmed by being challenged by the most powerful wizard in the contemporary magical world.

If considered, if the possible events throughout the room are seen as a pre-set program by magic, then there must be one or several key event triggers to ensure that any subsequent plans that may exist can continue.

Extremely random time is definitely the first thing to be excluded.

It is simply impossible to judge if the girl is in the room only by time, not to mention if the door closes at the pre-set time, there would be a slight probability that she might get accidentally pinched while passing through the door.

Real-time remote control is also unrealistic in this era.

It's not that Elena despised the mysterious magic. It's just that if Dumbledore can really do this, Hogwarts castle would already be filled with a complete intelligent monitoring system, and it would be impossible to have that interaction that was knocked in the morning and even less likely to have so many accidents beyond Dumbledore's control in the original book.

So the highest possibility is the triggering of a specific event... a specific event with clear identification and the possibility of being detected.

Elena closed her eyes, sat cross-legged in front of the door, and everything that happened when she arrived at Newmontgarde castle passed through her mind like a walking lamp, there must be some details she overlooked.

Learning magic, trap triggers, ingredient boxes, books, candies, potatoes, seasonings, dinner plates, wands, coats...

Wait... the magic wand! This is it!

Why there was no issue in every round trip before, only when she leaves the room to explore the return of the Newmongarde castle, the door will close – the only difference is that she took her own magic wand when opening the castle wasteland, which is also the basis of conventional magic spell learning.

It is inferred that, practically, the monitoring mechanism established by Dumbledore in the room is almost exhausted. If Elena does not make a mistake, the old wizard is relying on the traces attached to his wand for judgment.

The so-called traces are actually the magic that the Ministry of Magic added to the wands of young wizards under the age of 17 based on the "Restrictive Law of Young Wizards" to control the use of magic by young wizards outside of school.

There is no doubt that from the moment Elena entered Dumbledore's room, the traces carried by her wand were recorded. As long as the records of the traces left the room, tracking would be activated. Brido had previously set up a "magic trap."

Inferred from this, according to Dumbledore's original idea, when Elena first left the room to go to Grindelwald's room, the "magic lock" should be activated, but he never thought that ~ www. ~ As a witch, Elena really left her wand in the room intentionally and walked out of the room empty-handed.

"Then, you just need to tell Grindelwald about Dumbledore's plan from 15 to 10, quickly form a united front, and trade it for food. It should be very easy to learn a simple unlocking spell."

Elena's mouth curved into a self-confident arc, and the people of this era could never understand that her greatest support was never a prophet of the future, nor a tyrannical magical talent, but the terrible experience of the information explosion era. Logical thinking ability.

"Sorry, Professor Dumbledore, I will accept your wonderful dessert. You can still enjoy the shells or something."

I, Elena Caslana, genius! Raiders like a god!

Pride in the hips for a while-