Chapter 162 "old Man, Did You Win The Soul-snatching Staff?"

"So, did you interrupt my rest because of something so dull?"

Grindelwald leaned against the wall beside the bed, listening to Elena's analysis with indifference, yawning again without receiving another response. The old man was just like the monk.

Huh? Is this wrong? Shouldn't the enemy of my enemy be my friend? How can this old man be so calm?

Watching the expressionless Grindelwald, Elena couldn't help but develop a headache.

Seeing through the truth of the incident, Elena feels that she has clearly analyzed Dumbledore's conspiracy, whether it is the "motive of the crime" or "the way to carry out the crime".

Now she only needs Grindelwald to nod in agreement to form a united front, not only to directly thwart Dumbledore's plan, but also perhaps to find a way to join Dumbledore's side later.

"How can it be boring, listen to me…"

Elena slightly pursed her dry lips and anxiously attempted another round of persuasion.

From her perspective, a long life in prison has affected Grindelwald, who was once unparalleled, and has gradually transformed him from a cunning leader of wizards into an empty and unfeeling old man, even with a simple matter. Incomprehensible.

"Needless to say, I've heard you very clearly. In general, it is A Bu who has managed to organize a series of study plans for you, but you found out..."

Grindelwald waved his hands, intertwined his fingers on his knees, and said slowly, "However, this does not constitute a reason for me to help you, does it? Dear Miss Caslana, a person like me is imprisoned. There is no reason for the old man in Newmontgarde Castle to help you provoke the most powerful wizard in the world for this small complaint."

Elena's delicate face appeared slightly stunned, and she felt an ominous foreboding in her heart.

"Eh? Can I cook for you…?" the girl said weakly.

This script is wrong. According to regular online novels, the protagonist only needs to do a barbecue and the ancient beasts can voluntarily become mounts, so the big brothers will be surprised and respect him. How could it come to this, even if it's difficult to make gourmet food at least above the qualification line, it's not appealing at all?

"Do you think the locals' appetite can impress me?"

Grindelwald proudly lifted his chin, with a hint of mockery in his eyes, and ridiculously shook his head, "Indeed, compared to the pleasure of inferior taste, using magic to cook the food a bit, can bring me more joy."

As a powerful wizard who was on the verge of unifying the entire magical world, Grindelwald's self-discipline and pursuit of vision were no longer limited to mere enjoyment. Spiritual quests and ideals were more important to him. For this girl, all of that was taken for granted.

"No, listen to me, I cook really delicious food, and the dishes before noon are just the ones I'm not so good at. After I show my true ability, it can be at least five times better than before, oh no, at least ten times better…"

Feeling like the wild horse whose plan seemed to be unleashed was starting to veer off its intended direction, Elena couldn't help but stand up and anxiously dance to explain that she wished to conjure a table full of magical dinners before Grindelwald now.

"Moreover, every day I have to attend to a little nuisance like me, in addition to teaching me basic magic knowledge, you will feel bored and tired…"

"Of course not…"

Grindelwald smiled slightly, shook his head, and his gaze gradually brightened.

"Indeed, I am looking forward to being your first teacher in the magical world. As far as I know, magic classes at Hogwarts have not started yet, have they?"


Wait, is this script wrong?

Definitely, this is not how Gellert Grindelwald should be. It must have been Dumbledore's Soul Recovery Curse!