Chapter 164 No Intervention

"I have two magic wands, but why should I give them to you?"

Elena pulled out her pair of wands from her pocket, furrowed her brow, and asked.

"What do you think magic is? Muggles may think it's just a matter of waving some magic wands in the air and reciting a few random mantras. But the basic theory, wand practice, the tone of spell, and even your mood and ideas, for a beginner, if you make a small mistake, it can have a completely different spell effect."

Gellert Grindelwald looked at Elena and extended his hands. "Could you ask me to empty your hands and only rely on verbal descriptions to teach you magic? Like before, hit first and then add a little seasoning?"

"Actually, I think it's not impossible..."

Faced with the slender palm extended in front of Grindelwald, the girl hesitated for two seconds, then tentatively said, thinking of returning one of the wands to her pocket.

"Huh?" Grindelwald raised his eyebrows.

Before the old man could speak, Elena shook her head seriously.

"After careful consideration, I have no intention of giving you a magic wand at the moment. After all, it's the most basic spell and, according to your ability, even without a magic wand, you should be able to explain it clearly."

While all signs indicated that the risk of self-incarceration in Grindelwald at Newmongarde Castle was actually very low, there was no idea of trying to snatch the wand from him and escape the castle, and the character had become notably more accommodating and affable.

But at least for the current Elena, the reason for learning magic alone was not enough to hand her wand to Grindelwald; the trust between the two was entirely based on Albus Dumbledore as an intermediary.

Not to mention from the perspective of her own safety, hastily handing over her wand to the first-generation Dark Lord who had just attacked her not long ago, could it not provoke his anger and endanger her at the next moment?

Even if we set aside the slight friction that had occurred earlier between the two, Elena was not willing to hand her wand to strangers; who knows if Grindelwald has some strange habit, like licking the wand before casting a spell?

Of course, the most important thing is...

"In fact, Professor Dumbledore may not have told you. My wand is special, and no one can use it except me, so even if I give it to you, you couldn't control it."

This was also discovered not long ago, when Elena was playing with Hermione, the Little Otter, and Hannah the Little Iron Girl in Hogwarts Castle.

Perhaps due to the use of a special wand core, almost no wizard except Elena herself could use her wand to cast spells normally.

In the words of Hannah Abbott, when she took Elena's wand and tried to cast a spell, poor Hannah almost thought she had become a powerless Muggle. The same thing happened with Hermione. There is no doubt that if the network of contacts from her previous life was used, it was Elena's wand.

"A special magic wand that's hard to control? In this world, there is no magic wand that I cannot control."

As Grindelwald attentively observed the vigilant white wand, he analyzed the common wand in the girl's hand, a disdainful smirk formed on his face and he shrugged in contempt.

As a Hogwarts student, Elena also possessed a magic wand acquired from the "Ollivander's Wand Shop" in Diagon Alley, London. As far as Grindelwald knew, the wand maker who created the new wand theory had been trying to make every wizard unique to their wands, and how unique were the wands produced by Ollivander.

But in Grindelwald's opinion, the alleged difference was nothing more than mediocrity in various forms.

Seeing Elena's firm attitude, Grindelwald stopped asking for the wand and waved his hand.

"If you don't want to, there's no need to come up with excuses. I understand that for a little witch who hasn't set foot in the world of magic, even a simple shiny wooden wand can be your closest companion... Don't worry, I can't even see your poor little wand."



Elena looked at Grindelwald, who felt pleased with himself, and silently rolled her eyes. It wasn't all that, she had used the old wand before.

Whether in terms of shape, feeling, depreciation rate, or practicality, the elder wand that didn't know how many people had touched it was much worse than her beloved black walnut wand.

The light in the room was not very good, so Grindelwald did not notice the subtle expression on the girl's face.

"Of course, you are not wrong. With your talent and wit, it's just a matter of some basic magical knowledge. Even without a demonstration, take a little more time, you should be able to master it."

Sensing that the pace of the dialogue had returned to his control, Grindelwald nodded satisfactorily and did not continue debating about the wand. After a few seconds of excitement, the old man fell silent.

"However, there are some things I need to explain before learning magic. In theory, these things should be told by your Hogwarts professor, but now it seems that only I can do it."

Grindelwald's tone sank slightly, and the senseless joy completely disappeared. He raised his head and looked seriously into the girl's lake-blue eyes.

"Magic is a kind of innate talent for wizards. However, in ancient times, most wizards could not effectively use their own talents, until wizards and servants burned their lives and time to disentangle that disorder. The scattered magical phenomenon was summarized into some specific pronunciations and gestures, that is, spells, so that the magical world truly became a sustainable world."

Infected by Grindelwald's change in attitude, Elena couldn't help but be drawn into the wandering thoughtful thoughts, sitting up slightly, looking at the first-generation Dark Lord in front of her as he spoke before class.

"Observing Albus's request and your talents, I can instruct you in magic, including all the spells, history, words, etc. that you can learn at Hogwarts, but I have three requirements."

"Well, what are the requirements, first you...?" Elena subconsciously interrupted.

"The first one!"

Before the girl could finish speaking, Grindelwald narrowed his eyes, raised his index finger, and raised the volume to interrupt, "It is forbidden to intervene while I am teaching a class and speaking, and you have not yet become a scholarly wizard who can be recognized by me and with whom I can communicate on equal terms."