Chapter 165 Approximate Method 3


Grindelwald paused for a few seconds, looked at little Loli sitting quietly in the chair listening silently, her mouth curled silently, and nodded with satisfaction: if it was just about showing her personality by defying arrogant idiots who do not respect the rules, no matter how talented they are, there is no need to teach them.

In Grindelwald's extensive experience, it was not unheard of to encounter young wizards with talent and magic far beyond their age, but unfortunately, most of the aforementioned talents seemed to not grasp a very simple truth: before becoming a true stronghold, potential for excellence is always just a seemingly beautiful fairy tale.

"... I will not explain the curse to you according to your Hogwarts textbooks. If you want me to teach you magic, then the content and learning method must be implemented according to the plan I have specified."


Right after Grindelwald's voice ceased, Elena raised her right hand high and blinked very cutely at the elder.

"Well? Any questions?" Grindelwald arched his eyebrows.

"And what if I find your method and content unreasonable? Or they are too far from the knowledge I need to master?"

Elena would not be easily swayed by Grindelwald; her only purpose here is to find a way to open the sealed bedroom door downstairs guarded by Dumbledore.

For her, resolving the dilemma she faces is most important; it is a prerequisite for all discussions.

"So, what kind of magical knowledge are you more interested in mastering? I mean, aside from the spells specially studied to deal with the levels set by Albus."

Grindelwald looked at Elena with interest and asked rhetorically.

Speaking of which, everyone has areas in which they excel or struggle, which can usually be seen clearly from everyone's initial interests and preferences. For example, Grindelwald is more interested in war magic, and Dumbledore is more interested in Transfiguration.

"If you are more interested in magical creatures?"

Elena tilted her head, replied without hesitation, and added a further thought, "Of course, it's not just about magical creatures. To be precise, I am quite interested in all the creatures that make up the magical and non-magical world."

"Another lover of magical creatures... I really don't understand the charm of those bothersome creatures."

Upon hearing Elena's response, Grindelwald couldn't help but furrow his brow. The expression on his face was somewhat strange, seeming to recall some unpleasant memories, and he muttered with a slightly disgusted voice.

"Although this is not my best area, it is more than enough to teach you."

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and looked as if they were shining. "So, apart from the spells Albus requested, plus some knowledge about magical creatures, I will organize the rest of the study, is that okay?"

"No problem, but do you really understand magical creatures? I remember the first time you were arrested a few decades ago..."

Elena nodded and looked at him with a hint of suspicion. The first-generation Dark Lord, who took a grand stance and held a doubtful posture, spoke dubiously.

"That was just one time! And with the help of dozens of Aurors, it was a fortunate attack." Grindelwald's face was grim, and his eyes flashed with anger. "Also, since then... I have researched a lot about these little things. Besides Newt Scamander, I know more than ten wizards from the magical world who know about magical creatures."

Although Grindelwald might not be able to accurately use the term "barrel effect," this does not prevent him from realizing that shortcomings have a strong limitation on personal strength, especially after suffering several consecutive defeats.

"Cough, but my fondness for magical creatures and Newt Scamander's might be slightly different."

Elena smiled a little shyly, extended her index finger and thumb, and gestured slightly in the air.

"I told you that you don't have to worry about this, you don't even need to read your textbook 'Where is the Magical Creature?' With your current knowledge, you can't ask me any questions that I can't answer."

Grindelwald waved his hand proudly, unconcerned about Elena's anxiety.

"In short, as long as I can address your interests, you won't have any more complaints? Apart from these two points, the rest of the study time and arrangements I will decide. Now."

In recent years, to pass the leisure time, he had asked Dumbledore to buy many magazines and books about magical creatures as a hobby. He even bored himself to the point of subscribing to the almost complete nonsense of "Chirping Contrast."

Even if a girl asked about a magical creature that might not even exist, such as the "Curved Grumbling Beast," Grindelwald could easily explain and answer. That's how Grindelwald sees it, born in the non-magical world, that Elena couldn't pose any decent questions at all.

"Of course, as long as the question you ask is not an unreasonable and insoluble problem ~ ~." After some thought, Grindelwald added with great caution.

"Well, of course not... you're right. As long as you can address my doubts, it's up to you to organize and plan afterwards."

Elena looked at Grindelwald, who was full of honey and self-assurance. She raised her left eyebrow slightly and didn't continue explaining.

Anyway, she didn't dig this hole. Since Mr. Gellert Grindelwald jumped in, naturally she would be delighted.

"So, what's the third point?"

Elena thought and asked actively.

"My daily teaching time is not unlimited, 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, more than 6 hours. If you haven't mastered the knowledge, think for yourself, don't bother me in my room."

Grindelwald said it casually, so he wouldn't need to be on alert for the possibility of someone bursting in suddenly from the room door. A brutal girl shouting, after all, who knew if this boy had the habit of not sleeping at night.

"as well as……"

Grindelwald paused, trying to say with naturalness and casual tone, "As compensation for pondering over the teaching plan, of course, I will also bring you the three daily meals for these days."