Chapter 166 Standing On The Shoulders Of Predecessors

Is she in charge of three meals a day these days?

Elena couldn't help but raise her head, glancing at Grindelwald sideways, and secretly smiled.

Although the expression and tone of Gellert Grindelwald are extraordinarily informal, it seems that it is just something small like "remember to close the door" or "wash your hands before meals" after completing the course requirements.

Unfortunately, a few decades later, a well-known social philosopher in the non-magical world proposed a law. When a person's initial impressions and attitudes towards something are not good and are corroborated by speeches, behaviors, and original attitudes, inconsistencies often follow.

No matter how hard Grindelwald tried to conceal it, he couldn't completely hide the faint anticipation and joy in his tone when he mentioned the three meals a day; indeed, regardless of the tone in which he spoke, between the lines, everything was naturally filled with the phrase "authentic aroma".

"The deal, but I also have a small request."

Elena leaned back in her chair, raised her index finger, and said seriously, "Magic is fine to hear from you, but I decide what to cook, what I want to eat, we only eat what I want."

Anyway, it is much easier to prepare food for two people than for one, but it does not actually increase her workload.

But she did not come to be a kitchen girl. An arrogant old spud is not qualified to dine before her. This must be clear from the beginning.

As for dishes made by Grindelwald, whether they are accustomed to eating them, or willing to eat them, is not a concern Elena needs to consider. After all, if they are unwilling, the first Dark Lord may choose to mash his own potatoes. That's all.

"Besides potatoes, cabbage, bread, bacon... what else can you make with that?"

Grindelwald couldn't help but laugh. Dumbledore's ingredients in the Newmontgarde castle were very basic, and they were all very basic foods. Even if the girl deliberately spoiled them, it would not be strange and difficult to eat. At least, better than him slowly roasting boiled potatoes with his own magic.

"Well, no more wasting time. Get your wand out and focus. You have less than three hours now to learn magic."

Grindelwald looked at Elena. Some confused eyes brought a trace of majesty, reminding Elena of the former teaching director she knew when she was in school in her previous life.

"As I said before, spellcasting is an extremely rigorous learning. It is even more dangerous to try casting spells directly on basic knowledge."

The elder said, his voice was not loud, but had a convincing power. Once he began to engage in the field of magic, Grindelwald was like a person, with pride and flashes on the elderly face. A serious light.

"First and foremost, you need to understand that whether it's German, English, French... these grammatical vocabularies that people use for daily communication today are not really a means to form magical spells. Half of our common spells now come from various countries. The wizards drew inspiration from the ancient Runi script and gradually evolved the invention's results. For example..."

Grindelwald said as he raised his finger and nodded towards the pillow at the head of the bed, reading it aloud.

"Fliegen (German: flight)."

The soft pillow was thrown from the edge of the bed as if there was an invisible line, and flew into Grindelwald's hands in a parabola. The next moment, Grindelwald threw the pillow back and read it again.

"(English: flight)."

As in the previous state, the pillow flying in the air once again was drawn back to Grindelwald by the power of the spell, regardless of the arc, speed, or even the position of falling into the hand.

"Look, if you really want to recite spells to cast spells, it's much more important to understand what you're saying than to remember how to make a sound. Limb movements and thoughts are precious talents that will be hidden in the body. The key to emotion." The old wizard squeezed the pillow with one hand and waved it toward Elena, further explaining.

"Oh, the previous incantation is?" Elena blinked with curiosity.

"That's the flying mantra for wizards in Germany, where we all read it like that."

Grindelwald shrugged and smiled, "Don't you have to have the students of Demstrand School of Witchcraft and Wizardry learn English before they go to school? What about the wizards from South America, what about the wizards from Africa and Egypt?"

"However, as far as I know, the spells of most foreign wizards are also..."

Irene frowned in confusion. In her impression, most of the spells cast by the Demstrand and Booth Barton students during the Triwizard Tournament in the original book were also related to Hogg. The same as Watts.

"Yes, whether it's a light spell, an obstacle spell, a petrifying spell, a disarming spell, a heart-draining spell, or a soul-enchanting spell, in the magical world you are in contact with, many foreign wizards have spells that you will learn when casting spells. It's exactly the same."

Grindelwald nodded, with a helpless expression on his face.

"That's because, at least for now, in terms of the types of curses that have evolved from the Guruni scripts, curses based on the ancient Anglo-Saxon language system are the most practical and stable. Most importantly, in hundreds of years in the era when magical spell burst forth, wizards from the ancient English system, while creating most of today's main spells, also extended their footprints all over the world."

In fact, the earliest magical words had no phonetics, they were more descriptions and manifestations of certain phenomena, such as in cuneiform, the ancient runes, hieroglyphs, etc. - for those who lived in ancient times. Even the incantation was not the central element.

However, the emergence of sound spells has greatly reduced the energy and time that young wizards in the future need to spend on the magical exploration path. Some ancient magical characters have disappeared, but the runic characters have remained intact. They have survived and grown with more vigor.

In an era when everyone is exploring in the darkness, the influence of an outstanding wizard should not be reflected in the power of the world. More importantly, it can allow his students more time to pave the way for magic for those who will come after.

Hundreds of years ago, fortunately, nearly 100 outstanding wizards emerged in the British magical world, so even today, the runic alphabet spells interpreted in the Anglo-Saxon language system continue to constitute the mainstream of the world's magical foundation.

Grindelwald paused, cast a meaningful glance at Elena, and uttered in a nasally tone, "Do you really think the young wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are much more talented than wizards elsewhere? The real reason is quite simple, because compared to other young wizards, you have almost no language barrier **** to learn and understand the spell."