Chapter 167 Step 1 If You Want The Car To Overturn T

The magical world, based on the normal human social geographical framework, naturally also has the inevitable problem of language barriers.

Today, in addition to the normal learning path, the best solution that a wizard can think of is to implant a new language into the mind through a spell. However, such things involving memory modification are difficult to implement even for the closest people unless their lives are in danger.

Strictly speaking, due to the Roman ancient Latin European system, there are common sources between English, German, and French belonging to the Indo-European family. There are many similarities, but the difference is also evident. They cannot communicate over the Internet.

In order to learn as much magical knowledge as possible, most top wizards in the magical world usually master several to dozens of different languages. Take Albus Dumbledore, for example, who studied the language of mermaids, the language of fairies, and so on, in addition to the basic human social language.

Gellert Grindelwald from the Durmstrang Institute used his time at the school to learn a fluent London accent, which also removed many obstacles for the magical path after him.

In the vast river of history, there is no shortage of outstanding wizards who can change or even create spells that better fit their own language habits based on existing spells and according to their own language.

With the development of the magical world in various countries, today's magical world has not been around the British magical system-centered era as it was centuries ago.

Nevertheless, the basic textbooks compiled by the British magical world are still recognized as one of the most comprehensive and suitable elementary magical theories for beginners in the world.

"So, deeper theories to follow will not help your current study."

Grindelwald looked at Elena, who was clearly fascinated, and applauded good-naturedly, indicating that the previous introduction to the lesson had officially ended.

"As for how the ancient curse looks, the history of the origin and development of magic, when you return to Hogwarts, you can slowly ask your professors in the [History of Magic] course to solve problems."

Grindelwald is very clear that his first task is for the girls to know how to master and use their own power, and to cultivate Elena's interest in magic.

About the casting of spells and the corresponding magical knowledge is mainly what should be discussed.

As for how the magical world is, the world's development, and even those magical wars, it is not Grindelwald's teaching content. He is not interested in usurping the work of the immortal [History of Magic] Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"History of Magic? Hmmm... maybe [Runic Writing] and [Magic Lesson]?"

Elena whispered a pensive and gentle thought, the expression in her eyes shining more and more.

With Grindelwald's explanation, even the simplest introduction of some background knowledge has also answered many questions that once tormented Elena.

For example, why do students from other schools work harder in the three main competitions, but the ratio of giving and harvesting does not exactly match; for example, why the American magical world has a short history but can develop and grow rapidly to compete with the group to seize Gellert Grindelwald's golden age; for example...

Elena's eyebrows gradually furrowed. She felt that something extraordinarily important was about to emerge, but it seemed that she was always surrounded by a misty veil, making her feel unreal.

"Alright, stop thinking about that, more than a hundred years ago. Wouldn't you want to hear a whole day of history in this room?"

Grindelwald clapped again, indicating that the girl had recovered, and his tone was a little impatient.

"Well, wait... more than a hundred years ago?! If you say that..."

Grindelwald's casual words, like a lightning bolt that instantly pierced Elena's mind, illuminating the conjecture she had been vaguely uncertain about before, no matter how separated the two worlds are, the temporal node is the most complete and accurate clue.

Over the years, Elena has always had a doubt in her mind. Since there is such extraordinary magical power in this world, then only by the "Confidential Law of the International Confederation of Wizards," the magical world and the non-magical world cannot be true. They do not interfere with each other.

Obviously, in all the huge historical processes involving the entire human society, there will be some shadows of wizard activities.

If her conjecture is correct, the era of British magic in the emergence of Gellert Grindelwald and the spread of spell culture to the world, corresponding to the timeline of the non-magical world, should refer to the present. More than a hundred years ago, the legendary Victorian period.

At a time when the United Kingdom was called the "Empire on which the sun never sets," the non-magical British territory only reached 36 million square kilometers, its economy accounted for more than 70% of the global economy, and its commercial exports were several times more than other countries in the world.

It is imaginable that in an unprecedented wave of expansion, it is equivalent to the terrible magical resources and knowledge that the British magical world in the center of the world can seize.

Not to mention the impact of the British magical world's knowledge system, it will have a profound impact on wizards all over the world.

Know that the speed of knowledge change and sharing in the magical world is much slower than the progress of the non-magical world.

Under such circumstances, the duration of the influence of the advanced magical culture system will double at least. The direct result is that outstanding wizards from all over the world will unconsciously be limited by their original knowledge.

With the two world wars in the non-magical world, and a world war in the magical world unleashed by Grindelwald, the European magical world, once the headquarters of the entire magical world, showed a clear stagnation and even regression of magical knowledge.

And this may be one of the reasons for the sudden decline in the magical world on a global scale.

As Elena pondered this, she looked at Grindelwald and, so to speak, this elderly grandfather was more than a hundred times more detrimental than Voldemort.

This black pot that hinders the rapid development of the magical world is mostly deeply rooted in the poor first-generation Dark Lord.

It is no wonder that Gellert Grindelwald, who wants to revitalize the magical world and create a new era, eventually becomes a patient old man.

It can be inferred from this that most of the actions he took before realizing that he did not meet the "greater good," and took the initiative to seclude himself in the tower of Newmontgarde Castle to thank the magical world in its entirety, although probably only he and Dumbledore, as well as a very small number of high-level wizards, knew it.

"So, if you change parts of this aspect and slightly alter your future plans... maybe you can still be deceived. Anyway, invite the old man out of his autism and join forces to try to dominate the world again?"

Of course, all of this has to happen slowly. You must exercise extreme caution when dealing with old spicy radishes. After all, Dumbledore's ability to control people's hearts is too strong.

Elena thought, subconsciously looking back and forth at Grindelwald's slender body, with a slightly bright expression in her eyes, suddenly had many bold ideas, and the influence of the master-student relationship is not necessarily always one-sided; hey, little things, what are you thinking?

Grindelwald suddenly felt a chill run down his body, and he shuddered uncomfortably, frowning and raising his voice to ask.

"It's okay, it's okay, hehe, I was a little excited thinking about learning new magic soon, hehe..."

Elena waved her hand timidly and smirked; first, she would like to unlock the story of his character, then she would understand the truth.

"Hehe... a unlocking spell that can excite you so much?"

Grindelwald trembled his cheek with a smile, unconsciously increased his vigilance and carefully recalled what he had said before. It seemed that he had not made any strange comments.

Forget it, anyway, whatever happens, in the end it's something Albus Dumbledore should worry about. He just has to deal with spell teaching these days.

Thinking about this, Grindelwald suppressed his uneasiness and cleared his throat.

"First, try the first spell, the unlocking spell. The spell is very simple - [Alohomora!], pay attention mainly to my gestures. This is a spell that has certain requirements for subtle movements in the wrist..."