Chapter 168 Idiot And Genius

Two hours later, Newmontgarde Castle.

"There is no cure! I have never seen such a stupid guy like you!"

Grindelwald shook irritably and took a deep breath, trying to contain his emotions.

He retracted his previous assessment of the girl. He felt that even teaching a magical pig would be easier than the stupid girl in front of him.

For two hours, according to Grindelwald's original plan, he had already taught Elena at least three or four simple and effective magic tricks and could start some follow-up lessons, not like this...

"Let's talk about the last, the last time! Clear your mind, Elena Kaslana! When casting a spell, you just need to send your wishes to your enchantment! Do you understand?! There is an unlocking spell, you can't even make a little magic flow, and you can be expelled directly from Hogwarts after five days!"

Yes, two hours later, Grindelwald and Elena are still in the initial teaching session on how to successfully release a complete unlocking spell.

"But this is not logical, Mr. Gellert."

In fact, when Elena failed on her second attempt, she understood the problem. It was not about gestures and pronunciation, but that her thoughts were unacceptable.

If we break down the logic of casting magic in this world, we can actually divide it into two major sections, a chaotic black box oriented towards results, and a self-consistent logical order deduction.

As Grindelwald said before, the key to successfully casting spells is that the wizard needs to understand exactly what he wants to do.

And Elena's problem is not that she doesn't understand what she wants to do. As a time traveler from later generations, rational thinking is a deep-rooted mark in the depths of her soul, she knows too well what she wants.

The unlocking curse first appeared in Africa. The spell comes from the Hicadi symbol in West Africa, but it is not clear who originally invented it.

However, when the spell was brought to the UK by Elton Esrick in the 17th century, it quickly became the most popular unlocking spell in the magical world, belonging to the first grade of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A very basic spell.

"You told me that the function of this spell is to open doors and windows that are locked and not protected by magic. But we all know that the principle of closing doors and windows mainly comes from the physical barrier of the lock core."

Elena looked at the brilliant Grindelwald and quickly said: "But in fact, there are many reasons for door locks, door locks, chains, bolts, composite locks... even for all kinds of strange forms of locks, without understanding the internal principle of the door lock, how can the spell accurately express my wishes?"

"This is the power of magic, you only need..." Grindelwald took a deep breath and tried to force a smile.

"I know that magic is very powerful, but you still haven't answered me. Since there is a spell, it must follow some kind of understandable rule."

"The unlocking curse as a basic magic spell, it is impossible to have active thought, so why can it be judged to use push-pull, lift, press, and rotate to achieve the effect, and even, what is the definition of judgment based on -?"

Elena swallowed and bravely repeated the previous confusion.

It is not a precise definition of natural existence. It is a matter judged by subjective factors of the human brain in a specific context and situation.

For example: false masks can be seen as open or closed; apart from antique door locks, composite locks are opened in batches; even if there are some necessary conditions, then a logical conflict will appear.

According to the logic of the traditional unlocking spell, it seems to directly target the result: the door lock opens, and then the autonomous reverse push completes the entire step.

This kind of idealistic causal inversion obviously cannot simply deceive with the power of magic.

At least Elena could not overcome this obstacle from the depths of her heart. After all, the magical spell derived was not as simple as unlocking, but also derived a logical batch drilling gun.



Grindelwald pounded the table and finally stood up unbearably.

On this matter, we will discuss it next time, but it is just a basic unlocking spell. Do you really have to reverse the creation principle and magical knowledge of the entire spell in order to cast it successfully?"

After a long period of communication, Grindelwald also clearly understood the reasons for the girl's spell casting failure. Elena is different from most modern wizards. In fact, this little mix of races is closer to the magical explorations of ancient times. Writers, the firmness or stubbornness of one's beliefs can even affect the mature magical system in turn.

There is no doubt that not even Albus Dumbledore realized that the little witch named Elena Caslana needed something more than the way spells in the textbook were cast. What she needs may be a theoretical system for the formation of all spells in the entire magical world.

In fact, Grindelwald is very familiar with Elena's way of thinking, because these problems are the confusion facing a wizard starting to try to create a new spell.

As a high-level wizard who created and improved dozens of complete spells, Grindelwald is no stranger to such discussions and disputes, which reminded him of the days when Godric Valley of England and Dumbledore lived together.

"It's just that this kind of thinking is too advanced for a girl who has just entered the magical world."

Grindelwald breathlessly looked at the girl who was startled by his roar in front of him, a little lost.

Upon realizing this, Grindelwald can even foresee that the challenge of his magical teaching in the coming days has increased by at least a significant level.

Perhaps he should first organize which kind of spells he can accurately explain the entire magical theory, and the corresponding magical information must be prepared again.

"Well, let's start by changing a spell. Before the unlocking spell was invented, most wizards preferred to use a blasting spell to create a small explosion through their magic..."

"Although not as subtle, it is easy to use. But compared to the unlocking spell, this spell with certain lethality is much more difficult. If I remember correctly, it will not be learned until at least your third year, this curse."

Grindelwald shook his head, his wrist slowly traced an arc in the air, and then said, "The spell is not complicated, bombarda, but I suppose you will have to imagine what an explosion is..."

The tone of the elderly man was a little disheartened, obviously he did not hold much hope.

"Well, in summary, let me try it first, bombarda..."

Elena shrugged, not lingering any longer, obediently mimicked Grindelwald's gestures and pronunciation, and pointed the wand towards a corner of the room.

A dazzling beam of red light shot out from the girl's wand.