Chapter 170 The Life Of Cohabitation Is About To Begin


"Could you really give me the wand, just a very simple spell."

"No, I think it's okay."


Boom! Boom!


"Look, it just opened!"

Elena put away her wand, wiped the non-existent sweat from her forehead, and turned around to say happily.

And behind the girl, the wooden door carved with Dumbledore's magic and adorned with the school of Hogwarts coat of arms had completely transformed into a pile of debris, revealing the warm and cozy Gryffindor-style living room in the background.

"Suddenly I felt like teaching you this spell could be my biggest mistake."

In the side hallway, Grindelwald held the pillow, and with his extensive experience, he could see at a glance that Elena's eyes were truly excited from the bottom of her heart when she cast the explosive spell.

The process of persuading the original Dark Lord to leave the broken cell was very simple. After confirming that Elena still couldn't master the repair spell, Grindelwald took the pillow without hesitation and followed Elena down the tower.

After all, Gellert Grindelwald had become a bit austere only out of guilt. He was not like ascetic monks who liked to punish themselves. The great temperature difference between day and night in the Newmontgard Castle, surrounded by snowy mountains, was enough for Grindelwald to lose half of his life in a night without insulation gear.

"Rest assured, I can guarantee that this will never be your greatest mistake."

Upon returning to her own territory, Elena's mood instantly lightened. She generously patted Grindelwald's shoulders and dragged a gray suitcase full of ingredients. This time, she was still a little dazed. Old potatoes from Tsiao Jiao no longer held her back, after all, even Grindelwald had been deceived.

"Hey, Mr. Gellert, come in, be careful not to step on the wooden debris at the door."

Elena took off her thick cloak and hung it by the door, greeted Grindelwald, who was still standing at the door, and pointed to the surrounding arrangement as she introduced:

"Although I'm not sure what the original layout was, it's now the living room. Professor Dumbledore, the grand fireplace on the left wall, has set it up and lit it for us. You can also use the bathroom. There are plenty of towels and sanitary utensils, so the problem is not big."

Grindelwald glanced at the room layout, frowning.

From a design perspective, his old room was correct, but after Dumbledore's transformation, it had practically completely changed, both the decoration and the style of the furniture bearing a strong youthful school-like imprint.

"The kitchen behind the living room is my domain. The master bedroom next to the kitchen is also my place. If you enter without permission, you do so at your own risk. As for where you sleep…"

Elena tilted her head for a moment and thought, pushing Grindelwald into the living room, and entered the bedroom alone.

After a few minutes, Irene felt the difficulty of dragging a heavy black suitcase back to the living room. When she arrived at Hogwarts to attend school, old Benitest from Daddy's orphanage prepared spare bedding and mattresses for her.

Puff, puff.

"I brought it from the orphanage and everything is clean."

Elena took the bedding out of the box, spread it out in the living room, fluffed it, emitted a thick sound, turned to look at Grindelwald, and said with a smile, "Rest assured, although it looks a bit old, I can guarantee it will be very comfortable to sleep on. This is our most luxurious bedding set."

Looking at the silver-haired witch in the living room, like a little housewife, Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, trembled his lips several times, and finally his eyes settled on Elena's "apron" hanging by the fireplace, and said firmly, "This is not necessary, just give me the thin blanket you have in front."

Thin blanket?

Along with Grindelwald's gaze, Elena looked at the worn thin blanket Grindelwald had thrown to her earlier and walked straightforwardly. In front of Grindelwald, the blanket turned into a ball and she threw it into the lit fireplace.

"Oh, I'm sorry, your blanket has been accidentally burned by me."

The girl turned to the former Dark Lord with an incredulous expression, extended her hands in apology, and replied calmly, as if she had just flipped the wood in the fireplace.


Grindelwald's expression changed back and forth several times, and finally he raised his chin slightly, with a cold grumble.

"… childish."

As a wizard of over a hundred years old, Grindelwald will not be influenced by childish provocations like those of the little white-haired dumpling. Coldness is always the most prominent pride of Grindelwald.

However, with more and more contact with Elena, Grindelwald increasingly felt that, in front of him, this mix of emotions and races, this little witch, was more like an ancient Dark Lord than him.

"Wait, where are you going?"

Grindelwald, sitting on the living room sofa, frowned and asked, looking at the silver-haired loli who had not reached the door.

"I'm going to find a door and temporarily block it, otherwise, it won't be long before the heat in the room escapes."

Elena shrugged helplessly, somewhat similar to the Newmontgard tower where Grindelwald lived before, occasionally cold air entered from the broken circular window at the end of the hallway.

Fortunately, the rickety door panel that was removed from Grindelwald was placed at the entrance of the hallway, not very far.

"If you really don't find anything to do, could you please collect the wood debris at the door and pile them next to the fireplace to use as fuel?"

She took a look at nothing and angrily mentioned to her uncle, Gellert Grindelwald, who was paralyzed on the couch.

"This old man is a toad. He is visionless, and she didn't know how to help when she was busy in the room before and after being occupied."

"Oh, yes."

She had barely walked out the door and taken four or five steps when Elena suddenly remembered something else, turned towards the room's door, nodded towards the fireplace, and glanced at Grindelwald.

"If you can, please look for the oven that fell into the fireplace. After all, if there are many dishes that are not processed by the oven, the taste will always be incomplete."

"Also, do not disturb the snow, the vines, and the moss that I put on the kitchen counter. That's our dinner. Don't touch it if you don't know how to cook it."

"What? Is this dinner? What kind of joke are you telling, I'll never touch a bite!"

Using magic to push aside Grindelwald, who was clearing the wood debris at the door, she glanced at the pile of "weeds" placed on the kitchen counter, her face turning slightly blue.

"Anyway, you will know in due time. If you dare to throw it away, I will throw your clothes and toss them into the fireplace to burn them. I'm serious."

Elena's face showed two fierce tiger fangs with a fierce look, and she threatened Grindelwald with her small fist. Without further explanation, she turned around and left the old man with a silver back.

Chapter 2.

"If I propose it, maybe there will be a third chapter?"

This story is almost over, time should start moving forward quickly, a little reluctantly.