Chapter 171 Dark Demon King

It must be said that the existence of magic has brought much convenience in daily life.

When Elena dragged the door back to the house, the wood splinters on the door were all neatly stacked next to the fireplace, and the oven she had thrown into the fire had been returned to the kitchen workbench.

"You are so young, you can solve things with sheer strength even without magic.”

Half reclined in the soft armchair, Grindelwald raised his eyes and looked at Elena and the door behind the girl, who was taller than her, and shook his head sighing.

He did not expect this boy to move the heavy wooden door in the tower, and it is truly amazing to have some magic bloodlines. Such physical qualities are nearly as quick as those of fifteen or sixty-year-old boys.

"If you don't want to raise your noble hand to help, at least spare me by keeping your mouth shut while I do things.”

Elena rubbed her sore wrist and glared at the lonely old man sitting paralyzed in the chair and said angrily.

There is no doubt that when the first Dark Lord built this Newmongarde castle, all construction materials and foundations must have been set to the highest standards. Even after almost half a century, the solid wooden door only seems slightly worn, but the weight has not diminished.

On the way back, Elena attempted to cast a levitation spell according to the book's instructions, without mishap and without any motion.

Though suspending the object is one of the most basic magical spells for a wizard, this does not mean that the levitation spell is one that can be easily learned by just looking at the spell and the casting action.

Indeed, in order to master the invocation of levitation, wizards need to spend at least two months training wrist movements, mastering how to move the object, and how to control their magical power to move the object, rather than causing it to explode.

"If you say "please", maybe I will give you some advice and help you.”

Gellert raised his eyebrows. Since he came out of the cell and arrived at the room downstairs, the old man's complexion seemed to become more alive.

Since the door's axis and the door's mortar have almost been destroyed by the explosion spell, Elena can only try to erect the door panel to block the ventilation grille. It is not enough.

"You don't have to worry, I've installed the door." After several consecutive attempts, Elena thought for a moment and simply turned the door panel back, bracing it against the door like a small fence.

Although it looks a bit like a fence in the zoo where beasts would run out, in theory, this form is not unacceptable in the place where the first Dark Lord temporarily resides.

Looking around in the familiar and cozy environment, she finally began to feel that Elena's magic jumped over the "fence", ran towards Grindelwald and asked with great interest.

"Lord Gellert, look, everything is ready, what magic are we going to learn now?"

"Next? New magic?"

Gellert raised his head and looked at the bright pupil, as if there was a burning flame in his eyes, Elena shook her head very seriously and said seriously.

"Until you have completely mastered the two spells you have learned, I will not teach you new spells at the moment. To prevent you from breaking things and involving me with you."

"I have mastered it. It's very simple. Haven't you seen me perform it many times before?"

For unknown reasons, Elena pulled out her wand, spinning it idly in her palm.

Other than the unlocking spell, which she still has no clue about, she has cast it no less than five times, whether it's a brilliant spell or an explosion spell. She wanted to learn a few more spells, and then return to the Hogwarts castle, which would astonish the students.

"First, aim your wand outward!"

Gellert looked at the wand tip passing back and forth, took a deep breath, and tried to keep a calm tone. "A true explosion spell can never launch a whole stone like you did. The wall explodes. To achieve that effect, normally only a powerful explosion spell [Bombardamaxima] can..."

"Originally, the Explosion Charm is the same as the Brilliant Charm. Can I increase the power by adding [maxima] to the suffix?"

Holding her pillow and leaning on the carpet, Elena's eyes instantly lit up, and the silly buzz over her head jumped excitedly, and she asked curiously.

"Listen, I haven't discussed the power of the spell with you!"

Gellert had just spoken halfway, and after hearing Elena's words, he couldn't help but breathe, almost biting his tongue, the volume couldn't help but increase a little, "I mean, you have to learn to control the magical output, magical spell is a subtle art, do you know the art?! Instead of just knowing how to cast fire everywhere like the aggressive Black Dragon of the Hebrides."

You should know that wizards are different from other magical creatures. With the help of magical wands and spells, they can often unleash their magical power ten times or even more than a hundred times. Under such extraordinary power, fragile human flesh is not much stronger than a piece of white paper.

Due to Elena's mixed blood, according to Grindelwald's estimates, even if the girl is not yet an adult, the magic in her body barely grazes a small number of fifth-grade school students, that is, she can participate.

As for the "strange" explosion spell she had cast, it had even reached the destructive power of an Auror after some training, otherwise, it would not be possible to blast the specially reinforced stone walls of Newmontgarde castle.

Frankly, Grindelwald was a little scared of Elena's previous state. He is no longer the leader wielding the old magical wand, whether it be magic, reaction, or body.

Not to mention a spell on the forehead. If Elena had not moved him away from the source of the explosion in time, he might have been injured by the flying debris and the shock waves generated by the explosion.

During their brief time together, Grindelwald fully realized that the danger posed by the young witch named Elena Caslana in front of him could be much greater than that of the legendary Lord Voldemort. After all, Voldemort's death is just a mantra of Awada Suo, and this small individual directly destroyed his home.

This time he was lucky, but next time maybe two people will die together. Grindelwald even suspected for a moment that Dumbledore threw this dangerous girl into Newmontgarde Castle, did he want to cause an accident?

"The explosion spell is a very difficult and dangerous magical spell. It is not enough to just master it to cast it. You need a lot of practice."

Grindelwald glanced at the eager Elena, deciding to adjust the teaching direction again later.

Let those teachers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teach those harmful spells. He doesn't want to accompany this girl to destroy his castle. Therefore, the most urgent task now is to find ways to divert the girl's attention, at least so that she does not actively study spells in the books for these few days.

"Now that the door has been opened, you don't have to eagerly learn the magic spell. After you return to Hogwarts, there will naturally be a teacher who will teach you."

Grindelwald thought it over, looked at Elena with a smile, and said sincerely, "We could learn more about some interesting magical knowledge that you can't learn in school, and then enjoy these rare holidays."



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