Chapter 172 Learning Magic = Learning Foreign Languages!

"Interesting magical knowledge?"

Elena looked at Grindelwald with skepticism and distrust on her face, and her vigilance shot up instantly to full value with the "same smile as Dumbledore's" on the face of the original Dark Lord. The conspiracy is 100% certain.

However, based on historical experience, Ao Jiao usually takes great care with her reputation, so before resorting to a last resort, she will try to focus first on communication.

Furthermore, the reason Grindelwald will appear here is that there are many reasons why Elena accidentally blew up the room of the first Dark Lord. Of course, Grindelwald did not explain this in advance, and there is a tofu project in the castle.

Elena reflected for a moment and decided to reason first and listen to how Grindelwald was going to explain himself.

"We agreed earlier, a total of six hours a day of magic learning time. You, a mature and respectable man, say you don't count?"

Anyway, she voluntarily opened the door, helped make the bed, and was responsible for the old man's three daily meals. The sincerity of the apology has already been almost fully expressed. If the great Gellert Grindelwald still does not appreciate this, perhaps she can only try to persuade the wizards in white robes.

"Do not misunderstand me, I do not have malicious intentions."

As if aware of the dangerous breath in the voice of the little loli in front of him, the old wizard sat slightly and spread the palms of his hands.

"In fact, after seeing your talents in person, I reorganized my knowledge about magic and thought that modern spell teaching methods are not completely suitable for you, because their stability is too poor, so before learning them, you need to learn to accurately control magical power, and at the same time consolidate the basic theory of magic."

Grindelwald was not lying. Most of the current modern curses come from the research results of the last two hundred years. The main research of the curse focuses on convenience, ease of learning, and strong relevance.

Compared to the powerful ancient mantras, modern mantras have been improved in terms of simplicity and precision, but since they are modified based on daily pronunciation, most mantras themselves do not have too much stability, or part of the idea of the modern spell is to sacrifice stability in exchange for the difficulty of casting the spell.

A slight mispronunciation, or incorrect gestures, spell casting failure is only lucky in most cases. If you are unlucky, you are likely to unconsciously stimulate the magic within the wizard and produce an unknown magical disturbance, which appears most frequently in magical beginners.

And if the magical disturbance of first-year students is just a small fireworks, if Elena makes a mistake in casting spells, the smallest possibility is also a human bomb that can be considered a terrorist attack.

"Oh? Actually, I don't think it's a big problem. Can't we learn both ways? Isn't that how everyone at Hogwarts does things? I haven't seen anything wrong in so many years."

Elena waved her hands indifferently. She thought Grindelwald was exaggerating. She was no longer a three-year-old girl, but accidentally blew up a wall. She wasn't that nervous.

"It's not the same, because you master the spell too quickly, and the starting point of magical power is too high. Under normal circumstances, synchronous learning of magical knowledge cannot keep up with your spell progress."

Grindelwald removed the smile from his face and explained seriously: "With your character, in the future, it will definitely not be just safe and you will use some everyday magical spells. Once you start trying large-scale war magic, if the foundation is unstable, it will only be one result... Boom!"

Grindelwald opened his hand in the air, made an explosive gesture, and looked significantly at the ball of white hair in front of him, adding: "And this is also for your consideration during your stay in the coming days. After all, you seem to have an exceptional passion for destroying everything..."

"I'm not, I'm not, don't talk nonsense."

She vaguely felt Grindelwald's subtle gaze in front of him, as if he was looking at a house-destroying demon, Elena puffed out her cheeks incredulously, the title she couldn't bear, otherwise, what would she be if she was called the head of the house?

"This is where I live, no matter how much I struggle, it is impossible to damage the place where I live. I must be very careful, very careful."

Sincerely, Gellert Grindelwald must have cast many more destructive spells than her. Why did this first Dark Lord underestimate a harmless ten-year-old girl?

"Oh... I won't destroy where I live?"

Grindelwald nodded lightly and looked at Elena, observing the "firewood" stacked next to the fireplace.

There was a malicious smile on the face of the old wizard.

Staring into Grindelwald's eyes, Elena paused for a moment, then quickly reacted and coughed slightly, "That was an accident. The room's door was magically sealed by Professor Dumbledore, except for blowing it up. There's no other way for now."

"Then, was this oven also thrown into the fireplace by Albus with magic?" Grindelwald flashed a jest in his eyes and pointed at the poor oven he had rescued from the fireplace not long ago.

Bake, oven?

Elena gazed at the charred oven on the kitchen counter. There was a noticeable dent in the right corner. It appeared to have experienced an impact. The entire metal oven had slightly deformed from being placed in the fire for an afternoon.

"Yes, somehow, it appeared in the fireplace, incredible." The girl nodded bravely and smiled, embarrassed but not by courtesy.

"And what about my blanket?" Grindelwald asked, undisturbed.

"It was obviously an accident," Elena's eyes began to wander.

Elena: ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭

Grindelwald: Haha. →_→

The first-generation Dark Lord, who emerged victorious in this contest, shook his head. He ceased playing with the white fur ball in front of him, rubbed his chin, and spoke thoughtfully.

"Common spells in Europe are mainly derived from Latin, Tamil, and Saxon variants, with some also involving Semitic and Egyptian influences. If you wish to learn magic, you still have much to learn. There are so many things to learn."

"Wait~ ~ Aren't you planning to use this reason to replace the previously mentioned magic lessons with foreign language lessons?"

Upon hearing Grindelwald's words, Elena felt an ominous premonition in her heart, threatening her torso with her pillow, revealing two sharp little fangs, "Don't you dare! I detest it! I already have a foreign language class."

"Of course not. Relax, I'm not going to teach you the common Muggle language."

Proudly raising his chin, Gellert Grindelwald displayed an expression of pride, "I will teach you the ancient language of Fusak (The Greater Fuark), a magical language belonging to wizards."

Grindelwald spoke while raising his finger and tracing in the air. Obviously, no spell was cast, but there were faintly glowing characters in the air. Though she couldn't truly see them, she could sense a mysterious and ancient atmosphere.

"Fus...ak? What is this?" Elena blinked with curiosity, her attention instantly drawn to the mysterious magical mark in the air.

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