Chapter 173 The Child Is Now Real

"Ancient Rusak, the most famous of the ancient Runic scripts. The ancient Runic script is also known as magical text, which forms the basis of most major spells. Vosak's pronunciation also comes from the principle of the six Runic letters: feoh, ur, thorn, ansur, rad, and ken."

Grindelwald waved his hand, and the magical characters in the air mostly disappeared, leaving only the six clearest letters.

According to ancient literature in the magical world, the ancient Runic script is not the Norse mythology and legends known to Muggles. Odin, the king of the gods, hangs from the World Tree, pondering the mystery of the universe for nine days and nights.

In fact, "Runa" - the original meaning of the word is "secret whisper," representing the mysterious power of those ancient wizards who listened to and understood the sound of nature.

In the ancient and dark period when Ru Mao drank blood, neither curses nor wand craft were as developed as they are today. The appearance of the ancient Runic script greatly improved the direct use of spiritual power by wizards, enabling humans to positively interact with other magical species.

However, today, after several major social changes, most of the ancient Runic characters have become dim, and modern wizards can only use the remaining magical objects and ancient books to attempt to restore some fragmented pronunciations and their original meaning. Even direct casting is difficult.

"Ancient Runic script? Isn't that an extinct letter? Even if it was brilliant at its time, it's just something of the past. If it is as powerful as you say, why have I never heard of it in modern times? Wizards are good at using Nuni to cast spells."

Elena raised her eyebrows, with an expression of disinterest.

Because if Elena remembers correctly, by the third grade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should also offer the elective course [Ancient Runes]. However, according to the original work, it seems to be a marginal discipline similar to magical archaeology and does not show anything very special.

Even according to what Grindelwald said, after learning Gufsak, it would be of great help for the study of magical spells. It should be quite limited. At most, it is used to impress people. It's like writing a university entrance exam composition in the oracle in the past. Those people are the same.

"No, although most of the Gufsak language systems have been cut, there are still some alphabetic meanings and sporadic pronunciations that have been recorded and transmitted, and it turns out that I have the complete inheritance of several Gufsak scripts."

He looked disapprovingly at the silver-haired witch, and Grindelwald smiled with pride.

Being the former Dark Lord who once ruled the entire magical world with one step away, Grindelwald's research and longing for magic are much more comprehensive than Voldemort's system. When wealth, fame, and rights are readily available, knowledge and ideals have become the elderly man's favorite things.

At his peak, not even Grindelwald had to personally explore the lost magical texts, he only had to reveal a little will, and numerous fanatical "saints" would come forward to bring him knowledge about magical texts left throughout the world to Newmonga Castle, presenting them respectfully.

"Think about it, you can learn magical spells from the textbook at any time. But, as far as I know, outside of this castle, there is no second person who can fully teach you, because in the current magical world, you may never find a second wizard like me who speaks Gufsak, not even Nico Nicole and Albus Dumbledore."

Grindelwald wagged his index finger at Elena, with a strong temptation in his tone.

"Sounds great, but you still haven't answered my previous question."

Elena shrugged and went straight to the main point. "After learning the Gufsak language, besides acquiring broader knowledge, what other quantifiable improvements can I obtain, for example, can I master a few new spells, or can the power of the spell increase by a few percent, or something else?"

To be honest, Elena is not particularly interested in the long history of wizards' rise in Grindelwald. As a reality-focused pragmatist, she cannot transform theory into real results, and actual power, no matter how valuable and unique, is only an illusion.

"How many new spells can I master?"

Upon hearing Elena's words, Grindelwald couldn't help but smile as if he had heard something particularly funny, "Don't you understand? The ancient Runic script is the cornerstone of most modern curses, by mastering them, you are qualified to create magical spells."

"I don't want to create a new spell, I just want to stand on the shoulders of my predecessors," protested Elena. If she can lie and win, why should she strive?

"Okay, feel it directly, for example..."

Looking at the girl in front of him, Grindelwald sighed helplessly, thought for a moment, reached out, and gently placed it on Elena's red and swollen back of her hand, and softly said, "ur."

Barely had he finished speaking, a white cloud of light appeared silently and gently enveloped the girl's hands. Elena felt as if she were immersed in a warm amount of water. The pain and fatigue quickly vanished.

Not only that, as the fatigue dissipated, Elena could feel that some small cuts and calluses on her fingers were also rapidly healing in the misty white light, and the tingling and tiny sensation of rebirth vanished, causing her to almost moan comfortably.

After a while, the white light gradually dissipated.

"This is 'ur,' the second character of the Gufsaak language, which in a superficial sense represents the bison, a beast with strength and courage, signifying a free, untamed, and uncontrollable power. In a deeper sense, it represents spiritual and inner strength, a strong body and... well, you only need to know that it almost generated more than half of the curse."

A touch of fatigue appeared on Grindelwald's aged face, and he used his magical power to utter magical words directly, which was more exhausting than casting spells without a wand. Even the ancient low-level magic spells were at least equivalent to several modern spells. Unfortunately, being more comprehensive and complex does not necessarily mean more powerful. It generally only leads to more waste and heaviness. This is also one of the reasons why the modern spell of ancient runic writing is gradually being replaced.

After all, when people are accidentally injured, it is sufficient to heal the wound as soon as possible. A complete set of skin care effects, rapid tissue proliferation, and energy recovery all at once is unnecessary.

"Wow! It's amazing."

Elena gazed at the skin as pale as a baby's, and unintentionally, a star of happiness appeared in her eyes. A youthful appearance is an irresistible deadly temptation for girls of all ages.

Although she had almost forgotten most of what Grindelwald had said before, with this complete "hand care" in front of her, it was enough to make her unable to refuse it. She did not expect Mr. Grindelwald to have so many chores to do, such as washing dishes, skin care, roasting potatoes... He is as precious as an ancient treasure.

"What you say makes sense. In fact, I have always been very interested in ancient magic."

Without waiting for Grindelwald to continue organizing his words, I saw the lazy Elena suddenly straighten up, sit properly, and look at Grindelwald with a positive attitude. "When will we start learning? I'm ready! We will inherit the will of the ancient sages!"

Grindelwald looked at the little silver-haired loli who instantly judged them both, and the corners of his mouth twisted. Now the girl is really pragmatic... well, she also has very thick skin.