Chapter 174 Please, Please ~

Chapter 174 of the Hogwarts Parchment on the tip of my tongue, please, please, please ~ Magic is an art, and every little tremor can bring forth different flowers.

To explain this disorderly art that comes from nature and turn it into inheritable knowledge, the wizards invented magical texts, spells, and devised various magical languages and spelling gestures.

Therefore, the older the text, the more rigorous and rigid the pronunciation and grammar. Even if it is bent a little more, or sends a soft tone, the meaning and form of the expression will change greatly.

The inheritance of the ancient runic characters is like a game of voice. A letter always corresponds to a fixed pronunciation. Once a certain syllable is wrong, then the magical light of this character is likely to completely disappear in the long history. Among them.

At least, for a long time, both Grindelwald and the magical world have always thought so.



Elena's cheeks puffed seriously, imitating Grindelwald's previous posture, and raised her little paws, emitting a roar that sounded like a weaned little puppy.

It is extremely faint, and the flicker that can hardly be seen flashed rapidly through the tips of the girl's fingers with little attention.

"I repeat for the last time, it's ur, not rua!"

Grindelwald suppressed his anger and looked at the white ball of fur in front of him, unable to remember if this was the fifth or tenth time he corrected the girl's incorrect pronunciation.

Whether in the ability to imitate and represent characters, or in understanding the meaning of Gufsak, Elena has shown amazing talent for learning, but when she started practicing pronunciation, there were major differences between the two.

"But... according to the pronunciation you said, your fingers won't shine. You see, it's too long, so you remembered it wrong." Elena looked closely at the poor Grindel. Wow, she replied rather disappointed.

The simplest and most direct way to judge if a magic is in effect is to see the magical light.

Although I don't know where it's wrong, one thing is certain, Grindelwald's "correct" magical text has no pronunciation at all. Instead, she has a whimsical "rua" that can emit some faint light.

try {mad1 ('gad2');} catch (ex) {} "Impossible, the best evidence I can show is."

Grindelwald responded without hesitation. The first time he taught Elena faced the challenge of dignity in his eyes, and he was still in the area where he was best.

Like the ur glyph that has generated countless healing spells, the most obvious effect is its powerful healing ability. However, Grindelwald did not feel any healing magic effect from the light shown on Elena's fingertips.

Based on this, one can deduce that the magic Elena exhibited must have gone wrong.

"As for the light you show..."

Grindelwald frowned, and after careful consideration, said firmly: "It should be only because of the incorrect pronunciation, and the recent magical commotion that occurred, and it has little to do with the Gufsak language in your mouth. Let's leave this question for now, and learn the next..."

Even today, no one can fully decipher the essence of magic. It's normal for magical accidents to occur due to various factors.


Elena raised both her little paws and waved demonstratively in front of Grindelwald's eyes, the faint light flickered again.

"But... do you see that it's shining again? You know, the same cause-effect relationship has occurred ten times in a row, and it has basically conformed to the most basic principle of [reproducibility], and you can't explain it in any way as an accident. Is that correct?"

"I said, it's not rua! Don't bother me with those ridiculous animal sounds."

Grindelwald frowned, impatiently repeated again, his dry index fingers twisted together as if trying to contain his emotions.

"Then you'll have to explain it to me, always as a repeater, constantly denying my opinion..."

Elena also crossed her arms a little angrily. If there's anything more annoying to her than this kind of obstinate attitude, it's the method of responding as a repeater.


The girl looked at the somber look on Grindelwald's face, and suddenly realized a strange situation. Given Grindelwald's character and attitude toward magic, it didn't make sense to show indifference to her indifference. Such a weak response.

try {mad1 ('gad2');} catch (ex) {} unless...

"Have you tried it in secret?" Elena's mouth tilted slightly, her small head leaned towards the old man, showing a mischievous smile. "Every time you repeat my pronunciation, you're actually not sure, right?"

Upon hearing Elena's words, Grindelwald couldn't help but stiffen his face, then denied, "How could I make such a shameful sound? Magic is a kind of rigor..."

"Okay, it's just us two. Can you be honest?"

She looked at the arrogant old man with a unfocused gaze in front of her, UU reading www. uukanshu. com Elena shook her head ridiculously, and lightly tapped the old man's shoulder. It seemed that Grindelwald was also confused.


Boom! Wow!

When the girl's little fist fell gently on Grindelwald, the old man sitting in the soft armchair suddenly changed his brows, and with a sound of cracking bones, he raised his exasperated head. "You! Uh."

At the next moment, I saw Grindelwald flying with a chair and hitting the left side wall with force, creating a small shallow hole. The chair rolled several times without making any sound.


Elena blankly looked at her cute little hand and then looked up at the fallen chair, her arms folded in a strange position, the first generation of the Dark Lord, right? She obviously didn't even try hard!

But anyway, Grindelwald's appearance is so pitiful now, with his left shoulder almost completely sunken. What's even worse is that he was severely injured. Not a single wizard even made a sound.

Alena, almost terrified, hurriedly stepped away and stood powerless in front of the unconscious Grindelwald, her voice filled with deep lament.

"Mr. Gellert, do not frighten me, oooo..."

"Ooooooo, do not die, please do not die. I did not mean to..."

"Uuuh, who will help me, help me..."