Chapter 175 The Dream Of Grindelwald

Castle Newmontgard.

A faint crackling resonated in the flickering fire, bringing Elena out of her reverie.

"No, calm down, calm down... I have to do something."

As Grindelwald weakened before her, Elena patted her cheeks, trying to calm her emotions. In this deserted place, she could only rely on herself.

Elena had removed Grindelwald's upper body clothing, revealing a gaunt and withered figure, and a small mark of a black-green punch imprinted on the severely depressed left shoulder. Almost a terrible displacement from the scapula to the upper arm and the phenomenon of rupture, it's no wonder the elderly wizard simply sighed and cleanly fainted.

In fact, after the first generation of the Dark Lord was accidentally hit by her with a small punch, Elena had vaguely guessed the reason.

There is nothing wrong with Gellert Grindelwald. A pronunciation really corresponds to only a magical phenomenon, but as the second Runic letter, "ur" is originally an existence with a double meaning: untameable and difficult to control the power of freedom, and the strong spiritual world and body that can nurture life. (For more details, please refer to the essence of the book's review area)

The manifestation of magic largely depends on the will of the wizard.

Just as with the reason for the failure to unlock the curse, Elena, who had acquired some modern medical education, had been trying to thoroughly analyze the healing details contained in the rune "ur". Although theoretically, if Elena masters a certain degree of medical knowledge reserve, it can appear enhanced as a burst spell.

However, for now, if she wants to successfully perform healing magic, Elena must think like a determined idealist.

"Is it the idealism of inverted causality?"

Staring at Grindelwald, whose life and death were unknown, Elena closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, clearing her thoughts.

This time, without thinking about the distribution of human bones, without thinking about the healing of blood vessels, without thinking about the structure of the stratum corneum and muscles... simply imagining the result of restoring Grindelwald's health.


Elena whispered, the girl opened her eyes in surprise the next moment.

She saw a small group of warm and soft white light trembling in her palm. Although it was much smaller than the light group Grindelwald had displayed before, at least in terms of appearance and pronunciation, there is a high probability that it should be successful.

"Well, what should I do... then press this?"

The young silver-haired witch lowered her head and looked at the pitiful ball of light in the palm of her hand, and then at the miserable Grindelwald, she gritted her teeth. "In short, the situation won't be worse, when the doctor cures the dead horse."


When Elena's palm touched Grindelwald's left shoulder, the unconscious old man unconsciously trembled again, emitting a faint moan, his breath slightly thicker.

Although Grindelwald still had his eyes tightly closed, he could stir and speak, which was already the best news.

As a small group of magical lights submerged into the body, Grindelwald's breathing finally gradually stabilized, and he relaxed, his pale face slowly regaining some color.


Elena's eyes lit up, and she couldn't help but feel relieved.

Just make sure she's performing healing magic. As for the problem of insufficient healing, she can make up for it by increasing the frequency.



Infinite darkness.

Grindelwald felt as if he had experienced a particularly long nightmare.

In the dream, Albus Dumbledore suddenly appeared, and after saying something strange, he dropped off a cute silver-haired girl at Castle Newmontgarde, and then disappeared.

Then everything started to get worse.

The combination of punches and recklessness, the broken door, the shattered house, the burning blanket, and finally the punch with the breath of death.

No, it wasn't a little girl, it was simply a little devil that Albus had exiled here to torture him.

Fortunately, all this was just a dream... Grindelwald felt as if there was a faint light in front of his eyes.

—Now, it's time to wake up from a nightmare.

The old wizard's eyelids trembled and slowly opened, and he was met with a small, tired, delicate face.

"Well, Mr. Gellert, you finally woke up, welcome back."

Elena's tense face relaxed, even if it was intense exhaustion, it couldn't erase the surprised expression that appeared on the girl's face.

Finally, for a whole hour, she managed to bring the frail elderly grandfather back from imminent death.


Gellert Grindelwald silently looked at the girl, his lips moved slightly.

Countless memories flowed into his mind like a tide: the nightmare never ended, because it was reality.

For a moment, Grindelwald felt the urge to escape from the prison for the first time in over 40 years.

"Hey, Mr. Gellert, you look very pale, don't worry, everything is with me."

Elena raised her hand and wiped the tiny beads of sweat from her forehead, skillfully reciting the mantra, a bright white light surged from the palm of the girl.

After almost an hour of intense output, although the healing light group remains as small, from the perspective of magic, it is no longer difficult for Elena.

The only issue now is that she is too tired. When Grindelwald recovers, she will have to return to her room and rest well.

Elena thought, as she extended her palm to Grindelwald's shoulder, and said with a smile, "He hasn't fully recovered from the injury yet, now he can't..."

Seeing the sweaty little hand approaching him, the last scene seen before the coma returned to Grindelwald's mind.

Without hesitation, Grindelwald staggered back and frowned, "Don't touch me!"

Click ~ ~ With Grindelwald's violent reaction and a clear sound of bone dislocation, a strong pain swept instantly over the left half of Grindelwald's body, as if four or five Daugongxin mantras had been cast at the same time.

"A little more."

Grindelwald cleared his throat, and before the expression on his face changed, he rolled his eyes and passed out again, unconscious.

"...He cannot engage in vigorous exercise, otherwise it is easy for him to dislocate," Elena had just finished speaking at that moment.

After glancing at the fallen Dark Lord, the girl sighed helplessly.

Well, counting the second injury caused by Grindelwald, this time she had to postpone the rest period she had planned.

It's no wonder that in some hospitals of her previous life, for patients with sudden coma, a restriction band is generally used after the treatment is completed. Is that the reason?