Chapter 176 The Grace Of Saving A Life And The Grace Of Not Killing

When Grindelwald opened his eyes again, the sky outside the castle was completely dark.

The starry night in the clear night sky, the moonlight quietly draped like a veil in a corner of the living room, seemed to hold an indescribable aesthetic dream.

Grindelwald slowly sat up and tried to move his left arm a little. Apart from a slight pain, he no longer felt the crushing pain from before, and his upper robe had been readjusted. What had happened seemed like a dream.

And beneath him, there was a clean and well-made bed, just as Elena had said. It was truly warm and soft, almost tempting him to lie down a little while longer.

It is clear that the young witch named Elena Kaslana has successfully mastered the ancient Runi Mowen that he had taught her before.

However, as an elderly man who has lived through the wizarding war, Grindelwald is very aware of how gravely he was wounded earlier and how he has managed to recover to his current level. Elena's magic and energy have likely exceeded their limits.

"That girl, really..."

Grindelwald shook his head and finally couldn't find the right words to describe it, his face showing great complexity.

Looking around, this time when he woke up, he did not see Elena's figure, the room was exceptionally quiet, except for the occasional crackling in the fireplace, there was no other sound.

On the mahogany coffee table, not far from Grindelwald, there was a fine piece of parchment, the elderly wizard curiously took it in his hands and read it. It did not surprise him that Elena had written to him:

"Dinner is ready, the salt-boiled potatoes and the cabbage and bacon soup are on the kitchen stove. If you are cold, you can warm them by the fireplace. By the grace of saving a life and the grace of not killing, please do not disturb me while I sleep, ★ rua!"

The grace of saving a life and the grace of not killing?!

A glance at the scribble on the parchment caused Grindelwald's lip to tremble slightly, and the little Loli who had learned the roar of the little monster reappeared in his mind, and his left shoulder began to ache slightly again.

The old man unconsciously turned his head towards the closed wooden front door of the bedroom, took a deep breath; forget it, she is not like the girl.

However, a new interpretation of ancient magic texts, and one that never appeared to strengthen the weak wizard's magical spell, could this be one of the reasons why ancient wizards can be so powerful?

Grindelwald shook his head and temporarily suppressed the confusion. He still had plenty of time to calmly study the problem later, he let go of the parchment in his hands and walked towards the open kitchen workbench.

After searching for the simple dinner that Elena had helped prepare before going to bed, and the well-packaged "wild herbs" and "vines" on the shore, the fingers of the first Dark Lord tapped thoughtfully on the countertop, suddenly he understood why Dumbledore valued the little witch named Elena Kaslana so much.

"Albus, you really have given me a problem. What should I teach tomorrow...?"

Even the most stringent ancient Gulfsak mantra, and in his opinion the source of the mildest curse spell, could have such a serious mishap. Grindelwald truly didn't know if there were any related spell knowledge that were safe.

However, after the room exploded, he had to start seriously thinking about teaching again, otherwise, Elina's words would be arbitrarily interpreted, and Grindelwald's physical condition would not withstand the girl's commotion. In a situation like this, with a few more visits, perhaps Dumbledore would not be able to take Elina back to Hogwarts again. He would have to bury him outside the Newmontgarde castle.

According to what Elena had said earlier, it seems that this girl likes magical creatures just like Newt Scamander. Although Grindelwald has always been very reluctant to this knowledge, currently, perhaps he can only find a solution from this aspect.

Grindelwald frowned and peeled the potatoes, dipped them in salt on a plate, and put them in his mouth, feeling the taste of starch and coarse salt melting in his mouth, and lamented heavily. "I knew this girl would be so terrible after learning magic. At that time, I shouldn't have rejected and spoken useless words to Albus. I should have suggested that Albus directly send this girl to Newt Scamander. It's okay."

But fortunately, even if he is not a senior researcher of magical creatures, with just basic knowledge, it should be enough to deal with the difficult girl, after all, as wicked as she is, she is still just a girl, purely theoretical knowledge cannot fail.

Thinking about this, Grindelwald calmed down a bit and took a sip of the warm cabbage soup.

I must say that ever since she gave her opinion, Elena had really put some thought into the processing of the ingredients. At least this time, there was no smell of earth in the vegetable soup~ Not only that, as a main soup of the European civilian family, the cabbage and bacon soup made by Elena looked slightly different from the usual ones.

Almost half of the cabbage was cut into neat filaments and cooked with bacon strips also cut into filaments, showing an appetizing appearance. If Grindelwald didn't make any mistake, the girl also added a bit of pepper to enhance the flavor, so it had a warm taste.

"Huh? This soup, strange..."

Grindelwald frowned and carefully examined the unusual cabbage broth in his hand. He didn't know why, but he always felt that this bowl of soup was exceptionally delicious. After drinking a full bowl, the pain in his body couldn't help but reduce for a few minutes.

However, in the food box that Dumbledore left for the two, there were only a few types of food in total. Most of the spices in the kitchen were just some common condiments. In such a desolate castle like Newmontgard, apart from some wild herbs and vines that could be seen everywhere, Elena couldn't find any other strange ingredients.

"...Is it an illusion? Forget it, or think about the lessons later."

Grindelwald shook his head in confusion. He couldn't help but fill a large bowl of cabbage soup. Since he didn't understand it, he didn't need to delve into it. This mundane question of whether the food was delicious or not, in his opinion, was unimportant. Would only the offspring of Muggles and domestic elves take it seriously?