Chapter 177 I Hurt You Without Poisoning!

Early the next morning.

Grindelwald was awakened by the faint noises of the open kitchen just as the day was breaking.

In front of the open kitchen workbench, not too far away, I don't know when I woke up, the little girl with silver hair is humming a strange melody while she cooks the ingredients at hand, and next to the little girl at the stove, the iron pot rumbled, giving off a strange aroma that Grindelwald had never smelled.

"Uh? Are you awake? Go wash your face and rinse your mouth first, and tidy up... breakfast will be ready in a while."

Apparently hearing the movements behind her, Elena turned to look at Grindelwald, her right hand pointing to the bathroom next to her and expertly spoke in a tone similar to that of children.


Grindelwald looked at the thick kitchen knife in the girl's right hand, and the rest of his drowsiness had long since disappeared in the morning. At first glance, a swaying kitchen knife is more useful than anything else.

In fact, since he saw the arrangement in the open kitchen yesterday, Grindelwald has been wondering why the box of ingredients only contains potatoes, cabbage, and bacon slices, yet Dumbledore had to equip this brutal girl with such a complete set of knives.

As for the supposed game of all the nonsense from Elena, Grindelwald couldn't believe it at all.

Not to mention why a child living in an orphanage in the Scottish Highlands has a set of knives from Germany. Grindelwald has not attended a magic school. Whether it's Durmstrang or Hogwarts, where is the first-year student? Would a wizard go to school with a knife?

"Hey, don't just stand there. I'm almost done here!" Elena's voice came.

"What's up, little troublemaker?" Grindelwald yawned, lost in thought, and quickly turned towards the bathroom.

Surely, he should have realized that the whole affair had been exuding from the beginning. Since this is the case, then the day Elena leaves, perhaps he should consider whether to bring the girl a special gift to Hogwarts.

After about fifteen minutes, at the living room table.

"So, what is this..."

Gellert Grindelwald frowned, took the spoon and stirred in the bowl in front of him, with a tone of disgust so evident it couldn't be more obvious.

In front of him was a bowl of suspiciously strange broth, with fragments of unknown food floating in a rather thick reddish brown broth, accompanied by rising heat, a spicy, pungent smell that kept reaching Grindelwald's nose.

If it weren't for the little girl on the other side happily eating while holding the bowl at this moment, Grindelwald almost thought Elena had made a pot of potion when she got up early. After all, this unknown object looked really too much like the legendary potion brewed by ancient witches.

"Spicy soup, try it quickly, although it's not too authentic, but the taste won't be so bad."

Elena stuck out her little tongue and licked the soup from the corner of her lips, raised her red face, burped satisfied, shrugged, and licked her lips comfortably.

Spicy soup can be considered one of the most iconic breakfast setups of the great culinary empire. It is characterized by a rich broth, a beautiful soup color, a thick, spicy and delicious soup, with comforting effects on the liver and spleen, good digestion, and the effect of expelling cold and benefiting qi.

In the fresh early morning of Newmontgarde, a hot bowl of spicy soup served as the start of the day, it was perfect.

"Pepper Soup?"

Grindelwald repeated Elena's pronunciation, unconsciously pushing the bowl in front of him a little. The name sounded more like the name of a strange potion than the name of a dish.

"Yes, spicy soup, huh?"

Elena blinked and looked at grandfather Grindelwald with question marks, slightly dazed for a few seconds, then quickly turned around to correct herself, and a cold sweat instantly sprang on her back.

"I gave it a random name. To be precise, it should be... Pepper Soup, huh?"

Elena secretly stuck out her tongue, oops, accidentally leaked it.

Yesterday she was so tired that she was still a little confused, and the excitement of successfully making spicy soup in a foreign country made Elena unconsciously relax a little.

Distractedly looking at the confused Gellert Grindelwald, her white eyes looked from left to right, and a warning light flashed in her eyes, by the mountains and wild mountains, it's better...


Elena shook her head vigorously, discarding dangerous thoughts in her mind. She didn't know why. Since the magic text "ur" was conjured yesterday, she felt that her emotions today were vaguely agitated and unstable.

"Pepper Soup?"

Unaware that he had just walked to the edge of danger, Grindelwald's nose twitched a bit, and he raised his eyebrows suspiciously. Prompted by Elena, this time he faintly distinguished the pepper taste, and his face changed slightly. It seemed fine, at least it wasn't any dangerous potion.

"This is a very common breakfast. The number of people who eat it every morning in the non-magical world is more than twice the total population of the United Kingdom."

If he hadn't considered that he had caused a great disaster yesterday, he wouldn't have gotten up early in the morning to make a special breakfast for this cold-faced old man who didn't know things.

He should know that the spicy soup which conquered almost the entire province of HN is the most common traditional soup in the Northern Empire's breakfast. It's the same with most fried or steamed dishes. To be precise, it's not easy to eat the soup of the great culinary empire.

If you cook according to the most authentic spicy soup recipe, the preparation process alone will take almost half a day. The ingredients involved range from ginger, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, and other spices to cooked lamb, cooked beef, gluten, starch noodles, daylily, peanuts, mushrooms, and other food ingredients, the total sum of zero and zero is less than ten types, and some established brands may even involve 30 to 40 types of spices.

To compensate for this lackluster rendition of the spicy soup recipe, Elena devoted much thought.

After pondering it, her face remained solemn, as if Elena had set a bowl of poison to assassinate her first Dark Lord, Elena reached out and added angrily.

"Calm down, if I wanted to harm you, I wouldn't need to poison you at all."

Chapter 1: I'm hungry as I write.

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