Chapter 178 The Meaning Of Hot Pot And Spicy Food

What Grindelwald didn't know was that in preparing this hot pot, Elena had been busy in the kitchen for at least two or three hours.

It is important to know that when making a spicy hot pot, the long-lasting soup base is the most important.

Each inherited hot pot restaurant has its own spice recipe, usually prepared with a variety of natural Chinese herbs proportionally, then adding pepper and chili, and using bone broth as the base to cook a basic hot pot base.

With the advancement of technology, in addition to some old stores that still insist on cooking according to their secret recipes in the past, many hot pot restaurants and roadside food stalls have begun to use ready-made hot pot powder for redemption. As a result, the difference in flavors of hot pots from various schools is becoming smaller and smaller. The flavor of the hot pot prepared by Elena is naturally the "machine flavor" of this future generation.

However, in this Newmontgard castle, where food resources are extremely scarce, the lack of basic ingredients and supplies is the biggest problem. Not to mention that all kinds of natural spices, ginger, beef, and boiled sheep skeleton in the broth, even a little hot pot powder is a luxury.

Fortunately, the cabbage and bacon hot pot that she suddenly wanted to cook before going to bed the night before opened her mind. To verify some of the subsequent assumptions, she especially increased the weight of the hot pot.

Indeed, when Elena got up in the morning, she found that a large pot of "special" cabbage and bacon hot pot had been completely eaten, which made Elena feel a little uneasy and completely relieved.

Because, to help Grindelwald relieve pain and calm his nerves, Elena deliberately found some poppy shells against the textbook in the small pile of basic potions left by Dumbledore, and added them together in the vegetable hot pot to cook (after cooking, of course, the shells were destroyed and discarded).

It was confirmed that Grindelwald was not a superior potions master with a "godly tongue." The first thing Elena did when she got up was to carefully look for the treasure left by Dumbledore again.

After comparing the basic potion textbook and the basic herb books, she thought she had completely understood the meaning of Dumbledore's hideout. Obviously, the additional basic potion materials that appeared in the box were not used to teach Grindelwald his potions class.

All the items appearing in this "Magic Fridge" with cooling, safety, and capacity expansion functions must only have one label, that is, ingredients!

And even more fortunately, most of the spice boxes collected by Elena during the orphanage were sent to the castle by Dumbledore. Although there was no stone mill, with the explosive spell deliberately controlling the intensity, Elena could still mix over ten types of spices like pepper, Sichuan pepper, star anise, and cinnamon into a fine powder.

The strong flavor and color of the hot pot are enough to further mask the taste of the potion materials that she will add flexibly. Elena has always believed in the truth: all things are only zero times and countless times, as long as Grindelwald eats for the first time, even if things are revealed later, the resistance to push forward will not be too great.

Theoretically, the base of the hot pot is generally selected from whole lamb bones, boiled for over five hours. After the essence of the bone marrow has penetrated into the broth, remove the skeleton and then add the prepared spice powder to continue cooking.

The sheep bones are definitely not there. The slightly larger magical creature skeletons have to wait until the advanced potions class before gradually getting involved. Therefore, after carefully studying the textbooks, Elena decided to use them for the potion to treat lionfish spines.

At that time, the thick-backed kitchen knife produced by Zwilling had its place. To shorten the cooking time, Elena took a quite big risk by attempting to match a standard dose of "rua" with a tough lionfish spine. Under the sharp and heavy blow, it quickly turned into a piece of white and delicious ribs.

The **** root in the basic potion material is undoubtedly an unexpected joy. It completely completed the last missing link of the base of the hot pot, ensuring that the hot and cold effect of this hot pot can be fully exerted. (See expansion: Note 1)

What really took a lot of time and energy for Elena was making flour and water-fed gluten.

Although Elena's suitcase contains a small amount of flour purchased by Benitestte in the market, it is only in the most basic powder state, and all preparations must be done by hand.

Elena needs to continuously knead the water and make good dough. Only under the constant squeeze of an external force will the wheat gluten molecules be woven into a long net, and then the kneaded gluten will be filtered and washed. The water that has been released from gluten is called hydrocolloid powder.

At that time, continue kneading the gluten until it begins to be elastic and shows some resistance, and then stretch the gluten into small groups and stretch it into thin slices. At that time, you can slowly drop them out of the pot. Also.

The hand-rubbed gluten holes can absorb the soup flavor very well, juicy and full of resistance, simply gather them up and slice them when the temperature rises, and then add them back to the hot pot at the end. The morning's energy consumption.

After removing the gluten and cutting it into dice, according to the usual procedure, an appropriate amount of cooked beef and lamb, daylily, sweet potato vermicelli noodles should be placed for a long time. It is a pity that none of these things exist in the Newmontgard castle.

For the cooked beef and lamb, salted bacon, which is also red meat, can be used, and the lily day can simply be replaced with cabbage and sedative valerian. As for the sweet potato vermicelli noodles, they can be substituted with Newmongade Castle grape sprouts. Later, it is an excellent substitute.

The most important thing is that in the last ten minutes or so, after adding paprika powder, soy sauce, salt, and monosodium glutamate, the soup will turn into a broth. At this point, the experienced cook will adjust the heat and use the outer ring for cooking (i.e., not allowing the center of the pot to become the hottest point, simply adding a base to it), so that the entire pot of spicy and hot soup rolls from the outside in, the soup is restrained and gradually mixed, and there will be no leaks or layers.

The facts have shown that such tedious and serious effort is worth it. Thanks to the patch, Elena suddenly prepared a large pot in Newmongade Castle, Austria. The flavor is at least 70% or 80% similar. The "Spicy Soup Potion Version".

In Elena's expectant eyes, Grindelwald hesitated, but still could not resist taking a small sip, sour, spicy, fragrant, fresh, all kinds of flavors instantly burst on the taste buds of the former Dark Lord, and a warm spicy soup quickly spread through every corner of the elder's body, even the fingertips could feel the warmth.

"How's it, is it good?" Elena said with a satisfied smile after seeing the involuntary expression and relief on Grindelwald's face.

"It's a unique flavor, but that's it. Precious time is used to think about appetite. It's a waste. Simply cook a few potatoes. The extra time is used to practice magic. It makes much more sense."

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, drinking the spicy soup without hesitation, while looking at Elena with a smug expression, "I really don't understand why a talented little wizard like you is so persistent in thinking about food. You don't understand, only then can I know that [I myself] am still alive." Elena slightly shook her head, whispering as if she were talking to herself. Looking at the hot bowl of spicy soup on her cheek, her eyes were extremely complicated.

"Eh? What did you just say?" Grindelwald frowned.

"It's nothing. I mean, it's so delicious, don't talk so much. The spicy soup cools down and loses its flavor."

Without responding to Grindelwald's question, Elena reached out and pushed the bowl of spicy soup back in front of Grindelwald, with a slight smile, "Hurry up and finish your breakfast, but I expect an all-night class today. How about the magical word we're learning today?"

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