Chapter 179 Hidden Knowledge Far From Books

"Magic? No, we are not learning any new magic today."

Grindelwald, who was sipping spicy soup, dropped the spoon from his right hand and said seriously, "Every ancient Vrsak script contains endless mysteries and can be mastered. It is more important to savor it without concentration. It is much more important."

The ancient runic script itself is the manifestation of certain magical phenomena by ancient wizards, and the effect displayed is completely different from person to person, with a very low power limit and an unimaginable upper limit.

Even after searching extensively in the European magical world, Grindelwald truly mastered the original pronunciation and its meaning. The ancient Vulsac characters that can produce magical effects are actually only four, and most others are just broken characters and interpretations.

In addition to the "ur (original cow)" taught to Elena yesterday, Grindelwald also mastered three others: the third rune "orn" symbolizing thorn, guardianship, and energy, symbolizing prophecy, the persuasive fourth rune "oss," and the sixth rune "en" symbolizing flames and desires.

Not to mention that from the beginning, Grindelwald had no intention of teaching Elena all the runes.

Since he discovered that healing runes could become an uncontrollable power in the hands of Elena to enhance magic, Grindelwald has no reason to increase the lethality of the white hair meatballs. The remaining three runes have derived magical spells, but the consequences of "ur (original cow)" are much more terrible.

"Eh? Without learning Mowen, are you still going to teach me new spells?!" Elena blinked in surprise.

"Do you want to blow up the room again?! Don't even think about it."

Grindelwald shook his cheek and shattered Elena's daydream without hesitation. Why this ball of white hair was like a forgetful curse, he had no idea what she had done.

"If I recall correctly, Albus should have sent all your textbooks to Newmontgarde Castle, right?"

Lowering his head and picking up another bowl of spicy soup, Grindelwald calmed down and looked at the little silver-haired witch sitting at the other end of the table. He continued, "Didn't you say you like magical creatures? Wait a minute to bring out Newt. Get 'Where are the Magical Creatures' written by Scamander, today we will learn about magical creatures."

The evidence has shown that when teaching divergent thinking children, unless it is a teacher who has been teaching for many years, it is best to follow a prearranged logical scheme.

Although in terms of personal emotions, Grindelwald does not like Newt Scamander and his annoying animals, but it is undeniable that, as the best and recognized magical zoologist, according to his compilation of "Where are the Magical Creatures," the supplementary explanation is undoubtedly the most stable mode.

"Eh? Pure cultural theory class..."

Upon hearing Grindelwald's arrangement, Elena's hair fell disapprovingly, revealing resistance that could not be more obvious.

"If it's about magical creatures, then you don't have to bother teaching me. I'll read books and learn on my own."

Elena frowned, restraining the urge to confiscate the spicy soup in front of Grindelwald, and said angrily.

In fact, Gellert Grindelwald's reaction today did not meet Elena's expectations. No matter which teacher had a serious accident in the course the day before, the course for a long time will inevitably change, even if it was a cheerful Hagrid. After the eagle-headed horses and winged beasts harmed people, didn't the course content change to how to feed caterpillars?

"You might be a little mistaken. I didn't want to read you the textbook according to this text."

Grindelwald shook his head and stood up, walked to the open kitchen counter and served himself a bowl of spicy soup. It must be said that although the taste is a bit peculiar, this strong flavor stimulates the breakfast. Especially appetizing.

Back at the table, after looking at the little half-witch with the words "I'm not happy," Grindelwald shrugged and continued.

"Due to the extent of the paper and the limitations of the Ministry of Magic, the content presented in the book is actually very limited. If you really want to learn more about magical creatures' knowledge, aside from feeding and petting them, the only way is to find a wizard with relevant experience and knowledge, such as Newt Scamander, for example... me."

Saying this, Grindelwald pointed to himself rather proudly, "I have said that when it comes to magical creatures, there are no more than ten people in the magical world better than me."

Indeed, "Where are the Magical Creatures," published as a textbook by the first-year wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is strictly an incomplete catalog overview.

According to Grindelwald's knowledge, the manuscripts compiled and summarized by Newt Scamander over the years have been collected and compiled, and the truly complete version of "Where is the Magical Creature" has always failed to be published in the magical world masses.

In addition to Newt's family and his close friends, the only ones who had the honor of seeing the complete version were Albus Dumbledore and some high officials of the European Ministry of Magic. Of course, for some reason, Grindelwald had mostly read them at Newmongard Castle, which was one of the reasons he took the initiative to teach Elena.

After all, in Grindelwald's opinion, trying to ask questions in the field related to magical creatures that not even Newt Scamander can answer is almost as good as finding a person who can defeat both him and Albus Dumbledore at the same time.

"Really? Any question?"

Elena looked at Grindelwald disbelievingly, then turned around and pulled out the book "Where is the Magical Creature?" that had been leafed through from the room several times.

She believed that censored and complete versions of "Where is the Magical Creature?" exist.

Given that Elena can perceive during the preview and leisure that the content of the book is too rough and superficial, at most, it is used as an illuminating storybook or a simple tool for children in common wizard families. Most wizards know what to feed children's favorite pets, or why it is better not to leave milk out for hedgehogs.

"Of course, you can simply ask about a magical creature that interests you," Grindelwald nodded carelessly.

"Well, then, the eight-eyed giant (), they..." Elena hesitated for a moment and turned the first page, pointing to the eight-eyed giant's home in front of her.

"Eight-eyed spider?" Grindelwald glanced at Elena's finger and confidently lifted his chin.

"The dangerous creature with the highest magical part ~ ~ is huge and cruel, native to the island of Kalimantan, roosting in dense jungle, a rare magical creature that speaks human language. They are covered in thick black fur and have legs that spread to the sides of the body, with a wingspan of up to fifteen feet. They have a pair of giant claws, which will be used to eat live and dead prey..."

"Stop, stop. I'm actually not very interested in these contents."

Elena blinked and suddenly interrupted Grindelwald's presentation. The girl licked her lips and smiled shyly.

"What I want to know is... can these eight-eyed spiders be eaten? Are they delicious? And how should they be eaten?"

It is worth noting that, as a popular science book about magical creatures in the wizarding world, "Where is the Magical Creature?" is far from being as detailed as the Eastern "Shan Hai Jing," and clearly has missed out on many important links.

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