Chapter 18 "Why does the magical world still have homework?"

"Professor, Professor Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore felt someone calling him. He felt someone reaching out and gently pulling his sleeve.

"Aren't you asleep, Professor Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore suddenly snapped back, the cold gray bricks of the tower disappearing, Grindelwald vanishing, replaced by the warm and cozy Headmaster's office at Hogwarts, the wood in the fireplace on the right crackling softly.

And before him, a silver-haired girl with a kind face was staring at him, her eyes full of concern and uncertainty.

"You are right, Gellert..."

Dumbledore murmured inexpressibly under his breath and looked solemnly at Elena.

There is no doubt that, aside from being "her," the little mixed-blood Meiwa in front of him almost completely fulfills Grindelwald's prediction, even stronger, smarter, younger, and not limited by conventional thinking.

But the crux of the matter was, the old man looked at his right hand full of creases and veins, unsure if he would have enough time to guide her in the right direction.

Seeing Dumbledore regain his composure, Elena breathed a slight sigh of relief.

Just a moment ago, she followed Dumbledore's words and expanded her knowledge of basic natural sciences like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. As a result, she noticed the old wizard in front of her beginning to stare fixedly, almost terrifyingly not averting his gaze from her.

After all, who knows if the magical world might also suffer from dementia or strokes. In case she bluffs and directly does something wrong with the strongest white wizard of the contemporary world, Elena doesn't expect to run out of this castle; she'd be struck down upon hearing that the professor came to kill.

"That's right, Professor Dumbledore. If you don't mind, may I see you at school?"

Elena glanced at the silent Dumbledore, took a sip of the pumpkin juice in her hand, and then spoke timidly.

Although she didn't understand what had just happened, going by her intuition, it might not be a wise choice to stay longer.

Dumbledore raised his hand to his chin, his eyes behind the half-moon glasses revealing a trace of contemplation.

"I recall we agreed before, if you can achieve the highest grade in the entire school in all disciplines, you will attend a Muggle school in the United States through the Ministry of Magic after the fourth year."

The little silver-haired loli raised her head alertly, "Professor Dumbledore, you're the greatest wizard in the world, would you do anything that goes against you?"

"on the contrary..."

Dumbledore shook his head and said gently, "I have pondered deeply. If you were to temporarily leave Hogwarts in the fourth year, then to ensure your talents are not wasted, I will do my utmost in these four years. Convincing other teachers to use their free time to teach you an additional part of the curriculum."

No one is born knowing that to become a mature wizard, they will inevitably undergo a long process of learning and practice.

Dumbledore believes that instead of following the more flexible Hogwarts curriculum, it is better to guide and accompany Elena as much as possible during her growth.

In this way, he can also grasp and pay attention to her character growth and magical skill improvement at any time, and protect her to the greatest extent, unlike Grindelwald or Tom Riddle, who, due to the powerful magic of the dark side, lost their way by force.

"Hey... hey?!"

Elena's lovely face stayed stunned for a moment, then immediately reacted, her eyes shining with anger: Isn't this a magical academy?!

Aren't overseas institutions preaching happy education? Why, upon entering the magical world, would there be extra classes at a magic academy that goes against a child's nature?!

"Well, um, teachers work hard every day, don't bother them. Actually, I can read books and study on my own. If I don't understand, I can review and ask the teacher..."

Originally, upon entering Hogwarts, Elena, who could happily play and eat, felt an unprecedented sense of crisis, and Dumbledore's eyes were glaring at her, trying to dispel her dangerous proposal.

"Furthermore, for your powerful magical talent, I hope that at least every week in the future, you can come to the headmaster's office for at least one magical control exercise class."

Dumbledore seemed not to hear the voice of the little silver-haired loli, and continued softly, though the word "hope" was used, the verbal tone in the language that couldn't contain its beak clearly meant "must."

"Wait a moment, I haven't accepted the latest! Why is there another rule, what strange requirement is magical control practice? Can you hear people?"

Feeling that her words were being ignored, little Meiwa puffed out her cheeks in anger, and her small white hands trembled in front of the old wizard's eyes. This requirement is different from confinement.

In Elena's impression, Dumbledore, who had always been a friendly and well-spoken figure, suddenly turned stern, and his two blue eyes pierced through her like a sword.

"Believe me, this is for your own good, you must promise!"

"Hmp! Then I won't come to study at Hogwarts! Do you think I'm too much of a rarity among magical creatures and magic? Not at all! What I most, beg, hate, to be, human, strong, strength!"

Upon hearing Dumbledore's persistent words, Elena felt a turmoil in her heart, stood up, and angrily shouted at Dumbledore. What she most despised were the words "all for you," and the next thing she hated was the magic academy.

The girl's long silver hair shimmered with a faint golden light, and the tea set and saucer in the whole room trembled slightly with Elena's words, producing a tinkling sound, and suddenly a cyclone rose from Elena's feet. It spread around and threw the small objects in the room.

The porcelain cup rolled off the table and crashed against the wall. The faint flame in the fireplace rose quickly, and the flickering fire cast a shadow in the room.

The strong magical disturbances brought back a memory for Dumbledore. Many years ago, the young man bearing the surname "Dumbledore" facing Grindelwald was even more oppressive than the child. Suffocating.

The elderly man silently observed the girl like a cat with its fur bristled. After some thought, he placed his wand in his right hand, stood up, approached Elena, and bent down, picking up a scattered piece of candy from the floor, opened it, took the girl's hand, and gently placed it in her palm.

Then, under the girl's hostile and alert eyes, Dumbledore slowly extended his wrinkled hands and gently stroked her head, revealing a gentle smile, and whispered softly and apologetically.

"Do not be afraid, I just want to help you."