Chapter 180 The Consensus Of Demon Kings

"Excuse me, what did you say about the giant eight-eyed spider?"

After two or three seconds of stagnation, Grindelwald rose slightly and asked clumsily but rudely.

A familiar sensation reappeared in the old wizard's mind. It wasn't the first time this kind of thought had been interrupted since he began trying to teach Elena.

"Can you eat it? Is it delicious? How do you eat it?" The girl responded firmly, her eyes filled with a desire for knowledge.

As Elena learned about more magical creatures through "Where Are the Magical Creatures", more problems had accumulated, but according to the theory of the unity of the universe, most properties of matter can be summed up in the three previous sentences.


Faced with Elena's sparkling eyes, Grindelwald's expression hardened on his face and he opened his mouth helplessly. He didn't know what to say for a moment; the scene in front of him was something he had imagined, even Newt Scamander couldn't answer these questions, could he?

After another five or six seconds of silence, Grindelwald took a deep breath and tried to calmly sketch a smile and asked, "I remember you said earlier that you like magical creatures. Don't you mean that…?"

"Yes. Not only magical creatures, I like all animals."

Elena nodded quickly and added a very serious sentence, "The ones you have to take care of."


Once again, he received a positive response from Elena, and after confirming several times that the little mixed-race Meiwa did not mean anything to laugh, the shock on Grindelwald's face slowly faded, and his fingers thoughtfully tapped Elena's "Where Are the Magical Creatures" desk, and a sudden enlightenment gradually emerged in his eyes, and a touch of joy.

If Grindelwald was not mistaken, not even Dumbledore, for the moment, should have realized that Elena Caslana and Newt Scamander are actually two opposite types of people, although both seem to have the same point of interest.

That said, with proper guidance and assistance, even if you are in the Neumungaard Castle in Austria, Grindelwald can find ways to add something extra to the fun of those old friends.

Thinking of this, Grindelwald pursed his lips, cleared his throat, and responded very seriously.

"I believe it should be edible... As for the taste and cooking method, this area is temporarily in a relatively blank area in the magical world. You may need to find a way to explore it yourself."

Grindelwald stared at this cute white ball. In a sense, the girl in front of him might be more similar to Grindelwald in certain aspects.

You just need to see how much influence this little mixed-race Meiwa can have, and what it desires, lacks, and thinks.

"Huh? Even though you and Mr. Newt Scamander haven't studied it yet?"

Elena put her hands on her face, with a touch of disappointment on her face. She thought this part of the information was supposed to be unseen.

"After all, as the most dangerous magical creature, the giant eight-eyed spider is extremely dangerous even for wizards. Besides, it's a spider! I think many people just hearing the word spider, it doesn't make them hungry."

Grindelwald shrugged, his eyes involuntarily meeting Elena's face.

This was actually his confusion. According to his knowledge, apart from a small group of barbaric African wizards, they still retain the habit of eating insects. Spiders are not present in the recipes of most civilized societies.

"The name is nothing more than the symbol named by the first discoverer, and it doesn't have much influence."

Elena waved her hand in disapproval and answered without hesitation.

"It's as if termites were called cockroaches. If you think giant eight-eyed spider doesn't sound good, you can call it hairy land crab with eight eyes, or giant jungle soft crab."


Grindelwald lightly pursed his lips, seeing her casually changing the name of an animal. Obviously, Elena definitely wasn't doing this for the first time, not to mention that after such a change, it seemed to sound a bit... appetizing?

"Even if the name changes, the danger of the giant eight-eyed spider has not decreased at all. You must know that all magical creatures defined by the International Confederation of Wizards as the highest danger level species must have been the species that have preceded the killing of wizards."

Grindelwald shook his head and quickly pushed the strange thoughts from his mind. He was just guiding Elena, not actually trying to test the supposed spider.

Upon hearing the old wizard's words, Elena triumphantly smiled, drew her wand, and stabbed it into the illustration of the giant eight-eyed spider in the book, without fear or dread on her face.

"We are human wizards. Isn't it the most basic instinct that has flowed in the bloodline since ancient times to use spells and magical tools to hunt dangerous creatures?"

If enough medicinal and edible value can be confirmed, the degree of danger is not so important.

After all, not even the fiercest dragon species [Hungarian tree bee] is being driven to the brink of extinction by poachers due to its valuable dragon blood and nerve fibers, and the [Chinese fireball dragon] has become the only remaining dragon species in the East.

After glancing at Grindelwald, who had just finished the hot soup, Elena maliciously smiled and subconsciously licked her lips, adding, "Not to mention, logically speaking, spider meat is quite delicious already."

"Wait, have you really not eaten spiders?" Grindelwald's face turned a little blue, and he realized the topic seemed to be starting to veer back into a strange direction.

"The giant eight-eyed spider has not been eaten yet, but the common spider has been tasted." Elena pressed her index finger to her lips and looked up at the ceiling, recalling the fried spider she had eaten in her previous life, and swallowed. Swallowing, she said:

"The spiders are usually fried quite frequently. They taste more like chicken and cod. The abdomen, head, and legs are filled with tender white meat rich in protein. After removing the venomous glands and shell, they are coated with monosodium glutamate, granulated sugar, salt, minced garlic, fried in oil until crispy, the flavor is distinctive inside and out, the appearance is crispy…"

"Ahem, ahem! Halt right there!"

Grindelwald put his right fist beside his mouth and coughed loudly, interrupting Elena's description. Damn, he had just finished breakfast and now he was listening about ravenous spiders.

"Regarding how to cook magical creatures and how they taste, I can't help you, you can only study it on your own in the future. But…"

Grindelwald paused and looked at the drooling white-haired gnome in front of him, with a doubtful expression on his face.

"But what?" Elena blinked, tilting her head to look at Grindelwald with a confused voice, not understanding what the old man meant.

Never mind, anyway, even if the girl goes on to harm the world in the future, it is better than fluttering around the castle now.

Grindelwald clenched his teeth, his heart crossed, raised his fingers, and said seriously.

"However, I can tell you the habits, weaknesses, and combat styles of most magical creatures, and if you can guarantee that in the coming days you will no longer actively learn new spells, I can even consider ways to have Albus take you to study more with Newt Scamander during the next holidays, this small favor, Albus will not refuse me."

"Eh? Hmm... Alright! No problem! A word!"

Upon hearing Grindelwald's words, Elena was stunned for a moment, then recovered and nodded frantically.

After all, she had gotten up early in the morning to make the spicy soup for the first generation of the Dark Lord Demon King. Food is truly the most powerful entity to attract relationships among people!