Chapter 181 Consecutive Accidents

"Tomorrow is the last day."

Gellert Grindelwald turned his head and looked at the closed main door of the dormitory. After the soft sounds of the girl's sleep came from inside, he got up from the bed on the floor and waved his wand. He silently removed the plank blocking the room's door and headed towards the tower.

At Elena's insistence, the old man's clothes were changed, cleaned, and hung by the fireplace. Thus, Grindelwald had to temporarily cover himself with a wizard's robe from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Due to the girl's diminutive size, the original wizard robe fit the tall and slim Grindelwald as if he was wearing a slightly shrunken black robe.

With the faint starlight, the old wizard returned to the former "cell," a bit of starlight reflected from the hole caused by Elena's spell, and the stones on the floor remained just as they were when they left. Nothing had changed.

The cold wind blew in from the cave's middle at midnight, and Grindelwald, who ascended to the top of the tower in one breath, was shaken by the cold wind. He couldn't help but remember the past days, him and the cute and attention-grabbing little mix of clips cohabiting.

Apart from the chaotic and colorful first day, the time that elapsed after that was generally calm and safe. Common enemies and unanimous calls were always the easiest reason to resolve disputes.

Since a generation and another generation came to a consensus in the field of magical animals, Grindelwald really didn't keep any secrets and taught all the habits and coping styles about magical animals he knew. Linna also kept her promise and did not take the initiative to learn new magic, except for a cleaning spell; after all, it was too bothersome to wash clothes and clean dishes.

The magical traps that Dumbledore originally left in Elena's residence and planned to instigate the girls to learn, were reduced to being used as accessories for the girls to practice explosive spells. Under the guidance of the experienced Gellert Grindelwald, they were completely destroyed in less than a day.

Living under the same roof, the sources of various ingredients used by Elena to prepare three meals a day could not escape Grindelwald's sight. However, in the face of tempting rich and delicious food, Grindelwald, who was a bit unusual, did not show prolonged resistance.

After a brief change of thought, once he accepted Elena's new arrangement, a little gluttonous monster, Grindelwald's cohabitation mode with the girls gradually became harmonious. As long as it came to eating, everything was taken care of by Ai Linna, he only made occasional requests for taste.

The vine sprouts twisted around the walls and the window holes were almost completely consumed, and the spring that once spread throughout the castle was also lost in Newmongard Castle. After tasting a crunchy termite, the termite kingdom in the closet room on the fourth floor also provided a large amount of nutritious and protein-rich "rentals." For these large quantities of small creatures, even if they want to escape, it's a luxury.

As for the basic materials for the potions left by Albus Dumbledore in his box, they were also used to the extreme.

After all, since they can be used as basic material for simple potion preparation, in theory, they should belong to an edible being after a certain treatment, and to the little first-year wizards who are being exposed to magic for the first time, most basic materials are not too complicated to process.

As their relationship became more harmonious, Grindelwald sometimes even took the initiative to stand in front of the kitchen workbench, take a kitchen knife, and teach Elena about potions and herbology. Some magical animals naturally became teaching aids.

With Grindelwald's individual teaching, in addition to the foundation for knife work from Elena, and a little chilling enthusiasm from the first Dark Lord, the half-breed little girl showed talents far beyond magical learning in [Magical Medicine], [Herbology], [Magical Zoology].

Spicy lionfish powder soup, roasted bat wings, winter bell mushroom bacon soup, fried crow eggs with vine sprouts, sour and sweet giant faded snail meat, fried bat liver, parasitic berry buns, sautéed wicker, termite puff pastry, hoklap sauce potato salad, fried warthog boar skin, steamed hairy crab, sweet and sour fire lizard blood soup, cabbage and bacon stew with poppy shell...

In just five days, Elena almost mastered the first-year curriculum content of Hogwarts School, classified all the plants and animals that could be involved in the learning process, labelling and seamlessly integrating them into a variety of imaginative dishes, except for stone dung, of course, which was fuel for the fireplace.

Grindelwald had to admit that in the past few days, he was helping out with Dumbledore's kids. However, more and more, Elena is actively taking care of him.

In addition to learning magic, whether it's eating or living, or searching for ingredients in the castle, Elena has shown tenacity and precocity that do not match her delicate appearance. Obviously, the girl's experience in the orphanage has played a particularly significant role.

After having a warm and soft bed, and three rich and regular meals a day, Grindelwald could clearly feel that his old and dry body was regaining vitality.

Color was gradually appearing on his dry and yellowish face. The whole person was much more energetic than before, and the strength, reaction speed, and magical ability of his limbs had also been quite restored. If such a conditioning time can last from half a year to a year, Grindelwald felt that he could regain at least 3-4% of his maximum strength.


"According to the previous agreement, it is estimated that around 9 in the morning tomorrow, Albus should come to pick up this fluffy white ball back to Hogwarts Castle to continue school. It's okay, I can rest every day."

Grindelwald returned, shook his head with a complex expression, and due to his character, he would not show any ugly disappointment in front of Elena, at most, there was a slight sigh in his heart. Frankly, it's enough to have spent some very happy days.

Bending down, Grindelwald rummaged through the hard wooden bed for a while and pulled out a small iron box.

Upon opening the tin box, the top layer was covered with a stack of colorful candies, which made Grindelwald stay a little longer for a few seconds. Then, the old man solemnly took out a small accessory from inside and placed it in his arms. Without looking back, he turned and went down the stairs.

"This is just a farewell gift for the little one. When Albus comes to pick her up, it's the money for the last few days."


However, the next morning, Dumbledore arrived late.

Just a letter, from an unknown author and it was unclear when it appeared, was silently placed on the room's door.

——[Sometimes temporarily, I will pick you up later. Albus]

Of course, the old mute guardians who should return should not appear.

And even worse...


Elena put down the bowl in her hand and looked up at Grindelwald, who was sitting on the other side of the table and gently covering his stomach, with a painful expression on his face.

"What's wrong with you? Does it not matter?"

The girl frowned anxiously and couldn't help but ask for the third time: this was the third retching sound made by the early Dark Lord this morning. He did it specifically. The old man loves the spicy Hu broth that has barely changed, you know, this has never happened before.

"It doesn't matter, maybe it's just... vomit..."

Grindelwald laughed and gestured to Elena, before he finished, his face suddenly changed, and he vomited all the breakfast he had eaten earlier.

The whole room was filled with a sour smell.