Chapter 182 "indeed, You Are Poisoned!"

"Clean up a new ()"

Elena frowned, took out her wand, and waved it gently, and the pile of vomit on the table disappeared instantly.

The beginning of the cleaning spell is not difficult to understand, but it is not easy to cast, especially for Elena, who likes to perfect things. A unique successful situation, under normal circumstances, would have definitely made her happy and content, at least for a while.

However, at this moment, Elena had neither the mood nor the leisure to revel in the success of casting a complex spell, and her attention had shifted to the ailing elderly wizard.

Vomiting is a human body's protective mechanism in stress situations.

In general, if it is a case of food poisoning, stomach nausea, or acute gastroenteritis, after unconsciously vomiting, the body should experience temporary relief.

However, Grindelwald's condition was evidently worse at that moment. Elena observed as the old man's face began to pale, his lips trembled slightly, his abdomen and throat twisted violently, and his eyes occasionally flickered.

Fortunately, having experienced a serious accident and facing this unexpected situation again, Elena's mindset was much calmer and more rational than before, not to mention that Grindelwald was still conscious.



Along with two similar magical rune chanting sounds, a large group and a small one emitted a soft, warm white light almost at the same time. The powerful Nunzi spell left by the ancient wizards is an immediate and arrogant form, producing a direct healing effect.

"What just happened?"

After glancing at Grindelwald, who seemed to be recovering, Elena frowned and asked in confusion.

If not for the same food they consumed three times a day, Elena would even wonder if it was food poisoning.

Saying this, Elena reached out and felt Grindelwald's forehead, not finding any fever, which practically ruled out most known acute illnesses caused by gastrointestinal problems.

"I'm not sure, but this is not the first time, it has happened before. It's just that this time it's worse."

Grindelwald loosened his right hand on his belly, wiped the corners of his mouth, and shook his head.

Time is one of the most potent poisons. As he aged, Gellert Grindelwald clearly noticed the changes, becoming more prone to thirst, irritability, and fatigue. The frequency also began to increase.

"Really? Don't worry..."

Elena casually raised her eyebrows, pondered for a moment, stood up, took the bowl of spicy soup in front of Grindelwald, and brought it to the kitchen worktable.

"Anyway, the spicy soup is no longer suitable for consumption. I will prepare a **** syrup for your stomach."

It was already the last day, and the two had no learning plans. In general, they just had to wait for Dumbledore, so they had plenty of time.

Grindelwald looked at the back of the small silver-haired wizard and nodded with a smile.

"Alright, just organize it... um!"

Um... vomit!

Before Grindelwald finished speaking, another strong wave of nausea spread through his body.

Immediately after, Grindelwald felt even more severe abdominal cramps than he had experienced a few seconds ago. The elderly man instinctively doubled over, frowned, and his face reflected pain.


The elderly man had expelled all the food he had previously eaten, but now he was only expelling a little yellowish water, with his mouth full of bitter bile and gastric juice under strong stimulation. He shook his head.


A small hand was quickly placed between Grindelwald's chest and abdomen. With the magical light shining, Grindelwald's pain quickly eased. According to the weak vibration of her palm, Elena could feel Grindelwald's heartbeat speeding up, his breathing becoming rapid and heavy, and at the same time, an inexplicable sour apple odor emanated from the elderly man.

Wait, this can't be...

Elena carefully observed the slender first Dark Lord, recalling the details of her interaction with Grindelwald in the last few days, and couldn't help frowning, with bad assumptions crossing her mind.

"Oh, this time I have a lot of trouble, it's much worse than what I've experienced before."

Grindelwald wiped the corners of his mouth, raised his eyebrows, and said with a rather unexpected tone, showing a trace of insolent loneliness and dignity on his face. Was he really aging?

As the healing magic faded away, Grindelwald felt discomfort again, and a subtle pain and dizziness constantly beset him, forcing him to focus much of his energy on guiding the magical treatment, not noticing the displeased look of the silver-haired witch in front of him.

"This is not just a stomach ache..."

Elena's expression had never been so serious. She looked deeply into Grindelwald's face, perceived the scent of ketones similar to the smell of rotten apples in the old man's breath, and her face grew darker. "If I'm right, do you have acute diabetic ketoacidosis?"

"Damn it! Has anyone ever told you that you have diabetes?"

Because family members had experienced exactly the same situation in her previous life, after comparing symptoms, she had at least 70% confidence in her assumption.

"Acute... what? Suffering from... what are you saying?" Grindelwald frowned, with a somewhat puzzled expression.

Although she could sense from the tone and manner of the silver-haired witch that things did not look good, to be honest, in the paragraph Elena had just spoken, he did not understand at least four or five words.

"Diabetes (mellitus), a disease caused by defective insulin secretion or impaired biological action, is not a joke. Acute diabetic ketoacidosis... Forget it, let's just say you wouldn't understand either."

Looking at the increasingly confused first-generation Dark Lord, Elena tugged at her hair in irritation and weakly waved her hands, not to mention the medical terminology, let alone the wizarding world like Grindelwald. Especially in this era, not even people in the non-magical world can comprehend.

Elena gave herself a slap on the cheek, took a deep breath, tried to calm down, looked at Grindelwald, and carefully said in a few words.

"In short, you are sick and poisoned. Do you understand? The lethal kind."

Grindelwald nodded incomprehensibly, then jerked his head up violently, his face full of anger, a flash of pain and disbelief in his eyes.

"What?! Did you really poison your food?!"


Elena slammed the table with irritation—everyone said it was a complication caused by diabetes and an illness! Please listen carefully!"

I was almost going crazy!

Is it time to worry about poisoning or illness?!

How backward the spread of medical knowledge is in the magical world!