Chapter 184 The Cruelest Calm

"A highly astute enchantment, reminiscent of the favored ploys employed by fairies before the widespread popularity of magical contracts: uncomplicated, cloaked, and efficacious."

Gellert Grindelwald took the parchment and bounced it thoughtfully in his hand.

Though he could vaguely sense that Dumbledore's spell on the parchment was a variant of some kind of goblin magic, that was all. Not to mention reproducing magical effects. Even deciphering it requires some thought. Unconsciously, has Albus reached such heights in the field of magic?

After a brief absence of a few seconds, Grindelwald regained his composure and waved the parchment in Elena's hand, shrugging with an expression of helplessness.

"It seems that something extraordinary has occurred outside the castle. In my estimation, Albus is not the kind of person to change his plans frequently."

To be precise, in Grindelwald's estimation, Dumbledore's life always seemed to have a rhythmic rhythm: in the past few decades, only a few accidents and exceptions, mostly due to his own rationale.

"I am not sure what is happening outside, I only know that you could be dying. Take it!"

Upon witnessing the change in attitude, Elena's face turned completely cold. There was no hint of a smile on her delicate face. A grumbling Grindelwald took the parchment and crumpled it, actively brandishing his black walnut wand towards the elder.

"You mentioned knowing three or four simple spells! Use them quickly. The wand is for you."

So far, this slow-reacting elder seemed to be oblivious to the gravity of the whole situation.

Like the ancient Rune of the Ancients, the reason why the magical word "ur" can be the cornerstone of most healing spells is because it is essentially a recovery and vitality-activating.

The limitless immune and restorative superpower brought about by the magical text can theoretically be considered a kind of "universal" healing magic.

However, omnipotence does not mean absolute power.

When the pathogenesis comes from one's own flaws, rather than external factors, for example, acute diabetic ketoacidosis caused by insulin deficiency in the body, the role of the mysterious magical script "ur" may start to wane.

To be more precise, if Elena's speculation is correct, in this case, using vitality magical words for treatment is actually akin to adding fuel to the fire:

Under the influence of magic, the cells will exhibit extremely high activity. Correspondingly, the formation of ketone bodies will be even more vigorous. Once the magical suppression ceases, Grindelwald, whose blood ketone concentration is severely exceeded, might not even have time to be rescued.

"This wand, um..."

After Grindelwald took the wand, his wrist unconsciously trembled, he furrowed his brow and gasped in surprise.

After a short pause of half a second, Grindelwald suddenly looked at the little silver-haired witch leaning in front of him, and the elder's furrowed brow slowly eased, and he solemnly returned the wand to the girl, smiling in relief, a glimmer of aid shining in his eyes.

"You said you did before, I really can't use your wand."


Elena looked at the wand that had returned to her hand for less than ten seconds, and then quickly responded. She eagerly reached out to grab the elder's palm while pulling out another wand from her pocket, attempting to return both wands together.

"You're trying, try it! It can really release magic. I have two here, if it's you, it will be fine…"

"No, once and a hundred times, the result is the same."

Grindelwald gazed at the shimmering silver hair of the girl and shook his head with a smile, "Let me guess, should the core of these two wands use your hair? Truly two lovely wands."

Even if Grindelwald has not touched the wand for decades, the memory has not faded. From the first moment he touched Elena's wand, Grindelwald's magic has been eager to burst out. Flowing with the tips of his fingers, then the wand "spat" all its magical power back.

To Grindelwald, who has a keen sense of magic, the entire wand exudes a resistance that cannot be more obvious, as if there is a youthful puppy with open teeth and claws in it. Capricious bites of white hair trumpet.

"Go get a potion flask, if possible, I want to try to preserve some memories and then give them to Albus, he knows how to use them." Grindelwald thought for a moment, looked into Elena's eyes, and said very seriously.

"Wait, what do you mean?"

Elena stood up abruptly, tightly gripping her wand, holding back the urge to punch the calm and smiling elder in front of her, pointing to herself and shouting in an almost roaring voice.

"Even if you can't cast a spell, you can teach me! They are just a few simple spells, you know, I am very talented at learning magic."

"You can't learn, in fact, you are very clear in your heart, as if you still cannot master the unlocking spell."

Grindelwald calmly looked at the girl in front of him and shook his head. "It is always harder to deceive oneself, not to mention that all these are complex spells that only intermediate therapists can master. You simply can't handle me… Well, is diabetic ketoacidosis considered a stomachache in my heart?"

"I…" Elena's lips moved, her expression darkened.

For the first time in her life, she felt the shackles of the scientific theory she was proud of, and the helplessness she faced with magic.

"So, instead of making an ugly and fearless struggle, would you tell me more about that diabetic ketoacidosis? At least let me know what visitors I might receive when I stop using magic in my hand."

Grindelwald extended his left hand, caressed Elena's head and smiled carelessly.

Grindelwald, who has thoroughly studied the sacred weapon of death, is not so afraid of death. When death is inevitable, maintaining the highest degree of calmness is the best response to the threat of death.

Although there are many regrets, overall, such an outcome is at least far better than a person dying alone in their sleep.

"The diabetic ketoacidosis is divided into three levels, and what is happening to you is severe ketoacidosis."

"It's just that ~ ~ So far, due to the inhibitory effect and the recovery effect of the activity produced by the magical text ur, all the negative reactions of the body have been forcibly temporarily hidden."

"Once the magic stops, the high level of accumulated blood ketones in your body will first suppress your respiratory center and cause respiratory paralysis. Then, dehydration will occur shortly, leading you to fall into a coma. During the process, along with circulatory failure, the blood pressure and body temperature will continue to decrease."

"In the end, you will die."


A tear fell onto Elena's clenched fist on her knee.

Elena took a deep breath and looked down at her fist, trying not to look at Grindelwald's face, to avoid crying out loud, although Grindelwald didn't blame her at all, but the girl knew clearly that this should not have happened at all, if it weren't for her.