Chapter 185 ~~~ Gifts And Hope In The First Line. ~~~

"Sounds good, at least it's not uncomfortable."

~~~ After carefully listening to Elena's description, Grindelwald nodded slowly after being silent for a moment.

~~~ Birth, illness, and death, this is a natural law to which no creature can resist. Even if one has mastered the magical stone and has a "near" eternal life, Nicole May cannot prevent her own body from aging.

~~~ Indeed, Grindelwald does not fear death. In the long time of solitude, he imagined many scenes about the visit of death, and today this calm situation is undoubtedly one of the most ideal ways to bid farewell.

~~~ "I'm sorry..."

~~~ Elena bit her lip hard, keeping her head lowered, the girl's steps sounding as clear as they had ever been, in the past and present.

~~~ "There is nothing to apologize for, as you said, this, uh... diabetes is not an overnight illness. It is a long process, long enough that it may be well before you were born."

~~~ Grindelwald shook his head disapprovingly. As a young wizard instructed in the magical world, it was not difficult for him to accept and understand some of the theoretical medical results of Muggles from Elena's mouth.

~~~ "Look at me, I am not so weak as to die at a glance."

~~~ After glancing at Elena, Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and lightly stroked the girl's trembling shoulders. "Listen, in this world, people are dying at every moment, death is hardly uncommon. As a wizard, learning to face death early is not a bad thing."

~~~ "Actually, is this just a show that you and Dumbledore have together to try to temper me? In fact, you won't be fine, will you? Is Dumbledore really watching us, right?"

~~~ Elena raised her head, with slightly red and swollen eyes, asked with some resistance, a hint of hope in her tone.

~~~ "Unfortunately."

~~~ Grindelwald gazed at the eyes in front of him, swollen like a rabbit, with an unreal hope in her eyes. After a moment of silence, he shook his head calmly.

~~~ "It's okay. In fact, I can also tell you that when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will find that it has all been just a dream, the world remains beautiful, I am very healthy, you will return to Hogwarts to continue studying, all the usual routine will return... But, you know it doesn't make much sense, right?"

~~~ "Actually..." Elena's eyes darkened.

~~~ "My magical power can still last for eleven hours, almost enough to get through today."

~~~ Grindelwald reached out and stroked the girl's hair, interrupting Elena before she could arrange it, and looked seriously into the girl's blue eyes. "But... tonight, let me return to the tower alone. I have thought about it, or the previous room is more comfortable to sleep in. When you leave tomorrow, be quiet, do not disturb me."

~~~ "What are you talking about, the room upstairs is not..."

~~~ Hearing Grindelwald's voice, Elena frowned sharply, preparing to point out the excuse the old man had overlooked. Suddenly, in the smiling eyes of the old wizard, she saw a plea she had never seen before. In the throat.

~~~ "Okay, understood."

~~~ Elena's face changed several times, her lips turned into a sigh in her heart, and in the end, she said nothing, just nodded and accepted, her chest felt as if it had suddenly been blocked, so oppressive and frightened.

~~~ "It's okay, don't say that."

~~~ After receiving Elena's promise, Grindelwald's expression relaxed, he waved his hand and suddenly digressed, saying, "If I remember correctly, is your birthday in ten days?"

~~~ "Well, on September 25th." Elena nodded and looked at the old man with confusion.

~~~ "I have a gift for you. I was going to wait for Albus to come pick you up, but it seems I'll have to advance it a bit."

~~~ Grindelwald smiled slightly and pulled out a delicately crafted necklace from the inside pocket of his robe with his right hand. The pendant's design consisted of a triangle, a circle, and a vertical line. It seemed to be made of some unknown metal. The fire dancing from the fireplace shone faintly.

~~~ "This is a small thing I made when I was young. It's a magical accessory with a little iron armor spell, which can help you automatically resist one or two simple spells, if they are from your schoolmates, it may take five to ten to break them."

~~~ "Furthermore..."

~~~ Grindelwald paused, his thumb passing over the pattern, and his expression was a bit complicated, "This is also the logo I used to use, the famous Dark Lord's logo in the magical world, so it's better not to show it often in front of people."

~~~ "Okay, I understand."

~~~ Elena nodded and took the necklace from the old man's hands, solemnly placing it around her neck.

~~~ The pendant against the skin did not have the cold sensation imagined, but rather a slightly rough feeling like wood and stone. A whimsical spell spun in the center of the pendant and seemed to be waiting to be activated at any moment.

~~~ "But you don't have to be too nervous, and there probably aren't many people who know this symbol."

~~~ Grindelwald looked at Elena and smiled, "After all, my time has long passed, even the youngest wizard of the year is now at least sixty years old. And compared to this symbol, I guess Voldemort's unsatisfactory snake and bone marks seem more terrifying. Maybe I should also add bones or animals..."

~~~ As he spoke, Grindelwald shook his head in disgust, and now the wizard is much worse than he was in his time.

~~~ Ignoring the joke that the old man was not funny, Elena asked frowningly at the pendant on her chest.

~~~ "Is there really no other way? Think it over again, how about contacting Dumbledore or even the European Ministry of Magic?"

~~~ Although she promised the old wizard not to bring up this matter again, Elena still felt a bit reluctant after all.

"No. To prevent external wizards from entering, the Newmongarde Castle has isolated all external communication channels."

Gellert Grindelwald shook his head, looked around the castle's stone walls, and spread his hands.

"The entire castle was cast with an unmarkable curse, a ghost displacement curse or ghost displacement, a muggle expulsion curse... and a series of deep spells, which completely eliminated it from the cognition of most people."

"Even after a saint attempted to break into the castle, the actual coordinates of the entire castle were hidden at the core by Dumbledore using a bold loyal mantra. Unless Albus takes the initiative to reveal the address in person, no one in the entire magical world will be able to find this castle built in the Alps until death."

"So... no one will come."

After that, Gellert Grindelwald stood up and took the initiative to conclude the topic, reaching out to Elena with a smile.

"Speaking of which, for so many days, I haven't taken you to visit this castle. As it's still early today, you can accompany me around the castle. You can turn around... I can only tell you something, UU. Reading at, the professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will not tell you the secrets of the magical world."

With only one day left, Grindelwald naturally did not want to continue sitting in the room.

Except for helping Elena up to the fourth floor to catch termites a few days ago, he had forgotten when was the last time he walked in Newmongadri.

"What's with you? Why are you still in a daze?"

After a while, Grindelwald looked up confused and shrugged helplessly. "Could you have a better idea?"

Not far from the old man, he saw Elena frowning and her index finger gently biting into her mouth. Her dark eyes gradually lit up, and she muttered unconsciously.

"Austria... Alps... Austria... Alps..."