Chapter 186 When The Grim Reaper Visits, It Must Be

Austria ... Alps...

Of course, Austria is located in the Alps, which is a very common geographical knowledge.

First aid for diabetes ... insulin...

In the late 19th century, did two Austrian and German scholars discover insulin? No, that's not the case. We are in 1991.

Newmontgarde... isolated from the world... Grindelwald fell... Dumbledore...

These messages were becoming too familiar and not helpful. Those are stories from decades ago.

A valiant mantra of faith?

This is a new message, but it seems to have little meaning, except to make things worse.

Innumerable memories and images intertwined, clashed, and tangled in Elena's mind; all the scenes, sounds, and faces experienced by the two worlds appeared and disappeared like smoke, and then disappeared; then reappeared; and the huge flow of information made Elena's face look somewhat pained. She felt dizzy and nauseous...

In the deepest part of the riverbed in the young girl's memory, there seemed to be a small piece of debris that faintly glowed.

"What is it, think! Remember a little deeper!"

Elena frowned in pain, raised her hand to her clean forehead, tried to grasp the faint light in her mind firmly, tried to connect all the fragmented information and find the one right path from it.

"Don't be dazed, relax."

Just as her fingers were about to touch the debris in the riverbed of her memory, Elena felt someone grabbing her shoulders and shaking her, Gellert Grindelwald's voice reached her ears, soft. The sand in the riverbed rolled, and the muddy river covered the faint light.


Elena anxiously extended her five fingers, futilely trying to grasp the light, and then felt the "body" beginning to float uncontrollably upwards.

Gasp. Puf... Puff...

Elena suddenly opened her eyes and gasped violently with her mouth wide open as if she had just been pulled out of deep water.

Her numb eyes slowly focused, the old face of Grindelwald reappeared in front of her, full of concern and confusion.

"Are you okay? Why does your face look worse than mine?"

Grindelwald asked softly, extending his hand and pressing Elena's forehead, with a cold sweat on his fingertips.

"It's almost... I can figure out how to save you." Elena fiercely shouted from Grindelwald's finger. She couldn't control herself, and the strong dizziness almost made her uncomfortably nauseous.

"So, you haven't stopped thinking about this? That's not like you."

Grindelwald sighed helplessly, and his eyes rested on Elena's face, with a certain disappointment in his tone. "This kind of emotional waste of time, those beautiful dreams on your lips will never come true."

He thought Elena Caslana could be more rational and cold.

After all, when they first met, the little girl once showed her great vision and indifferent chess player's thinking about "the deduction of the war between the magical world and the non-magical world".

"You are a fool, what do you know! My dream is that none of you die! Can that be the same as one's own mouth and choice of place? If you don't find a way, you'll be dead tonight, do you know!"

Elena responded incoherently, clenching her fists and pounding them on Grindelwald's chest.

Perhaps for Gellert Grindelwald, who has lived for over 100 years, death is the same as birth, just a necessary path in life, but for Elena, who has just started her whole life, in the face of such frank death, she really can't do it at all.


Grindelwald frowned, his expression changed and suddenly softened. He quietly extended his left hand to embrace the girl in his arms, and let the tears wet the clothes on his chest. "Listen, you're only ten years old. How, I, Albus, and most of the people you know will inevitably go to death before you."

Elena trembled slightly, as if trying to free herself from the old man's arm, but her body softened.

"Frankly, even though you are very noisy and stubborn, the cooking is, in fact, the best I have seen. These five days have been my forty years, oh no, perhaps the happiest in over a hundred years. To be able to easily dispose of the last time, for me, there is no better gift than this."

Elena remained silent and continued to cry silently on Grindelwald's chest.

The tacit understanding between people is wonderful, some people may not be friends for decades, and some people only need a few words and a few eyes to recognize each other. Elena and Grindelwald belong to the latter, even if one is the old Dark wizard, and the other is the energetic half-blood girl.

Grindelwald patted Elena's back, let her go, crouched down, looked carefully at the swollen eyes of the little witch, and said softly, "Don't forget, according to the agreement, before Albus comes, you must seriously obey my class schedule."

"And the requirement of today's lesson is not to cry, not to think too much, and then to listen to me silently telling stories."

"Mmm." Elena forcefully blew her nose and nodded slightly.

"As for the content of the story..."

Grindelwald paused for a moment, looked at the pendant with the symbol of the vertical triangle eye hanging from Elena's neck, and after a moment of thought, continued, "In this case, I will tell you a story about the Deathly Hallows. It is a legend that very few wizards know and hides behind this symbol."

Although from Grindelwald's point of view, many of Dumbledore's opinions are not persuasive, there is something he already agrees with: knowledge can only be significant if it can endure, and taking wisdom to the grave is a kind of great waste; of course, Grindelwald still maintains that it is better to waste than to pass on knowledge to fools.

"Wait, actually I know this."

Elena shook her head and whispered her response as she gently rubbed her eyes.

"The Deathly Hallows, chronicled in the tale of the three brothers in 'The Tale of the Three Brothers.' The Reaper and the three brothers made a deal, the eldest obtained the elder wand, the second obtained the resurrection stone, and the third received the invisibility cloak. The legend goes that if these three are united, the possessor shall become the master of death."

"Not quite. Nobody can truly master death. You have to learn to envision the true story behind the tale. It's nothing more than a metaphor to highlight the powerful nature of the three magical objects. Death isn't a tangible figure that exists around everybody, but most people only realize this after taking that step."

Grindelwald shook his head with a smile, already surprised by Elena's occasional knowledge. "No one has truly conquered death, not even the eldest of the three brothers, the one with the longest life, much like myself, greeted Death as an old friend and then calmly said to her..."

"Today is not the time," Elena suddenly interrupted, and the light in the girl's eyes gradually returned as she straightened.

"I'm sorry, I may not have the time to listen to your story..."

Yes, it has always existed, but it has been hidden.

Why can't any signs of human activity be seen around here? Grindelwald dislikes muggles, it's as simple as that.

"Eh?" Grindelwald frowned.

Elena said as she glanced sideways at the high snow-capped mountain outside the window.

In the imposing white snowy mountains, the lush vegetation shows a clear difference in scattered distribution, which is the most effective indicator of direction and climate, naturally formed by nature over a long period of time.

"I have been pondering why there is still such a strong wind outside Newmontgarde Castle surrounded by snowy mountains."

"Since then, I have been curious to know the true geographical location of Newmontgarde Castle."

"If this is the case, it means that behind the invisible castle, there is likely an open plain without obstructions, but there is no such terrain in Austria, located in the Alps, unless it is another country."

"Newmontgarde Castle was built before you lost power, whether it is decorated or built in a pure traditional Bavarian style. Moreover, you don't need to establish a base camp in an unfamiliar country, unless previously, this place was originally Your home."

"And in Austria, there is only one that meets this condition. That is the pass on the border between Germany and Austria. It started in 1810 and ended in 1945. It has always belonged to Salzburg, Bavaria, Germany. It is also the timeframe in which you grew up."

"Pause for a moment."

Grindelwald rubbed his brows with a headache, looked at Elena uncertainly, and spread his hands. "So, what do you mean? Even if you know where Newmontgarde Castle was built, what good does it do?"

"It didn't amount to much. However, I just remembered the name of the opposite snow mountain, Untersberg. Fortunately, this snow mountain is only about five kilometers from the center of Salzburg."

The light in Elena's eyes became increasingly bright, she approached the window, took a deep breath, opened her fingers, and compared, "Just by converting the distance, you can estimate that from Gard Castle to Salzburg, the actual distance will never exceed 20 kilometers."

Once in Salzburg, the troubles that plagued the two were no longer dreadful.

As the oldest city in Austria and the fourth largest, it is not too difficult to find a hospital with medicinal insulin that can treat diabetic ketoacidosis. Not to mention, there is magic to help suppress and heal.

"Perhaps you are accustomed to calmly greeting death, but for me, when facing death, there is always only one phrase: Today is not the time."

The little silver-haired witch turned around and smiled at Grindelwald. "So, to live. Let's escape together."