Chapter 187 To Take The Grandfather To Survive In The W

"Prison break?"

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows nonchalantly and softly snorted, "So going to a Muggle therapist?"

"Yes. Whether magic or science, it's just one way humans solve problems. We just need to go to the center of Salzburg, which is the closest, and then find a hospital there for treatment. That'll be fine. If you don't like the term prison break, you can also opt for seeking medical attention or traveling in autumn."

Elena clapped her hands together and tilted her head quite cutely. She narrowed her eyes and thought for a moment, then added, "Of course, depending on the situation's development, it could become a prison."

After all, as we all know, the first step to helping a drowning person is usually to stun the rescued person. At this moment, Elena will not have the slightest kindness, and, much less, has already tested it beforehand.

Faced with the threatening remarks of the little silver-haired witch, Grindelwald blinked at the corner of his eyes; the little girl was truly welcomed.

"Easy, even though I chose to exile myself for some things, it didn't mean seeking death. But..."

Grindelwald shrugged, looked at Elena, then paused, and said,

"However, perhaps you have overlooked a very important place. Newmontgarde Castle is not a tourist destination for Muggles, nor will there be a road leading to Muggle cities. Before you get your result, have you thought about this process?"

"Of course, I have. There are two solutions to this."

Speaking of this, Elena nodded seriously and raised her index finger.

"The first one is the simplest. As far as I understand, Professor Dumbledore can perform a short-distance ghost shift without needing a casting wand. Should you be capable of it? Simply leave the scope of the magic prohibition of Newmontgarde Castle, even if the route bifurcates on multiple occasions, it's still very easy to reach Salzburg."

In the exploration of time and space, the magical world is far ahead of the non-magical world. Elena's shrewd intelligence and natural beauty naturally would not overlook the iconic magic of wizard's "ghost shift".

Although according to common logic, a magic wand is required to cast the ghost shift, the masterful wizard evidently is not subject to this restriction, after all, this is originally a basic skill of a wizard. Many young wizards also unconsciously display similar magical effects during magical disturbances, such as suddenly appearing a few meters away to avoid wild dogs or some people.

"Ghost shift? This is not good. Tell me about the next plan."

Grindelwald looked at Elena and, after some hesitation, shook his head.

"Why?" Elena asked instinctively.

"You need to understand that the ghost shift follows the principle of the three Ds, which is Destination, Determination, Deliberation. That is, my consciousness and ideas must be clear throughout the magical process. If it's normal, of course, there's no problem. But right now..."

Grindelwald said aside, pointing helplessly between his chest and abdomen, exhaling, the man's right hand white and misty, "No one can cast other spells while ghost shifting, but once I stop using magic to suppress the concentration of ketones in the blood, a bad physical condition will definitely affect my consciousness."

"Not to mention I also have to bring you along, right?" Grindelwald smiled, shrugging to continue. "If the ghost shift fails, the body could separate. There won't be any surroundings. Reverse to the incident team to help manage it."

"So, what's the other plan? If it's Floo powder or flying broom, there's no need to say." Grindelwald slowly shook his head. "There are no such things in Newmontgard Castle."

"No, the second option is for us to walk to Salzburg," Elena replied.

"Wait, I remember saying before that Newmontgarde Castle was not built..." Grindelwald frowned.

"Did you know that there is a famous saying in the non-magical world: In fact, there is no road in this world, and it becomes a road when many people walk it. It is not important to build a road first, and after walking it, we will naturally have a road."

Elena waved her hand indifferently and stood up to look out the window. "When Professor Dumbledore brought me here, I had observed the surroundings. The mountain where Newmontgard Castle is located is not steep, and the surrounding area is mainly a traditional European forest area. It's not too much of a problem to cross it on foot."

Compared to the overgrown and muddy rainforest, Salzburg, in the Alps, is a refuge. In early autumn, most of the ground was covered with pine needles and soft deciduous leaf soil, and the trees and weeds generally were not too high. With a simple blasting spell, it was really simple to make a path.

"On foot," Grindelwald stood next to Elena and looked towards the snowy Untersberg outside the window. His cheeks couldn't help but contract. "You don't mean we would purely walk with our legs all the way to that mountain, do you?"

"Of course, you should get some exercise. After all, one of the reasons for your illness might be long-term lack of exercise. And our destination is Salzburg below the Unter peak. The main road should be downhill, based on my experience, at most, it will take six or seven hours."

As she spoke, Elena looked at the thin, seemingly motionless first Dark Lord, "Relax, if you can't move, I'll carry you back."

"I'm not weak enough to need a ten-year-old girl to carry me back," Grindelwald furrowed his brow and seemed displeased.

"It's for the best, we need to bring many things. I also hope you can help me share some of the pressure."

Elena looked at the old wizard like a cat whose tail was stepped on. She raised her eyebrows incomprehensibly and began to make her preparations while muttering softly under her breath; even though she said it easily, walking through it was never simple. It had been almost ten hours since they had gone through the virgin forest, and there were still some basic configurations left to prepare as best as possible.

Furthermore, everyone else is traveling with Master Bei, while she takes her grandfather along to survive in the wild. This difference is still very significant.

"Simply place fresh water and food in Dumbledore's gray suitcase."

"Warm clothing is undoubtedly necessary. I will naturally bring along a set of durable denim. As for Grandfather Grindelwald, I will first put on my Hogwarts robe. I have already worn it once anyway."

"Then, the most important thing that remains..."

The girl blinked and suddenly raised her head to look at Grindelwald, who was silently standing by and couldn't help at all.

"Oh, how's your sense of direction, old man? Can you distinguish between basic southeast and northwest?"

"Eh? You mean, just because I've gotten older, I'm not a fool who can't distinguish direction."

Grindelwald raised an eyebrow, snorted, and conveyed an obvious meaning that he didn't want to answer that silly question. In his opinion, the white ball of fur in front of him should have started with her daily provocations all over again.

Silly... Silly?

Inexplicably, Elena's lips suddenly twisted in her heart: You apologize for a lifetime with Luchi! Isn't it normal to be confused about direction?

After a pause or two, Elena calmly nodded, showing no emotion on her face, and said matter-of-factly.

"Alright, I'll describe the cardinal points a little for you, and then I'll let you identify the direction, after all, I'll never finish anything. Fair enough, right?"

"No problem at all."

Grindelwald nodded quite silently.

He truly is an innocent boy who clearly shows goodwill but can conceal it.

But... he's also the cutest girl he has ever met. Grindelwald looked Elena up and down, and his lips curved slightly.