Chapter 189 Chaos And Explosion

Salzburg can be broken down into Salz and Burg, the former meaning "salt" in German, the latter meaning "highlands." From 755 AD, it thrived due to the discovery of salt mines.

The entire city is located in the northern foothills of the Alps. It is constructed directly amidst many original hills. It is called an alpine castle and is an uncompromising mountainous city. The primary mode of transportation in the city is by walking.

Due to historical reasons, Salzburg, the fourth largest city in Austria, has a strong Bavarian style in terms of food, clothing, and linguistic customs, while the architectural style is a complex of pure and refined baroque buildings.

Salzburg, once the residence of successive archbishops (bishops and cardinals), is an ancient city with a strong religious atmosphere. Although the urban area is not large, there are a large number of historic monasteries, churches, and archbishop's gardens: the first baroque church in the northern Alpine region, Salzburg Cathedral, the first monastery in the German-speaking monastery, St. Peter's Abbey, and the world's oldest convent, the Nonnberg convent... all built here.

In addition to its religious importance, this city, with a current population of less than one hundred thousand inhabitants, although Elena traveled in her previous life, the small city with no more than 200,000 people is also known for its celebrities worldwide.

Whether it's the "musical genius" Mozart and the "emperor of conducting" Karajan who turned the city into the capital of music, or Herman Goering and Albert Spey who brought the city to the world's attention, as Seoul, Otto I, and even the famous physicist Christian Doppler... people will always be surprised to hear the name of the city from various fields.

However, this is not the era in which information is developed and social well-being is relatively excellent decades later.

Before the huge bear in the north that traversed the Eurasian continent collapsed, the economic development and social conditions of the entire European people, and even the entire capitalist countries, were deeply mired in a quagmire. Cuts in welfare and wages, skyrocketing prices, dark clouds of war... Under a series of bad news and the pressure of life, almost no one will be in the mood to travel.

This has led to the fact that the artistic and religious capital of Salzburg is now extremely desolate, and many young people choose to go out to work, and the residents who remain in the city in addition to the elderly, children, clergy, and large dogs, there are only a few employees in basic industries in hospitality, education, healthcare, and municipal administration.

The Salk Hospital is the oldest hospital in the urban area of Salzburg. It can also be said to be the only large hospital in the entire city.

The decline of the tourist industry caused by the global economic recession, along with the stable and comfortable urban environment of the city of Salzburg, makes the population of the Salk Hospital extremely scarce; the entire hospital environment is very quiet and comfortable, throughout the day, the number of patients served will not exceed fifty.

Therefore, the doctors at the Salk Hospital in Salzburg generally only need to think about two things, how to effectively treat patients, and how to enjoy life, and the latter sometimes can account for more than half of the day.

"Wow, do you know it's five in the afternoon?" Joe Anis, the chief doctor of the emergency department of the Salk Hospital, looked up at the wall clock. According to the normal working hours of the hospital, most doctors in other departments at this time, are either tidying up their office or already on their way home.

However, for emergency doctors who need a 7*24 hour shift rotation, the normal commuting schedule of the hospital doesn't make much sense to them. They use an independent shift schedule.

"A little hungry." Joe Anis slapped his stomach, looking helplessly out the window.

Although for Joe, his work has just begun less than half of the day, but this doesn't affect his stomach when food arrives to protest, especially when he didn't eat much for lunch today.

"Hey, dear Betty, can I trouble you for something?"

Joe thought for a moment, picked up the phone from the table, and dialed the call of the nurse on duty at the reception, Elson Bedrui, and said in a slightly flattering tone, "It's the same, two beef burgers, you know... I can't leave the hospital on duty today."

Compared to the chief doctors who must be on duty 24 hours a day, the nursing team with relatively sufficient staff is evidently more flexible. In addition to assisting in the treatment of patients, they often help doctors who cannot be absent.

"How many times have I told you not to call me Betty during working hours."

Elson Bedrui's angry voice came over the phone, "But I'm sorry, I guess for now it won't work, something happened here."

Through the phone line, Joe Anis vaguely heard the noise from the other side, and it seemed that a fierce dispute was taking place. One of them sounds like the voice of a young foreign girl, the other is the main voice of the iconic security guard Hans, and then mixed with the voices of other nurses.

"What happened?" Joe Anis frowned, unconsciously serious.

"It's not clear yet. I only know that there are two strange foreign tourists, one old and one young, who arrived outside the hospital. The old man is already in a coma. We are mainly communicating with the girl now. Identity information, not even the basic consultation fee, Hans is trying to contact the consulate... My goodness!"

As soon as Elson Bedrui said half of it, he suddenly exclaimed, and the next second, Joe Anis heard a loud noise coming from the earpiece in his ear, as if it were a blast in the hallway. A bomb, and he felt that the entire hospital building seemed to tremble slightly.


Then came a series of sounds from the sliding wall~ With the woman screaming in panic, the man roaring in fear, the phone became chaotic for a moment.

"Betty?! Betty, what's going on?"

Joe Anis suddenly stood up and shouted loudly into the microphone. However, in response to his blind tone, the call was only interrupted. In the last moment before the call was hung up, Joe felt as if he had heard a faint cry. The girl's voice, "Save him! Please!"

"Darn it! What the hell happened?!"

Joe Anis' face changed, without any doubt, he quickly left the office with the emergency surgery kit on the table. "I knew I should have eaten more at lunch today."

Goo~ The plump hen accidentally cut her leg again today, now the right leg is wrapped like a bear's paw, ugh, it hurts!

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