Chapter 19 Unbreakable oath

Elena gazed down at the dismantled hard candy in her palm. The square hard candy displayed a light orange glow akin to amber. It smelled as though an abundance of caramel had been added as the main ingredient. The girl licked her lips... It looks like candy.

Isn't that so? She is angry now!

The little silver-haired Loli suddenly shook her head and composed herself. If it weren't for the candy being dismantled, she would have even wanted to throw the candy from her hand.

Is he really cajoling her like a kindergarten child?

At this moment, she felt the top of her head being tapped again and heard Dumbledore's voice in her ears very seriously.

"Among all the young wizards I have seen, your powerful magical potential shines as brightly as the sun in the sky. But a talent too powerful is not always entirely good. If it lacks proper guidance, it may even turn against your own body, rendering you a dreadful inhuman existence..."

As he said this, Dumbledore furrowed his brow, pondering how to explain the girl's current physical condition.

After all, at present, Elena's magic control is much better than he had thought.

Dumbledore did not wish to create an alarming and frightening sensation for the girl by describing too many terrible consequences.

"...Obscurial, I know."

To Dumbledore's surprise, Elena nodded and replied dryly.

As a fan of the Harry Potter movies, she had also watched the first part of the "Fantastic Beasts" movie before traversing. She was particularly impressed by the silent man named Cradens. After all, she was capable of sensing the existence of one of the most powerful dark wizards in history, Grindelwald.

To escape such fate, young wizards would suppress their magical powers, but due to the lack of guidance, they have not learned to control and master their own powers, leading to derivatives: the power of dark magic called "Obscurus."

Once the wizard undergoes significant emotional fluctuations, the silence within the body will explode, and the silenced individual will turn into a black mist without substance, with extremely powerful destructive power.

However, in the wizarding history documentary, except for Kradens the Silent, there is no case proving that the Silenced can live up to 10 years.

And Elena is only ten years old now.

Elena unconsciously squeezed the hard candy in her hand and then continued a little nervously.

"But I always have the ability to use it secretly, even before receiving a letter from the owl, I always called it the 'Charming Human.' Professor Dumbledore, do you mean, I will become like that?"

The mixed-race Xiaomei bit her lip firmly, speaking rather reluctantly.

"Meaning, if I refuse to join Hogwarts...?"

If she was not mistaken, this should be the lethal tool that Dumbledore had prepared for her to enter the school: to join for treatment or to follow orders.

Dumbledore shook his head, raised his hand to stop the girl, and spoke directly.

"Even if you do not join Hogwarts, I will still continue to teach you how to control magic. Human life is not a bargaining chip."

"It's just that Hogwarts and the magical world will not provide you any kind of refuge and intellectual help."

Dumbledore continued plainly. "And when you threaten the peace of the non-magical or magical world, I will not intervene or suggest any reasonable action by the Ministry of Magic."


Elena stared at the elderly man who was crouching in front of her, known as the patriarch of the magical world. Her lips moved, and she swallowed the "thank you" she was about to say.

Averting her gaze, avoiding Dumbledore's eyes, the little silver-haired Loli tapped the thick fur rug and whispered, "Talking as if I join Hogwarts, you will help me back after the disaster, right?"

Back... pot?

Dumbledore's eyes flickered with helplessness, realizing another issue that would always arise when communicating with Elena: too many strange Muggle words.

Even though he could clearly hear each word, he could not precisely understand what the girl was trying to convey.

He knew that in his youth, Dumbledore always prided himself on one of the advantages that he always accurately understood the ideas of most people (including all kinds of intelligent magical creatures).

Perhaps, like many rumors, he was truly growing old and beginning to follow the thinking of the young.

Dumbledore shook his head, clearing his mind of such thoughts, and looked into Elena's eyes, speaking seriously with a very firm tone.

"In fact, what I want to say next is: If you become my student, I will be willing to protect you as much as I can, impart all the magical knowledge I know until you grow to be a witch on your own."

"Protector? All the magical knowledge...?"

Elena raised her eyebrows and repeated, she did not think Dumbledore would be confused enough to distinguish between the words "protection" and "guardian," nor naively thought that everything that came out of Dumbledore's mouth only included the content of the Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWL) and Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (NEWT).

"Yes, you deserve all of this," Dumbledore smiled calmly.

"But... Professor, what is the price?"

Elena casually said that she didn't think there was any dominating spirit in the previous YY novels that could make Dumbledore suddenly believe in her without reservations, especially when Dumbledore himself witnessed more than one Dark Lord in his growing years.

"There is no price, you only make an oath: to ensure that you will never initiate a war between the non-magical world and the magical world, and when the two worlds merge, to rise up and guide everything towards peace. Always uphold the interests of the Gargoyle Orchard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Dumbledore responded calmly and thoughtfully, and it was evident that these were not temporary words, as if he was already prepared, just waiting for Elena to appear.

Since the promising Tom Riddle gradually transformed into Voldemort over ten years ago, Dumbledore has been reflecting on this issue. Young talented wizards are often more susceptible to power. At this moment, if they can have a mental defense line to help them maintain balance, perhaps all outcomes would be different.

"Professor Dumbledore, I think it's possible that you are overestimating me."

Elena smiled somewhat embarrassed. She was not interested in becoming the deity or savior of the magical world. Her only aspiration was to eat, drink, and enjoy happiness, then retreat to the United States after the fourth grade to watch the older brothers grow up on the internet.

"But you may also be underestimating... Elena, you have no idea how great your potential is." Dumbledore blinked shrewdly and did not give Elena any false hope.


Communication is completely impossible; the topic has come full circle.

After a few seconds of silence, the little silver-haired lori rolled her eyes and suddenly found a flaw in Dumbledore's speech.

"Moreover, this is unreasonable. You, a powerful wizard like you, may have several ways for me to fulfill the oath I made, but there are no rules that compel your promises. In case you do not teach me magic after you, or what if you do not protect me."

"The unilateral oath of obligation, no matter how whitewashed, is actually an unequal treaty; I do not want to sign any slavery contract."

Under the disparity of forces, all promises are impossible to establish: agreement will only occur under reciprocal conditions.

According to Elena, as long as there remains a significant power imbalance between the two parties, Dumbledore's idea is ultimately just an unprotected fantasy relying entirely on the constraints of his own credibility.

Dumbledore smiled slightly and said effortlessly, "Of course, all oaths should be mutual. Have you heard of an ancient magic called the Unbreakable Vow?"

For this magic in the fandom of her past life, which had been distorted in almost every wizarding marriage declaration, Elena naturally did not need further explanations from Dumbledore. If Dumbledore was willing to make this idealistic oath that had an almost legal effect, naturally, there would be no more issues.

"But," Elena shrugged. "The Unbreakable Vow requires a witness, who can have the magic and qualification to constrain you, who are already at the pinnacle of the entire magical world?"

Dumbledore did not respond directly. He gently picked up the wand beside him, his long fingers tracing against the wood's grain on the wand, and suddenly asked a strange question.

"The symbol next to the piano a moment ago, do you actually know what it is, UU reading, right? I don't think if it's just a common pattern, you would look back several times during a conversation."

Elena's pupil slightly contracted, and she suddenly remembered that indeed there was a powerful wizard in the world who could match Dumbledore's shoulders.

"Are you serious?"

"It seems I don't need any further explanations." Dumbledore nodded happily. "Actually, I might be looking forward to seeing you more than you think. After all, in a certain sense, you still have less similar ideas to his."

Grunt ~

The little silver-haired lori swallowed and finally understood why Dumbledore's attitude towards her was so strange. After a long time, he finally regarded her as the new Dark Lady Miaozi!

"I should really have some misunderstandings, Professor Dumbledore, listen to me explain..." Elena said weakly, raising her small paw.

"Time is running out, come on, remember not to scare poor Fox again."

Dumbledore grasped Elena's small hand with one hand and firmly held Fawkes's long golden tail with the other, saying clearly, "Please, Fox, take us to the Tower of Newmongarde."

"Wait, you will stop thinking about one..."

With a flame, the two disappeared from the headmaster's office.