Chapter 190 The Chapter Name Is Absent

As the chief physician of the emergency room, although Joe Annis' office was located closer to the operating room and the hospital ward, it was not too far from the patient's emergency room.

After all, in an emergency, a distance of just ten meters can mean the line between life and death.

As Joe Anis rushed to the emergency room, the confusion in the hallway had not yet dissipated.

On his way to arrival, he heard the same explosion twice, the sound was louder, and the impact was stronger.

There was a fine layer of dust in the air. The display wall on the left side of the entrance used to show the hospital's history and doctor's information. Now only a small piece of ruin was left. It was just like after a bomb attack.

Yesterday, the security guard Hans, who was still boasting to Joe Annis of his eight-pack abs, was now covered in a layer of gray dust, looking like a sculpted statue.

As for Joe Annis' nurse girlfriend, Alson Bedrui, whom he cared about the most, she was naturally safe. At that moment, she was hiding behind the information counter with several rotating nurses, trembling.

Joe Annis looked around the hallway. Everyone was crouching or lying on the floor. He had no injuries on his body, nor did he hear the familiar sound of pain and groaning after an injury, and there was no pungent smell of gunpowder in the air. This couldn't help but relax his mood a little.

Fortunately, there were no injuries.

"Darn, what the hell is going on? Is anyone hurt? Did I bring the first aid kit?"

In the face of the deadly hallway, Joe Annis, newly arrived at the scene, frowned in confusion. Oh no, there was someone in the hallway who needed treatment.

Located in the center of the hallway surrounded by the crowd, a girl with silver hair and blue eyes, an exquisite face, and no more than twelve years old visually crouched. The girl's cowgirl outfit clearly had a touch of British style, obviously not a local resident, holding a small wooden stick with horror and looking around.

At the feet of the girl, lay quietly a thin, old man lying on his back. The dress he was wearing was a little strange. If Joe Annis didn't read it wrong, it seemed to be wrapped in a poorly fitting women's robe. If size didn't surprise, it should be the girl's outfit standing next to him. Obviously, the two should be the "strange tourists" Elson Bedrui spoke about on the phone.

With just a quick glance, Joe Annis could also see that the condition of the old man was clearly worse. His lips and cheeks had acquired an abnormal blue tint, his breathing was rapid and heavy, but the chest and abdomen rose and fell exceptionally weakly, not to mention that dizziness was already a serious pathological condition.

"I think that..."

Joe Annis frowned, carrying the first aid kit and advancing, preparing to say something.

"Joe! Step back, don't get close, that girl is dangerous! Oh my God, it's the devil!"

Seeing Joe Annis, in a white coat, looking ready to advance, Alson Bedrui, who was hiding behind the information counter, suddenly stood up, waving her hands and shouting to the chief physician, "You didn't see her just knock and blow up a wall. And..."

The sound of Elson Bedrui was interrupted. She suddenly felt the air in the hallway seemed to be frozen, as if it was the suffocating feeling she experienced at school, and then looked up to see the girl hit a display wall with a red flash, and then it exploded.

Moreover, it seems to show that it was not an accident, the little girl in front of her repeated the same action three times until the entire wall exploded into pieces.

"Calm down, Betty. But all I saw was a little girl and a patient in need of medical attention."

Upon hearing the small friend behind him, Joe Annis' steps halted a little, and he looked at the girl who was a short distance away through the flying dust. As a doctor, he could clearly see the familiar expression of helplessness and pleading in her clear blue eyes.

"Well, English? British? I am an emergency doctor."

Joe Annis swallowed. In fact, after approaching, he began to feel the peculiarity of the girl in front of him. He had never seen a white light in the hands of a normal human.

Obviously, the girl in front of him was treating the old man in a way he couldn't understand.

There is no doubt that the plea for help he heard on the phone earlier came from this girl, so he would boldly move forward, as long as it was confirmed that the other party was a patient in need of medical attention, then, for Joe Annis, the problem was much simpler.

Doctors will never fear patients.


Finally, there is a doctor who can speak English.

Upon hearing the voice of the man in the white coat in front of her, Elena couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. The terrible language barrier was something she had not thought of before.

To be precise, the low penetration rate and use of English in Salzburg in 1991 completely exceeded her expectations, something very different from the well-known tourist city she remembered more than two decades later.

The entire hospital, whether it's security guards or nurses, is full of annoying pure German, even some words in English. The accent sounds heavier than that of the Japanese and Indians, and they don't understand what they are talking about.

But even if she doesn't understand the language, from the gestures and expressions of the security guards and nurses, Elena can vaguely understand what they want to express. There is no doubt that although Austria is one of the best countries in the world for medical protection, good medical service is based on national resident status.

Elena and Grindelwald, who are dark wizards, aren't really any different from those who smuggle. Oh no, there is a difference. In general, smugglers carry at least some local currency. However, the two wizards who had just walked from Neumongard Castle to the center of Salzburg could be said to be poorer than beggars, not to mention Muggle currency, they didn't even carry a single copper coin.

Of course, even though Elena had already thought about it on the way, art should be a universal method of communication. Although it might be a bit unpleasant, if the sale of Moe fails, this is the final solution. Way.

"United Kingdom, Scotland. He, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, is in a very serious condition."

Elena watched Joe Anis nod as he walked ahead of her. Most of the medical terms are common. Undoubtedly, this made her interpretation much easier, and there was a trace of pleading in the girl's tone. "Save him, wait for our people to come, no matter how much the consultation costs."

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