Chapter 191 "no Quiero Herir A Nadie."

"Diabetic ketoacidosis?"

Unexpectedly, after hearing a series of professional medical terms from the mouth of a small foreign silver-haired loli, Joe Anis couldn't help but be astonished, and the words he had carelessly uttered were uncomfortably caught in his mouth.

As far as he knew, in the entire Salzburg region, no more than five people could spell this word other than doctors and medical students.

Since graduating, he had rarely heard this terminology pronounced one by one, causing the tension in his heart to unavoidably increase.

"Simply put, it is a complication caused by diabetes, at least I suppose... Do you need me to explain what diabetes is?"

As he spoke, Elena glanced sideways at the distracted doctor in front of her, and a suspicion appeared on her face.

Could this be a patient who had escaped from the doctor's attire? Logically, as the birthplace of insulin research, Austrian hospitals should have long popularized the corresponding knowledge.

"I'm sorry, I do know about DKA. It just surprised me a bit. After all, you are so small..."

Feeling the inquisitive gaze of the girl in front of him, Joe Anis quickly recovered and hurriedly leaned down beside Grindelwald. "In short, let me assess the situation first."

Diabetic ketoacidosis (diabetic ketoacidosis), known as DKA, is one of the most life-threatening acute complications of diabetes.

As the head of the emergency department of the sak hospital, if Joe Anis did not know even about diabetes and DKA, much less could he be the head doctor of the emergency department known as the "microcosm of the hospital." Perhaps his school tutor will come running first and break a leg.

After a brief examination of the elderly man lying on the floor, Joe Anis' face suddenly turned serious.

Cold extremities, heavy breathing, evident ketone odor on the breath, deep coma: symptoms so severe that he had only seen them in medical cases before.

There is no doubt that this silver-haired girl is right. From the external symptoms, there is a more than 90% possibility that it is diabetic ketoacidosis, and it has entered a late-stage high-risk situation that can cause systemic circulatory failure at any moment.

"Betty, hurry and help, this patient needs to be rescued immediately."

Without hesitation, Joe Anis reached out to directly pick up Grindelwald lying on the floor and place him on the emergency surgical cart in the hallway, while he violently turned his head, shouting behind him as usual.

However, this time his nurse girlfriend did not respond as quickly as usual.

Elson Bedrui looked at Elena and Grindelwald lying on the hospital stretcher, then at the collapsed wall, and hesitated, with a wavering expression.

"Wait! Joe, this does not adhere to the hospital procedures. We don't even know who they are..."

From his point of view, this kind of situation without money, dangerous and even without basic identity information, would be better referred to the police and the embassy; the hospital is not a charity organization, and he does not want to lose his job for the time being.

"There's no time to worry about the process, let's save lives."

Joe Anis exclaimed irritably, his brow slightly furrowed, unconsciously raising his tone, "Nurse Elson, please cooperate with my rescue work! Don't forget that this is your duty."

"I'm sorry, doctor. I respect your noble choices, but I have no intention of accompanying you to break the rules."

Elson Bedrui hesitated, but took a small step back and slowly shook her head.

Austria has a very good medical security system, with a first-class medical level and very humanized medical services, however, all of the above only applies to Austrian residents.

In fact, if it weren't for the strange communication interruption throughout the hallway, reasonably, the city police of Salzburg not far from there should have arrived at the hospital.

"Do I need to do something? I'll come!" Elena said quickly.

Although she could not understand what the two were talking about, she could vaguely sense something through the tone of the conversation between a man and a woman.

"You? No way."

Joe Anis looked at the volunteer and shook his head, "Although you have some medical knowledge, maybe you can try it in your country. But here, you don't even know medicine; I need an assistant."

After speaking, the young emergency doctor turned to the suddenly strange young girlfriend, took a deep breath, and was about to try to persuade her one last time, "Betty..."

"Is that so? Understood." Elena looked at Grindelwald with closed eyes on the surgical cart and silently nodded.

It seems that in a deadlock in communication, the best solution is to use the most common language in the world.


Joe Anis vaguely heard the girl around him say something softly.

In the next moment, a crimson beam flew past him, and sank right in front of the information desk where Elson Bedrui was, on the bright and hard white tiles.


With a resounding crash, the hard tiles rose like foam, exposing the gray concrete floor underneath the tiles, and the entire emergency building seemed to shake.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

Watching as the floor tiles suddenly exploded close by, feeling the waves hitting her face. After staying for a second, Elson Bedrui panicked and uttered a sharp scream.


Before stepping back, a hot beam of light struck her cheek and hit the flower bed behind her. The earth exploded loudly, splashing all over the hallway, blocking the nurse's retreat.


Joe Anis cleared his throat forcefully, rigidly turned his neck, and stared at the little silver-haired girl standing not far from him. Seeing it with his own eyes, he finally understood why Elson Bedrui would call this girl, who seemed to be less than ten years old, a demon.

"I'm sorry, can you help me with the translation?"

Elena shrugged helplessly, aimed her wand at the nurse standing in the middle of the information desk, glanced at the frightened doctor beside her, and calmly said,

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I just wish to request normal medical assistance. I merely need you to cooperate in preparing the necessary equipment and medications for the treatment, and the lady will be able to depart safe and sound."