Chapter 192 Thank You For Your Cooperation

Under the unequivocal threat of Elena, Alsen Bedrui reluctantly stepped out, realizing he had no other choice, and looked at Elena with fear and a trace of resentment.

Elena frowned, which was not a good sign.

Although Elena knew from the moment the curse was lifted that it was inevitable to show resistance, but since the stakes were high, it would be better to speak a little more clearly; after all, there are no foolish people in this world.

"Not necessarily... Some things need to be emphasized again. Could you translate it, please?"

Elena looked at the doctor, nodded politely, and turned her face toward Elson Bedrui with a devilish smile, and said softly.

"If you take the wrong medicine, you will die. If you intentionally delay, you will die. If you obstruct the treatment, you will die. In short, this is a deal: the treatment goes smoothly, no one will be hurt, otherwise..." the girl pointed with the wand to a chaotic room with raised eyebrows, "Did I make myself clear enough?"

"This is just a very simple first aid for DKA, you don't have to worry too much, we are all well trained..." Feeling the chill in the girl's tone, Joe Anis pressed his hands down, trying to ease the atmosphere.

"Joe! What is she talking about?!"

Facing the humble wand in Elena's hands, recalling the series of explosions in the room, Elson Bedrui trembled and cried out of control.

"Translation, translation!" Elena raised the wand, pointed forward, and said one by one, "Please!"

"I understand."

Joe Anis sighed and translated the girl's words intact once, then looked at the nurse who was almost frightened, and tried to put on a smile, adding a phrase, "Relax, Betty. As always, it's just a very simple first aid. You just need to prepare the equipment and medications, and let me take care of the rest."

"Okay, okay... Joe, what should I do now?"

Looking at the familiar smile on the face of her new boyfriend, Elson Bedrui calmed down a bit, nodding stiffly, trying to control his gaze to not look at the little devil, and with a trembling voice asked.

"There's no need to complicate things too much, just follow the emergency response procedure as usual."

Joe Anis quickly gathered his thoughts, his right hand rummaged in Grindelwald, his face serious, and began to give instructions skillfully as usual. As for whether it was dangerous or illegal, he would wait until the medical treatment was over before thinking about it.

"The patient is experiencing respiratory problems, Betty, prepare an oxygen machine and continue to administer oxygen at a low rate."

"Open two venous channels, administer saline for fluid replacement, add a little insulin to the left channel and antibiotics to the right channel to adjust electrolyte imbalance."

"In ECG monitoring, immediately measure body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, blood sugar level, prepare sputum suction device, mouth-opening device, tongue forceps..."

Time passed slowly in an orderly first aid process.

With professional treatment, along with Elena's magic to assist in healing, Gellert Grindelwald's condition did not worsen. With the continuous supply of insulin and saline, the old man's furrowed brow gradually relaxed, and his face was not as terrible as before.

After leaving the rest of the medication, Elson Bedrui looked worriedly at Joe Annis, who was still in the room, his lips moved, he said nothing, and quickly opened the door and fled.


"I have learned the specific situation, don't worry, I will take care of it."

In a room near the entrance of the hospital emergency building, the man in a dark gray overcoat closed his notebook and smiled gently at Alson Bedrui, who was sitting in front of him, showing a great disillusionment. He felt consciously calm.

"I confirm once again that the people who witnessed the entire incident at Salk Hospital were you, the security guard Hans, the nurse Gray, and Dr. Joe Anis, who is still in the room, right?"

"Yes," nodded Elson Bedrui, holding the hot water glass in his hands and drinking gently, still showing evident horror in his eyes.

"Dear Mr. Max, who is that girl? I have never seen such diabolical power. It's terrible. Did you know she just pointed a finger and the entire wall exploded? Now."

Shortly after Elson Bedrui left the room, he met the government official named George Max at the door.

At that moment, he was informing him about the situation with Hans and Gray, who were also in a state of shock. After seeing her run out, he asked him to calm down in the adjacent room and wait for more information.

Obviously, if Elson Bedru was right, they must have been accidentally involved in an extremely serious national security matter, or at least she had never seen a government official arrive at the scene before the police.

"I'm sorry, this is a matter of state secrets, no comments."

George Max shook his head, stood up, put his bowler hat back on the table, and tapped the badge hanging from his chest—[Republic of Austria, National Security Agency, Reverse Incident Team, First Class Employee, George · Max], with a meaningful look at Alson Bedrui, "Sometimes, the more you know, the worse it is."

"Oh, of course, I understand that sometimes you have to cover up some truths to prevent panic," Elson Bedrui nodded with a clear expression.

For the first time, he saw this legendary state secret department. For the young nurses, the rumored secrets in countless magazines and stories constantly fluttered, and it felt as if more than a dozen cats were scratching at her heart.

"I still need to trouble you with one last thing..."

Ignoring the pronounced expression of the nurse in front of him, Maxton paused and said apologetically.

"Could you take me to the room where the girl... the girl, the old man, and the doctor are? I think it's best to resolve this matter as soon as possible." As he said this, George Max seemed to have accidentally bitten his tongue, sounding strange.

"Of course," Elson Bedrui nodded without hesitation and said with relief. "Thank God, you have no idea how happy I was to see you... When this is over, I won't complain about the government's inefficiency again."


Following Elson Bedrui's guidance, George Max successfully found the room that was still illuminated.

The door to the room was not completely closed, and the situation in the room was barely visible through the false door frame. At that moment, a girl with silver hair and a doctor in a white coat seemed to be speaking softly, and there appeared to be a person lying on the bed, but due to the angle, Max could not see the person's appearance.

"This is it. Sir, you must be careful, the little devil has strange..."

Elson Bedrui turned his head in fear, his pupils dilated, and I wondered when a small wooden wand appeared in the hands of the "government official" behind him, and was lightly resisting it. Behind the heart ~ ~, you?!

"Don't worry, it's just a young wizard who hasn't finished magic school. I've dealt with more complicated situations than this many times."

George Max nodded courteously, before the scream in the nurse's mouth came out, the wand was quickly pointed forward.

"Obliviate! (Everything is forgotten)"

A white flash appeared, and Alson Bedrui's eyes suddenly lost their focus, with a blank expression on his face.

"In summary, thank you for your guidance and riddles." The man raised his top hat in his left hand, smiled and expressed his gratitude, bypassed the nurse standing in the hallway, and pushed open the door to the covert ward to enter.