Chapter 193 Unwanted Guests And Facing The Situation


Upon hearing the sound coming from the door, Elena, who was still chatting with the on-duty doctor, immediately stopped the conversation and became alert.

Her eyes landed on the man in the dark gray overcoat who suddenly appeared at the door. Her gaze paused on the wand in the man's hand, and her pupils abruptly contracted.

In the next moment, Elena drew her wand from her pocket and held it vigilantly in her hand, her left hand pressed against the pendant on her chest, ready to defend herself.

"Relax, young man, control your magic. Look, I mean no harm, otherwise, you might already be lying on the floor listening to me."

George Max's eyebrows twitched, and the wand in his hand moved away from Elena, he extended his hands and spoke easily.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am George Max, a first-class employee of the Ministry of Magic of Austria, specializing in handling some magical accidents that muggles should not know about."

As he said this, he involuntarily waved his wand, and the identification card attached to his chest reverted to its original state: [Ministry of Magic of Austria / Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes / Incident Reversal Group / First-level Employee - George Max]

"Using magical spells to blast through a wall in front of four muggles is no trivial matter. Is there something you'd care to explain about that?"

Although it's unusual to encounter a younger wizard during this period, for Max, it's considerably easier to deal with magical accidents caused by children than to deal with a solitary, dark, and dangerous adult wizard.

Elena looked at the unidentified witch who suddenly appeared in the room, holding her magical wand. After a long silence, she confirmed that the other party was not hostile. The magical wand in her hand also relaxed and blinked in confusion.

"I'm sorry, can you speak English?"


George Max was momentarily stunned. As far as he knew, Austria and neighboring countries should belong to the German-speaking area. The fluent English girl in front of him was obviously not a nearby resident.

Fortunately, as a wizard, basic English was still familiar to him. After all, many spellbooks are written in English. The witch frowned with a headache, looked at Elena, and asked in broken English.

"Well, what's your name, where are you from...?"

"Elena, Elena Caslana. Hogwarts, Scotland," Elena calmly replied.

After finishing her speech, Elena thought for a moment, turned her head to the emergency doctor standing aside, and said, "Perhaps we should find a quieter place later. Are you sure it's a good idea to chat directly here?"

"Oh, yes, you're right."

George Max blinked and turned to look at the young doctor in a white coat in the room, politely smiled, and said, "Excuse me, can we have a few minutes alone? You can wait outside the door for a moment, and then some things will require your cooperation."

If it is confirmed that the foreign wizard is involved and is still a junior wizard at school...

This is no longer within the category he can directly handle. All he can do is erase the memory of the related muggles and then wait for someone from the International Magical Cooperation Department to handle it.

But before that, George Max also needs to carefully confirm, after all, he has also encountered the wizard who masters another language and then pretends to be a foreigner, trying to escape punishment.

"...Of course, I understand the legendary dialogue of another world."

Joe Anis shrugged, his eyes landing on the wands in the hands of Elena and Max, and after a moment of silence, he solemnly said, "This is a patient's room. So, please, kindly remove those little sticks of wood. I need to remind you that the patient's condition has just started to improve, and he has not completely escaped danger. He needs to recover... Well, I'll be outside the door, etc. If you need to call me directly".

After speaking, the doctor nodded to both and left the room.


There was a slight sound as the door closed.

"Well, now there's no one else, let's continue with the previous topic first."

George Max turned his head and looked at the young woman in front of him, "So, the man in the bed, he seems to be in a terrible condition. Are you simply trying to save him by using magic to intimidate the poor muggles?"

As he said this, George Max craned his neck and looked forward. An elderly, wrinkled man lay there quietly, with plastic tubes in his hands, if he remembered correctly, it should be called infusion! Muggles seem to like this treatment very much.

Seeing George Max's movements, Elena's body tensed subconsciously, and her wand lifted slightly.

Fortunately, the wizard just took a glance and then turned his gaze back to Elena, curiously asking, "So, Miss Caslana, who is he? Your grandfather, a wizard, or a muggle?"

Obviously, over forty years later, Gellert Grindelwald has completely changed his appearance. Perhaps even the wizards involved in his arrest that year would have no way to compare the frail-looking old man and the handsome and defiant Dark Lord.

What Elena needs to do now is to cover this matter as lightly as possible.

Elena gently shook her head and corrected her expression seriously.

"No, to be precise, he is my great-grandfather. His name is Otto Apocalis, a muggle, and my great-grandmother is a witch."

The best lying technique is not to follow the other's assumption, but to correct it occasionally in some details.

Indeed, after hearing Elena's words, George Max's suspicion suddenly decreased a lot. The "grandfather" she just mentioned was only casually mentioned, and after saying it, he realized the age of the young woman in front of him. If they are really three generations, the old man seems too old.

If it were a great-grandfather, it would be normal. As for whether it would be a lie, Max was not too concerned. After all, according to normal thinking, where would one find someone who would instantly respond to such a distant relative as a great-grandfather?

The wizard shrugged as he realized that an elderly Muggle lay in the bed, completely losing interest.

"Alright, so there's one last question. As I understand it, at this time the students of Hogwarts should be studying in a remote Scottish castle, and your clothes..."

George Max turned and observed Elena from head to toe, focusing on the light blue denim Muggle outfit the girl was wearing for a moment. He couldn't be careless, after all, the matter involved four Muggles and an extremely destructive explosion spell. Nonetheless, he asked a few more questions.

"Due to an accident, when I finished my breakfast, I appeared in my great-grandfather's house, and he suddenly fell ill, but I got scared."

Elena saddened and responded directly, which was true.

"As for the Hogwarts wizard robe..." The girl's chin gently pointed towards Grindelwald. "Well, since my maternal great-grandfather suddenly felt cold, I took it off and wrapped him in it. Do you have any questions? Can you help the Austrian Ministry of Magic contact President Dumbledore?"

In the direction indicated by the girl, George Max approached the bedridden Grindelwald and took a closer look.

Yes, judging by the size and style of the black wizard robe, the girl obviously wore it in front of him. On the right side of the wizard robe, there was a yellow and black pattern with a cunning badger head and a clever brain inside. At the bottom, it was written "Hufflepuff" in English with a floral style, most wizards in the magical world still know the four Hogwarts houses, especially the one with the highest number.

"Hufflepuff? Well, I don't have a problem."