Chapter 194 Battle Between Wizards

"Well, Miss Elena Caslana, I will get in touch with the British Ministry of Magic as soon as possible to verify your situation. During this period, you and the elderly Mr. Otto may need to stay temporarily in Salzburg."

A glance at the emblem of the college on the old man's clothes removed the last trace of doubt in George Max's heart. Not only the British magical world, but the entire magical world knows that Hogwarts wizards rarely go to the dark side, even the 'friendly Hufflepuffs'.

Upon careful consideration, this boy's starting point is simply to save lives, and he did not cause any harm to muggles from start to finish. This is a very rare situation in the common conflict between wizards and muggles.

So, is it really just a misunderstanding?

George Max, who had no more doubts, relaxed and put away his wand, saying with a smile.

"Although, no matter which country you are in, performing magic in front of so many muggles is extremely bad behavior. But there is also a rule: when there is a crisis for the wizard and the wizard's family's life, some appropriate magic should be allowed."

For the International Confederation of Wizards, confidentiality is paramount.

After a magical disaster like that, the final outcome of the identification mainly depends on the processing report submitted by the first investigator who arrived at the scene. Therefore, George Max only needs to pay attention to the description. This matter actually does not attract much attention.

As an experienced employee of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, George Max is naturally well-versed in relevant magical regulations.

"Relax, except for the doctor, I have dealt with the corresponding memories of other muggle witnesses. For them, it was just a strange wall collapse accident. Wait for me and the doctor. After [Discussing] that, no one other than you and I will know what happened."

After finishing speaking, George Max winked at Elena and was about to open the door to leave.

"However, as a member of the wizarding family, it was shameful to go to the muggle hospital for help."

Passing by the end of the bed, George Max reached out with some curiosity and took the medical record board hanging at the end of the bed, wondering what strange illness this "Otto Apocalis" had.

After all, in general, a normal wizarding family would prepare some emergency potions, but at least choose to use Fei Lufen to go to the nearest wizarding hospital for treatment, similar to treatment in a muggle hospital, really quite rare.

"Wait, don't look at that!" Elena suddenly changed her expression.


George Max furrowed his brow in confusion and looked down.

[Attending Doctor: Joe Annis]

[Patient Name: Gellert Grindelwald]

[Age: 108 years]

[Cause: Diabetic ketoacidosis]

[Medication status...]

Gellert Grindelwald? Shouldn't it be Otto Apocalis?

But come to think of it, it seems he has heard the name before.

Wait a moment!

Gellert Grindelwald?!

This name... is incorrect!

Max's eyes narrowed, and he suddenly raised his head and drew his wand to aim at Elena, who was by Grindelwald's bed.

Sure enough, at the same time, the pink-haired witch had drawn her wand and was aiming it, and the tip of the wand glowed a little red.

"Drop your weapon!"

Before Elena's spell came out, George Max was the first to loudly pronounce it.

The Disarming Charm hit Elena accurately. The spell had an impact and caused the girl's body to step back several paces. She sat on the floor, and the wand in the hand of the young witch flew high and fell in a corner of the room.

"I should have thought about how a young witch like you can use advanced spells like blasting spells so skillfully. Even if you are a student at Hogwarts, you are too much of a genius."

George Max carefully kicked Elena's wand on the floor, and the wand in his hand pointed firmly at the small figure sitting on the floor, with a tense and excited expression on his face.

Due to the impact of the spell, the girl's necklace hidden in her chest shook, and the sacred pendant of death, like a triangular eye, flickered under the bright lights of the room with the ups and downs of Elena's chest.

George Max, who graduated from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Destrom, couldn't help but slightly narrow his eyes. He understood exactly what this symbol meant: fifty years ago, the sign of the Dark Lord who unleashed a war in the entire magical world.

That said, the old man lying in bed at this moment... George Max couldn't help but glance forward, confirming that the old wizard was still in a coma, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

No wonder, as a wizard, he had to hide in a muggle hospital for treatment. Obviously, for the famous Gellert Grindelwald, the wizarding hospital is too dangerous.

"I almost let you lie. Helping the infamous dark wizard escape from prison, this crime is much more serious than any abuse of magic. Let me think, maybe I can consider applying for a Merlin's Order of Merlin, and Azkaban can be the youngest wizard in history."

For decades, countless saints have tried to break into Newmontgarde Castle, rescue Grindelwald, and continue his unfinished work.

However, the ancient devil's den seemed to have evaporated from this world. No one could find this castle again, only knowing that it should be hidden somewhere in Austria by Dumbledore.

Obviously, more than forty years later, the group of saints finally succeeded, but at the beginning of the entire project, they were discovered and arrested by the great George Max.

As the third person to capture Grindelwald, his name will be linked to that of Albus Dumbledore and Newt Scamander.

George Max looked at Elena, who had lost her wand. The wand swayed back and forth between Elena and the prone figure of Grindelwald in the hospital bed, her tone trembling with excitement.

"Of course, for security reasons, perhaps I should give you another protective amulet. Of course, the treatment must not go on, I have no intention of saving a dark wizard... "

"¡Don't even think about it! Don't touch it!"

Before she could finish her words, I suddenly saw an identical wand appearing in Elena's hand, pointing at the Ministry employee at the end of the bed.


Along with the furious crack of the girl, a blazing red light shot out from Elena's hand and flew towards George Max.

"Protego corporis!"

George Max's wand trembled rapidly, and a curtain of transparent light was dangerously positioned in front of him.


Elena's curse hit Max's body with a deafening noise.

Even though the counter-curse was cast in time, the shockwave rendered the witch unconscious.

"Put away your weapon!"

Before Elena could cast another spell, another incantation struck the girl's slender body and wrenched the wand from her.

"Even though I don't know why you have two magical wands, I'm sorry, adult wizards can never be defeated by this naive spell."

George Max sighed in relief, pretending to speak lightly, but his eyes were full of dignity.

The amazing magical power and the speed at which spells are cast are comparable to the power displayed by some Aurors.

If it weren't for work, you would often find yourself facing a revenge attack in society, and arrested wizards. Another wizard might have been defeated a moment ago.


Elena, who had lost her wand, stomped her right foot on the ground, challenging George Max.

"It's an unnecessary fight... It seems you don't understand the most basic truth: the battle between wizards has ended as soon as one of the parties lost their wand."

George Max shook his head with a silly smile, slightly moved his wand, and cast a red light.


At that moment, the necklace hanging from the girl's chest suddenly glowed, and a curtain of light exactly like the magical spell George Max had shown earlier appeared in front of Elena, helping her block the magic attack.

Magical tools? George Max raised his eyebrows and scoffed.

"Do you really think the fists and feet of this little woman, like a muggle, can hurt..."

Elena's delicate hands rested on the witch's stomach. The next moment, an inexhaustible force passed from the girl's hands to Max.

George Max's body seemed to lose weight and rose like a leaf in the wind, crashing against the closed door with a loud thud.

"What the hell..."

He didn't know why, George Max struggled to raise his head, and suddenly the nurse's face appeared in his mind: "Damn, that girl is a demon!"

Elena tightly clenched her small face and said nothing. She took a step forward and quickly delivered a direct, forceful blow.


This was the last voice the wizard heard before falling into darkness.