Chapter 195 Do Not Worry, This Is An Everyday Situation

"Enough, stop! This is the study!"

Hearing the commotion and impact in the study, Joe Anis, who was standing outside the door, hesitated for a few seconds, then opened the door and boldly shouted, "I've said it! Besides, she's just a girl... huh?"

Before opening the door, Joe Annis had imagined many scenarios: the two of them facing off, or the girl being knocked down by the man, the room being shattered and chaotic, terrible lights flying everywhere... but he didn't expect the scene that was before him.

He saw the "Austrian Ministry employee" claiming to be George Max, slumped unconscious against the wall. The silver-haired girl was carefully probing his nostrils, as if trying to explore something.

"Doctor, come and see..."

Upon hearing the sound from the door, Elena turned her head, her delicate face covered with overwhelm and panic, and a hint of tears unconsciously came out in her voice, "Why is he breathless, did I accidentally kill him?"


Upon hearing Elena's words, Joe Annis' pupils abruptly contracted, without much inquiry, and he quickly rushed to the unconscious man in the dark gray coat to check on him.

"Multiple rib fractures, sternum misalignment, and severe damage to the soft tissues of the upper abdomen..."

With just a simple touch to observe, the young doctor's face instantly turned grim, and his tone was particularly solemn.

"He's not dead, just breathing weakly. But he's not far from death, if we don't hurry to save him."

However, what puzzled Joe Annis was that after hearing his assessment, the silver-haired girl before him looked much better.

"Huh... much easier to handle without dying?"

After receiving an on-site diagnosis from the doctor, Elena couldn't help but sigh in relief.

You know, this time is different from the accident at Newmontgard Castle. With the fighting skills taught by Benitez, she almost completely unleashed the power of the magical spell.

Because she wasn't sure if the power was enough, she even "added a bit more" when she pursued it.

It wasn't until a series of bones crisply broke beneath her that she suddenly realized that she would accidentally use excessive force to hit people to death, after all, it was a magical word representing uncontrolled and wild power.

"Have you heard me? This is a serious closed fracture, which is much more difficult to handle than Mr. Gellert Grindelwald's. Damn it, we need to proceed immediately... Stop! What are you doing here?"

Joe Anis was still thinking of how to administer first aid, and suddenly his face changed, shouting at Elena.

He saw the girl stand up, shake off the ashes from her body, reach for George Max's coat collar, and drag him toward the open space on the side, a full-grown man of at least 180 pounds, in the hands of the girl looked like a rag doll.

"To save him... what else can I do? Don't worry, this kind of contusion can always be saved as long as there is breath."

Elena raised her eyebrows effortlessly, carefully extended her hands against George Max's chest and abdomen, and murmured gently: [ur].

In the next moment, a soft white light appeared beneath the girl's palm.

In front of Joe Anis' incredulous gaze, the poor Austrian Ministry employee's apparently deformed ribcage due to multiple rib fractures began to slowly return to its original shape as if retreating in time.

"This is?! How did you do it?!"

Joe Anis' eyes widened. As an emergency physician, compared to any explosion, Elena's completely irrational healing ability could be said to be every doctor's dream.

Oh no, it can even be said to be a miracle.

Based on the girl's ability, Joe Annis doesn't doubt that any hospital that sees her would treat her as the cutest angel.

"Well, it's really just a way to use the ancient magic word, mainly to enhance activity and help the body repair itself."

The girl shrugged and looked at the doctor standing beside her, tilting her head toward Grindelwald on the bed.

"The people who taught me this magic are still lying there on their own, so it's not a completely omnipotent magic."

"It's amazing already, is this the capability of your world? Is there any way to teach me, even if the effect is not as good?"

Joe Dennis approached, touching the hands on the unconscious witch, his eyes full of surprise.

"Impossible, uncle, first of all, you have to have magical power. And this is just the clumsiest way to use it. The really powerful ones are the therapists in the magic hospital."

Elena raised her head and looked at the emergency physician who was subverting and rapidly updating the world. She shook her head and casually responded.

Joe Anis was not surprised by Elena's response. After thinking about it, she suddenly frowned and asked, looking up.

"Wait, Magic Hospital?! This way, you have always mastered this kind of technology beyond the current medical level and have formed a system, but..."


At that moment, George Max on the floor let out a weak groan.

Elena lowered her head and looked at George Max, only to see the man's eyelids move a few times and then open violently, inhaling deeply like a person waking up after nearly drowning.

"What the ****..."

George Max opened his eyes and looked at the delicate face above him with trembling lips, still feeling intense pain between his chest and abdomen. He almost thought he was going to die.

Hmm? By the way, this is really a headache.

"Wait a moment, I may need a little magic to let this gentleman rest a bit." Elena raised her eyebrows and smiled at the doctor.

"Well, I saved you, no need for thanks."

Elena sighed helplessly and glanced at the poor Ministry employee with a faint smile, tenderly holding the man's head. "But I'm sorry, I guess you still need a little more sleep... ruffle!"

"Wait... wait... what do you want to do?! But I'm from the Ministry of Magic in Austria..."

A sense of foreboding crossed his mind, and the soft, charming smile of the girl was nothing short of the devil's smile in Max's eyes.

George Max struggled violently, trying to push Elena away, and as soon as he raised his hand, a pain in his chest irritated him.


Under the girl's strange power, the man's head slammed into the ground with a loud noise.

Hey, not dizzy?

As expected, all TV shows are deceptive.

Elena blinked, before George Max finished speaking, holding the man's head and hitting the ground again.

Duang! Duang! Duang!

On the third blow, George Max finally rolled his eyes and passed out again.


Elena clapped satisfied, turned her head to the doctor beside her, and blinked. "Yes, doctor, what did you want to say?"

"No... nothing."

Joe Anis looked at the Ministry of Magic employees who were easily stunned by Elena using an unknown "magic," and a trace of dark red blood appeared under the man's head.

The emergency doctor, who was temporarily fooled by the girl's harmless appearance, finally realized his situation and swallowed hard. "I want to ask, is there anything else I can help with?"


Elena always felt that Joe Anis's expression was a bit strange. She vaguely remembered that the doctor seemed to want to say something else.

Oh, is it because of this?

Who told her that she had not learned spells apart from the blasting spell and the lightning spell for the moment, which are also mandatory?

"I'm sorry, because I have not mastered the coma mantra yet, and this is something I cannot do..."

Elena followed Joe's gaze and looked at Max's bleeding wound, sticking out her tongue in embarrassment.

"It looks like I'll have to work harder. After all, I'm not very skilled in that magic, but you can be sure that I will heal it. This kind of accident is very common in the magical world. The morning fights at our school are more serious than this."

Very common?

Joe Anis looked at the Ministry of Magic employee, his face full of anger and anxiety, a little horrified; what kind of patient's family had he encountered?

"Oh, oh... yes, is that so? Then your world is really dangerous, your teachers must be quite brave," said Joe Denis, unable to help but squint insincerely.

"Not quite."

Elena nervously laughed and looked at the unconscious Ministry of Magic employee to change the subject.

"Speaking of which, there is actually a small request. Do you have sedatives and anesthetics here? I think the gentleman's follow-up treatment may need them."

As she spoke, Elena emitted a small mass of soft white light again, pressing it behind George Max's head, quickly stopping the man's wound from bleeding.

Seeing that the man was no longer bleeding, Elena turned her head and looked at the young doctor with a shy smile, adding carefully.

"The dosage, it would be best to control it so he sleeps until tomorrow morning. Well, of course, if there is a belt, that would be best."

"Of course, perhaps I need to add some painkillers..."

At the same time, a storm had just begun at the Ministry of Magic in Austria.

To be precise, George Max's office in the Division of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes was in chaos.

Because, just a few minutes ago, right after George Max was injured and fell into a coma, a loud warning sounded from his desk.

As Ministry of Magic employees working in the field, especially wizards dealing with dangerous magical disasters, the Ministry of Magic in Austria has established an early warning spell for the Aurors and field employees of the Disaster Division after obtaining consent.

Everyone stopped talking and almost simultaneously let go of what they had in their hands, to look at an employee's metal card resting on George Max's desk.

The brass-colored metal plaque turned a terrible crimson red almost instantly, and everyone present understood its meaning: [near death].

"God... something serious has happened."

A burly, robust wizard quickly stood up and looked around anxiously. "Does anyone know what Max's previous assignment was? Someone has to rescue him."