Chapter 196 ~~level 2 Early Warning Event!

"Wait, Kruger, don't panic. Maybe things are not as bad as you think. Look, George seems to be fine."

At the Ministry of Magic in Austria, a witch with extremely short and white golden hair, who looked particularly capable, placed her hand on the shoulder of the gigantic wizard, Kruger, and pointed at George Max's desk for the early warning. She said the metal employee card.

I saw the crimson red on the metal identification plate gradually fading, and the sharp sound of the warning abruptly stopped, quickly displaying the brass color indicating all is normal.

"Alright, gentlemen... and ladies, of course."

The capable witch with short hair turned and clapped, drawing everyone's attention to her.

"Since the day you came to the [Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes], you should know that this is not a safe job sitting in the office. In fact, in my opinion, the dangers we may face may not be less than those of the [Auror Office]. Therefore, the Ministry will establish specific early warning measures for you. But..."

The short-haired golden witch is named Pope Rothschild, the director of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes in Austria. She is hailed as Austria's most likely new star in the past century to break the record for the age of the Minister of Magic.

"Standardized procedures are to improve our efficiency and safety at work. It does not mean that every time an alarm sounds, we need to send the entire department to solve the problem. First and foremost, we must believe in your own magical literacy and resilience."

As an indispensable and important part of every national Ministry of Magic, the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes is primarily responsible for dealing with magical accidents and repairing accidental magical injuries.

After entering the peaceful era, many people even believe that this is the most important department of the National Ministry of Magic; indeed, according to popular surveys, this department is actually the one that has produced more Ministers of Magic in recent years.

And in the [Division of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes], the most important component is undoubtedly the "Occasional Magical Events Reversal Group" where George Max is located.

The function of the [Occasional Magical Events Reversal Group] is very simple: to deal with all magical accidents and restore everything to a quiet daily life.

This means that their duty is to correct the effects of erroneous potions or spells to prevent large-scale magical disasters; from restoring accidentally shattered crystal by the magical disturbances of a small wizard, to engaging in the positive confrontation of a dark wizard attempting to wreak havoc in the non-magical world...

Therefore, every wizard who can enter the [Occasional Magical Events Reversal Group] has a fairly good and comprehensive magical knowledge. As a top-level employee, George Max is naturally equal, even if it is only in combat skills and strength, he will not be weaker than most Aurors.

"According to the current situation, even though Mr. George Max encountered some unexpected dangers on the mission, since he can slowly heal, it means he has started to regain control of the situation. In this case, only 1 or 2 followers will track and supervise."

The short-haired witch looked around and approached George Max's desk due to the warning sound. The anxious wizards shrugged helplessly, as since the introduction of this set of magical warning mechanisms from France two years ago, they knew that they would eventually face this day. Fortunately, the situation is undoubtedly the best.

"Kruger, please check George's mission history. I will try to contact George first."

As she uttered the last sentence, the witch turned around, looked at the sturdy and strong man who was not moving in place, and shook her head helplessly, raising her voice, "Kruger?"

"Oh? Mmm, uh!"

The burly wizard recovered and nodded hastily. "Of course, no problem, Director Rohill. In summary, I will review the content of the task that Max has taken on."

"Good, it's hard work."

Mrs. Pope Rohill, director of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, nodded, looked around, and casually extended her hands.

"What are you still doing? Today is a rare weekend, everyone should go home, I won't pay overtime. George and Kruger will continue with the matter, we'll inform you later."

Upon hearing the witch's words, the wizards around looked at the warning and stopped, gradually returning to normal. The metal plate nodded, and the tense atmosphere that surrounded the office began to dissipate.

"Without overtime pay, it's scattered."

"Alright, Miss Rothschild."

"The boss is working hard, the boss says goodbye."

"When George returns, we have to let him handle it."

Once again confirming that George Max's condition seemed to be improving, and with Director Rohill sitting in person, the wizards of the Occasional Magical Events Reversal Team looked at each other and packed their office belongings two by two.

A few minutes later, Kruger returned to the office, holding a copy of the delegation report retrieved from the files.

"According to the records, George should have handled a spell explosion in a Muggle hospital in Salzburg. Due to the tracking record being activated, it was determined to be an unauthorized spell release by a minor wizard."

Kruger frowned, looked at George Max's empty desk, and then glanced down at the report in his hand, his tone somewhat uncertain.

If only looked at from the report, it is simply a very simple handling of accidents anyway, not to mention the risk of serious injury and death.

As an adult wizard, especially as a senior employee of the Occasional Magical Events Reversal Group, even if slightly injured, Max could become Siri's laughingstock next month.

"However, after all, the location of the accident occurred in Salzburg. Could it be because of those people? Miss Rothschild, you have surely heard that rumor before..."

"Well, Salzburg is simply a common and beautiful Muggle city. Mr. Kruger, as an official of the Ministry of Magic, I suggest you better avoid unreliable and less noisy rumors."

Pope Rohill frowned, shook his head, and raised his right hand to stop Kruger's following words. His dark brown eyes looked seriously at the man and said:

"I truly believe in George Max's ability and experience. Likewise, I hope you can trust your colleagues more and not allow personal emotions to affect your work. Perhaps, George is back now."

As the witch said, she pointed to the metal employee card on the table that had completely returned to its brass color. She was about to say something else when she suddenly fell silent.

I saw that between the conversation of the two people, the metal plate that had returned to its normal state suddenly trembled, and a dazzling red light suddenly passed over the surface.

Immediately, two or three red lights flashed, and in five seconds, George Max's metal employee card emitted a terrible warning sound again, and the surface turned horribly red - [on the brink of death].

Then, as if it were just a joke with the two of them, in a matter of seconds, the red began to fade again.

During the next ten minutes, George Max's metal employee card was like a chameleon, and every time it faded completely and returned to normal, it trembled a few times and went back to a moribund state.

"Director Rothschild, what does this mean? What should we do now..."

Kruger's eyes widened, and he quickly looked at the witch at his side, a little anxious and bewildered. This situation was really surprising and not in line with common sense.

"Second warning event! Summon everyone urgently, I think, if possible, it would be better to request support from some Aurors."

Pope Rohill looked serious. He looked around the empty office, frowning. "Kruger, the situation is urgent. You may need to go to Salzburg to investigate the situation. Be careful, without a complete guarantee, do not easily approach George Max, I doubt..."