Chapter 197 Little By Little Out Of Control

Austrian time, Salzburg at 7:55 pm.

"Has Max gotten lost here?"

Standing in front of the emergency building of the Salk Hospital, Kruger looked up and observed the bright red "Emergency" sign at the entrance, a dignified expression appearing on his face.

No figures can be seen in motion in the empty building, most of the floors are darkened, and the open door looks like some kind of monster with a huge mouth.

"Hold on, buddy. We are here to save you."

Kruger muttered, adjusted his windbreaker to conceal the right hand that had drawn his wand, and carefully approached the door. He couldn't help but recall Miss Pope Rohill's speculation before she left...


Ten minutes ago, at the Austrian Ministry of Magic.

"This is definitely not a common disastrous accident."

Observing the faded and reddish metal card, Pope Rohill narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips tightly.

Blaze Kruger swears by the heavens that he had never seen Miss Pope Rohir's face so unpleasant in all these years.

"Mr. Kruger, under what circumstances do you think that in five seconds, a well-trained member of the Reversed Occasional Magical Events Team can be brought to death?"

"Unexpected sneak attack?" Kruger responded hesitantly.

"Then, what if it happens two or three times in succession? And each time he enters a state close to death in the next moment after recovering." The witch's brown eyes seemed to burn with a flame of anger.

"There is no doubt that George was caught."

Without waiting for Kruger to respond, the youngest female director of Austria in hundreds of years vigorously shook with a heavy and angry tone.

"This only happens when a wizard is completely unable to resist. George Max may be experiencing scandalous torture at this moment."

"Torture?! But... what does George need..." Kruger's eyes narrowed sharply.

"This is what we must find out later, but first, we must find a way to rescue George Max."

The short-haired blonde witch turned sharply to look at Kruger, with an unprecedented tone of seriousness.

"I need you to go to Salzburg immediately to provide precise coordinate guidance to the tracking personnel and a safe assembly point for support."

"Then, depending on the situation, you can try to rescue George or wait for the support to arrive. But in any case, you must be very careful and always vigilant."


Slowly entering the emergency building, the first thing that caught Kruger's attention was the messy consultation lobby, as if a fierce battle had taken place here.

Near the left side of the door, a wall was completely destroyed by the spell, the floor was forcibly lifted, exposing the cement of the floor, and the dirt in the planter behind the information desk was scattered everywhere.

And the strangest thing is that although the lobby has this appearance, neither the security guard standing at the door nor the nurse asleep at the information desk seemed to have any strange expression.

"Has the corresponding memory been modified and erased? Was it Max... or did other wizards try to cover it up?"

Kruger looked with unfocused eyes, just like the security guards and nurses who had just woken up. Obviously, there was no way to obtain useful information from this Muggle staff—this is typical of the Memory Charm, and it will take at least an hour or two for the side effects of the Confundus Charm to gradually return to normal logical thinking.

Kruger shook his head and carefully observed the hospital lobby. After confirming that there were no other dangers in the lobby, he approached the corner and drew his wand.

"Seek the shadow."

Puffing out his cheeks, the wizard gripped the base of the wand with both hands, blowing air around it like a balloon, and a large patch of golden mist that only Kruger could see immediately rushed from the tip of his wand, silently dispersing throughout the lobby space.

"George Max."

Kruger cleared his throat and read aloud, while waving his wand, the golden mist dissipated, revealing a series of footprints on the floor, showing George Max's movement here a few hours ago.

"Strange, there are no signs of struggle..."

Kruger observed the golden footprints in the lobby, continuous and orderly, without any confusion.

Everything seems very ordinary. At this moment, George Max should be handling the accident according to the normal procedure.

Under the guidance of a nurse, the golden footprints belonging to George Max extended to a room next to the information desk for a while, and then passed into the area of the rooms within the hospital.

-And never returned.

"George... what on earth did you encounter?"

Kruger frowned and looked ahead. He entered the room where George Max had spoken with the nurse and placed a metal emblem engraved with the logo of the Austrian Ministry of Magic on the table.

Undoubtedly, at least from the current situation, this place should be safe.


The strong man tapped the surface of the metal badge with a wand in his hand, and a faint blue light appeared on the surface of the metal badge. In the next moment, the metal badge disappeared on the desk.

"This should be fine. In short, let me go and see the situation first."

After setting the coordinates of the door key to guide the arrival of the Ministry's support personnel, Kruger cast a temporary Muggle Repelling Charm on the door of the room, swallowed it, and raised his wand to signal himself—[Armored Bodyguard]

Then, the wizard carefully walked towards the front wing area.

However, to Kruger's surprise, there were no magical traps along the way. Not until he reached the room where George Max's footprints disappeared did the imaginary enemy appear.

"Was it just a false alarm?"

Kruger furrowed his brow and reached out to gently open the hidden wing door. What he saw was a very ordinary room full of Muggle people.

After entering through the door, on the first bed to the right, there was an old man with closed eyes and a face full of vicissitudes. A silver-haired Muggle girl was sitting beside the bed, looking up and watching a drop of liquid fall into the infusion bottle; she seemed to be the family of the old man.

For this pair of ordinary Muggle patients, Kruger only glanced at them, and after confirming that there was nothing worth mentioning, he overlooked them and then looked at the position of the second bed to the right after entering the door.

There, the missing George Max was tied to the hospital bed with dark straps wrapped around him, and a man in a white coat was injecting a strange liquid into poor Max.

"Release him! You scoundrel! What have you done to George?"

After looking around and finding no other danger, he quickly raised his wand and growled.


(///  ̄ 盘  ̄) ○ - ☆

Before the man in the white coat turned around, a beam of red curse instantly struck him in the back, and the powerful magical force threw the man's body backward, forcefully hitting the bedside table.


After seeing George Max without injuries, he took another look at the identification card on the chest of the man in the white coat who fell next to the wardrobe. Kruger frowned, "It seems to be just a Muggle doctor? What's going on?"

"Doctor! Who are you! What have you done? Help, help, someone call the police!"

At that moment, the silver-haired girl who was sitting on the next bed ran to the panicked man who had fainted, then turned her face and looked at Kruger with horror, with a trembling speech bubble in the middle of the hallway, a series of English words quickly appeared in her mouth.

Seeing the terror in the Muggle girl's eyes in front of him, Kruger frowned with a headache. Why is she still a foreigner?

Obviously, due to his previous actions, the emotion of the silver-haired girl in front of him was very unstable, and her two little hands waved frantically, and she could not communicate effectively at all.

Kruger thought it would be a fierce battle, and the result has not been resolved so far. Fortunately, George has been found. In order to rescue George Max, it will be clear to ask a little.

"Sorry, little one, I don't have time to comfort you right now."

The burly adult wizard shook his head, reached out, and effortlessly pushed the girl in front of him aside, approached George Max's bed, and raised his wand.

"Get well soon!"

With the help of magic, George Max's eyelids blinked and then his body suddenly twitched - his eyes closed tightly, showing an expression that he was still in a coma.

"Hey, friend, don't be afraid. It's me, I'll save you." Kruger raised his eyebrows playfully and said with a smile.

"Kruger? Why are you here?"

Hearing the familiar voice, George Max slowly opened his eyes, looking at the familiar face in front of him. At the next moment, a look of fear appeared on the wizard's face, as he tried to lift his head and look around, "Where is that little demon?"

"Of course I saw your warning metal plate! By the way, what little demon? Friend, what are you talking about?"

Seeing the scared George Max in front of him, a look of confusion appeared on Kruger's face, "I saw no enemies on the way. How did you end up in such a sorry state, Max?"

"Kruger, behind you! Don't!" Just then, George Max suddenly shrank and shouted.

"Behind? There's nothing behind..." Kruger turned around suspiciously, a pair of familiar blue eyes greeted his, and a small white hand quickly slid into his arm holding the wand, the other hand held a metal tray and quickly struck his forehead.



The moment her palm touched his, Kruger's arm instantly twisted in a strange way, and an unprecedented intense pain made him involuntarily release his wand.

At the next moment, as the metal tray fell, the world of men quickly darkened.

Elena crouched and struck several times with the deformed metal tray. After confirming that the burly man on the floor had fallen into a deep coma, she stood up and looked at George Max in the bed with a slight smile.

"I'm sorry, you shouldn't wake up... but only then will he relax his guard."

"Wait, are you also a wizard? I can't resist now. A simple coma spell is enough. I ask for the most basic dignity," George Max quickly said, looking at Kruger who had fallen to the ground, and swallowed.

"Basic dignity?"

Irene raised her eyebrows and shrugged after thinking for a while. "Okay, I promise you. But in return, you need to tell me why someone is after you, and how many people will come after you in general. How high is the level of strength?"

George Max nodded hastily. He didn't want to experience the terrible and brutal attack of the little devil in front of him again. He wondered if he would accidentally wake up again.

Also, the questions asked by the girls are not especially secret.

After two minutes.

"Thank you for your explanation, I understand."

Elena nodded politely, picked up the metal tray from the ground, and approached George Max. She smiled slightly. "The release of the coma spell may be a little painful. You can bear it."

"Wait..." George Max's pupils dilated.


"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

"It has alerted the Ministry of Magic in Austria... the problem has become complicated."

Elena furrowed her brow and looked down at the back of her left hand.

Bound by unbreakable oaths, she couldn't actively attack others before being attacked, which was certainly a very unfavorable situation. Otherwise, she could use her expertise to try to take advantage of the terrain and lay an ambush nearby.

Looking at Grindelwald, who was still awake in the adjacent bed, Elena stood up, ripped off the medical history slate at the end of the old man's bed with her arms, and then picked up the two magic wands from the floor, her eyes gleaming in contemplation.


At the same time, far away in the Ministry of Magic in Austria, the two metal badges belonging to Kruger and Max quickly became stained with a layer of red, and the piercing sound of the alarm resounded throughout the office.

"Damn it! Kruger was also caught, this is a trap! A terrible conspiracy and provocation."

Papa Rohill growled low and looked around. The more than a dozen wizards who were temporarily summoned: the occasional magic team, the Auror office, the magical enforcement department, and the memory cancellation command... the witch's expression became very serious.

In just one afternoon, two wizards lost contact, and since the fall of Grindelwald over 40 years ago, the Ministry of Magic in Austria has never experienced the end of a complete wizarding war again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for battle. The enemy is extremely dangerous. Intelligence says that both Kruger and Max were almost taken down by the other party in an instant, and not even a message could be delivered."

"Although before this, Mr. Kruger gave positioning coordinates in advance, but considering that Kruger also lost contact, I do not recommend using the door key for direct transmission. The safest way is for everyone to first move to the outskirts of Salzburg, and after regrouping, go to the location of the door key."

"Everyone, move out in groups and keep at least three people working together, do not issue orders."




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