Chapter 198 'trace Of The Devil'


Joe Anis, who was immersed in cold water, shivered and suddenly woke up.

"Oh, what's happening to me?"

Joe Anis only remembered that a man, who seemed as strong as a bear, burst into the room, drew a small wooden stick and suddenly shouted at him, then a red light hit him and he completely lost memory of what happened next.

Elena dissipated the white light in her hand and discovered a limitation of magic derived from the ur rune. The pure healing ability could not be used to awaken people stunned by the curse.

"I'm sorry, doctor, perhaps you should leave here immediately."

Without answering Joe Anis' question, Elena pushed the gigantic wizard who was still lying on the ground. "The next major spell confrontation may erupt. For safety, it's best for you to find another place to hide."

"Damn it, can't they fight somewhere else?"

Joe Anis rose from the table next to the bed and couldn't help but complain. He grimaced and took a deep breath. The left rib that was struck by the curse still hurt a bit.

Rubbing his left ribs, the young doctor glanced at the corpulent figure lying on the ground and then at the delicate figure, as if she were a girl with a faint glow on her skin, shrugging.

"Alright, I don't care about the fight in your world. But since you've saved me once, can I help you with simple things?"

On one hand, the appearance of ugliness; the first greeting he received was a curse from a strange organization whose name he had never heard. On the other hand, a combination of youth and age capable of peacefully communicating to a certain extent, with a superlative facial value, and who would also facilitate the early evacuation. Anis knew which side needed more help without thinking.

"High concentrations of anesthetics, syringes, liquid oxygen, and I want to check the hospital monitoring... if you can, please help to move my great-grandfather to another room."

Elena thought for a moment, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, a strange light shimmered in her lake-blue eyes, and she looked into Joe Anis' eyes before adding another sentence.

"By the way, if there's an explosion, please call me immediately, saying that there are a large number of unidentified terrorists in strange attire besieging the municipal hospital. The other party is extremely dangerous and is suspected to be carrying homemade weapons."

Seeing the innocent face of the girl, Joe Anis's mind went blank and he only felt extreme comfort and joy. It seemed that nothing in this world was important as long as he could make the little angel in front of him happy.


Joe Anis slightly opened his eyes, a reassuring expression appeared on his face, and he obediently nodded.

Watching the doctor's back leaving the room, the mixed-race little Meiwa couldn't help but slump her face, and to protect old Grindelwald from being taken away, and to take care not to kill, she was really tired.

In short, save people first, because the wizard who suddenly burst in seems larger, for safety reasons, Elena rua twice before the attack.

So, whether to use hostages to threaten the change of direction, or to use defensive counterattacks to gain more bargaining chips in hand, it is still necessary to plan well according to the actual situation.


Just as Elena was about to reflect.

On the deserted asphalt road on the outskirts of Salzburg, a group of wizards emerges from the air.

Following Papa Rohill's suggestion, and due to the disappearance of two wizards, they all divide into groups of three, moving in ghostly bunches, in order to be able to face ambushes that may arise at any time.

Of the first three individuals, apart from a high-ranking employee of the [Occasional Magical Events Team], the other two are serving aurors of the Magical Law Enforcement Department.

Standing at the forefront is a middle-aged wizard with a stern expression and slightly silvered temples.

The middle-aged wizard raised his wand and nodded towards the city ahead, his lips moved, and after glancing at the centrally and brightly lit Salzburg, he said in a low voice.

"No enemies detected, no magical fluctuations perceived, no traces of large-scale magic found in the city. We do not rule out that we have been secretly discovered, but the probability is very low. The current position is safe, Mr. Rodris, you can now send the coordinates to guide the followers here."

Behind the middle-aged wizard, a slightly younger wizard nodded and drew his wand, imitating what Kruger had done earlier, placing a small metal emblem from the Ministry of Magic of Austria as the key to the door and returning it to headquarters.

After doing all this, the young Rodris turned his head and asked softly of the middle-aged man, "So, Auror Cruz, are we waiting for followers, or do we continue to advance into the city?"

Cruz Blake, skilled in the Transformation Curse, 43 years old this year, possesses good magic and rich experience as an Auror, so he was specially selected as the first commander of the operator group for this "rescue/accident operation in Salzburg."

"Of course, we will continue to advance, if possible, we will initiate the rescue directly," said the middle-aged wizard with a calm voice, without hesitation. "So far we don't know what has happened. If an encounter occurs, as long as the advantage is not particularly obvious, Rodris, you must evacuate immediately, while Joseph and I will deal with the opponent... Someone needs to bring the information back."

As an Auror specifically trained to conduct criminal investigations of dark magic and arrest or stop dark wizards, after receiving an emergency call from Papa Rohill, Cruz Blake made a witch trial: it is likely that the other party is an organized, premeditated, and hardworking group of dark wizards.

At least Cruise assessed his effectiveness in combat, and even if he were to be replaced, he could not instantly take down an experienced member of the Occasional Magical Events Team.

As for the optimistic assumption that the two consecutive accidents were caught by accident, it would never exist in the mind of a qualified Auror. For them, thinking about the situation in the worst possible way and organizing in advance is the wisest choice.

There are only three. In theory, the opponent who has two hostages should not choose to escape or hide first, but to try to defeat them head-on.

To achieve this goal, no matter how the other party responds, they will inevitably reveal some cards and information.

Since the disaster that occurred in Paris over sixty years ago (1927) and was privately called "The Martyrdom of the Auror" by the Auror community, large-scale magical operations have become cautious: the supposed number of people's advantage is a mockery against the pre-established magical war trap.


Salzburg, in the monitoring room of Salk Hospital.

Has the third group finally arrived? It is much slower than expected, and that is the only good news.

In the surveillance field at the entrance, three men wearing the same windbreakers as Max appeared. The most problematic situation arose. The Ministry of Magic in Austria did not employ the legendary "Baby Pumpkin Battle Plan to Save Grandpa".

The most worrying thing is that the three wizards who came to investigate the situation at the hospital this time are still in a group, completely eliminating their plan to separate them. Elena must consider how to face the attacks of the three wizards at the same time.

Elena glanced at the three wizards on the screen and took a deep breath. She couldn't help but scold her heart.

If she wants to make such a fuss, she is just an ordinary witch, and it would take her less than a week to learn magic.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Magic staff who came to the hospital to deal with the incident were well taken care of. There were no injuries to anyone. They just had to wait for the anesthesia to wear off, and they could return to work.

"Still another half hour to go? I hope the doctor's judgment does not deviate too much."

Looking at the clock, according to Joe Annis, it may take another hour for Grindelwald's blood ketone concentration to return to normal, even if the infusion has ended for a short time, there will be no relapse.

At that moment, she only had to get Grindelwald out of danger, find a place to hide, and wait quietly for Dumbledore.

"You just need to survive this wave of attacks again, you should be able to gain enough time."

Since Grindelwald's identity has been exposed, once George Max reveals the truth, it is difficult to imagine how the Ministry of Magic in Austria will respond to the former Dark Lord.

The girl stood up, entered the room, and dragged the weak witch Kruger, placing her face down in front of the door leading to Max's room.

Then, Elena took a deep breath, let down her long silver hair, held her breath, and lay quietly on the witch.

"Rua! Rua! Rua!"

Feeling the uncontrollable primordial power unleashed by the ancient magical texts converging in her limbs, Elena held her breath, lying patiently on Kruger's body like a corpse, waiting for the approaching footsteps.

Regardless of the future and potential, Elena is now just a little witch of less than eleven years old who has not yet learned magic systematically. The attack methods in the skill bar are the magical text ur and the explosion spell.

And relying on an explosion spell to face three experienced adult wizards is undoubtedly a fool's dream. I'm afraid the protagonists of the previous generation would not dare to write about this.

She only has one chance, at most two attacks.

Fortunately, although the strength of the person approaching cannot be judged at the moment, it will definitely not be an existence at the pinnacle of the wizarding world like Grindelwald in his prime, otherwise, the other party would not act so cautiously.

Since she is not the most outstanding existence, as long as she is not a rough-skinned and empty-headed witch like Hagrid, Elena is highly confident that she can completely lose the fighting power with a single blow.


The footsteps gradually drew closer.

"Kruger? What happened?"

Rodris observed the sturdy witch with narrowed eyes, looking slightly forward. He felt slightly relieved and was about to quickly advance to check on his colleagues. Although there had been no attack on this path, the invisible pressure in his heart grew increasingly intense. He planned to grasp what happened as soon as possible.

"Wait a moment."

A powerful man took Rodris' arm, and Cruz Blake shook his head with a serious expression, his chin lightly hitting the protective door that was hidden in front of him, "Let me in. You cover me. The enemy may be hiding behind the door."

The middle-aged Auror raised his wand and walked carefully towards Kruger. He moved the muggle girl lying on the witch, crouched to check Kruger's condition, and then gently touched her with the wand. He opened the door and quickly glanced inside.

Except for a witch who was tied to a hospital bed and unconscious, he did not see any other people. ——Obviously, if Cruise was not mistaken, the person in the room should be the first mysteriously missing wizard, George Max.

"There is no danger. The enemy may have found out we are here and left early."

After confirming that everything is secure, Cruz Blake couldn't help but take a deep breath. Although the sense of crisis in his heart still exists, from the current situation, there should be nothing to worry about.

"In short, I can tell the ministry that there is no need for support at the moment. First, we wake up George Max and Bruzer Kruger, and they will tell us everything."

By saying this, the middle-aged wizard bent down, ready to cast a recovery spell.

At that moment, a strong sense of crisis lightly struck the temples of the middle-aged auror like the tip of a needle. He instinctively lowered his head, and his eyes met a pair of serene lake-blue eyes.

"Are you okay?"


As the footsteps approached closer and closer, Elena, pretending to faint, did not hesitate any longer and suddenly leaped. Although she couldn't understand what the witches around her were saying, it was clear she couldn't wait any longer.

A pair of white palms accurately struck the unprotected middle-aged wizard, and then a whip-like leg fiercely swept the right arm of the man holding the wand. A burst of dry wood felt on the instep.

Realizing the middle-aged wizard was wrong when he felt his body was out of control and pain invaded him, his face suddenly paled, and he turned to shout at the two approaching figures.

"Don't come close, danger..."

The voice hadn't finished speaking, and a brute force directly charged into him, making him stagger back.


At the next moment, the dull sound of a fist hitting flesh was heard.

Faced with Elena's full-force surprise attack, the experienced Cruz Blake practically offered no resistance and fell into a deep coma.


At the moment of Elena's violent attack, followed by Cruz Blake, Auror Joseph, who had not relaxed his vigilance, quickly raised his wand, and a dazzling beam of magic almost simultaneously struck Elena's body.


A layer of transparent airwaves appeared on the surface of the girl's body, dangerously resisting Joseph's curse, and failed to affect the girl's behavior.

Without any hesitation, Elena crouched, hiding behind the flying Auror's body, and quickly advanced with a small jab, swiftly approaching the magical witch.

"Dazed, fainted..." Seeing the fierce look in the silver-haired girl's eyes as she appeared in front of him, Joseph felt as if he had suddenly been stared at by an extremely terrible beast, and his tone couldn't help it.

"I fainted!"

At this moment, Rodrís, who was standing at the end, also reacted, drawing his wand and roaring vigorously towards the front.

Highly focused, Elena instinctively leaned back, avoiding the approaching red spell beam, but lifted her right foot, curled her toes, and forcefully struck Joe's chin that was already in front of her.


With the sound of a dislocated jaw, two teeth stained with blood flew out of the wizard's mouth.


Elena's diminutive size and flexible body gave her a terrifying level of close-range flexibility, before Rodrís cast a second spell.

Following the trend, a girl rolling away from the curse's path sinks to her knees, her shoulders level, and hits the young wizard in the arms like a small cannonball. With the close contact, Elena can clearly feel the man's body bones sink inward like bubbles.

"Who are you!?"

Rodrís looked down on the ground, and Joseph, foaming at the mouth, had deep fear in his eyes, a figure passed by, and a ghost quickly moved away from the approaching girl. —— In less than five seconds, the two Aurors fell to the ground one after another. Seeing that they couldn't survive, he began to regret responding to this urgent task.

He looked at the girl who was at least five meters away, and the only remaining wizard held the wand in his hands and tried to calm down. Fortunately, the little monster in front of him is just a strange Muggle with empty and brute strength. If he steps back, as a wizard...

Before his thoughts in his mind turned, he saw the muggle-dressed girl suddenly pulled her wand from between her arms and aimed it at him, a small red spark quickly igniting.


Rodrís' face changed, he put away his wand and rolled to the side without losing composure.


"Eh? It's off," Elena frowned and hurried forward.



"Don't run, I have to go back to save your partner, and surrender quickly,"


to escape...

No, he had to escape...

Someone must get the information...

This was the only thought Rodris had in mind. Under the fierce attack of the magical spell, he had no free time to cast a long-distance ghost and escape from this hospital.



An unprecedented noise came from the hospital, and the strong shake caused terrible cracks in the glass around the floor. Rodris coughed with half of his body buried under the collapsed debris.

Although he managed to dodge the direct impact of the curse in time, the collapsed wall behind him caused him more harm. Blood ran down his forehead, covering half of Rodris's eyes.

"Don't move, abandon resistance. While you are unconscious, I will heal you."

In the haze, he felt the silver-haired witch with a wand quickly approaching, and a pure English accent coming from the front. He felt the girl lifting her fist again.

Rodris tried to focus, waving his right hand and picking up the wand that had fallen to the side.

【Phantom Shift】—— Destion —— 【Outskirts of Salzburg】


With a burst of fireworks, the man's figure disappeared among the ruins, leaving only a small puddle of blood.


Looking at the suddenly disappearing martyred-looking witch, Elena looked up at the clock. In half an hour, she could escape with Grindelwald.

Fortunately, under her control, no significant harm was caused to any person. It would be simpler if Professor Dumbledore finally helped. After the two witches were slightly healed and had each received two injections of anesthetic, they should be able to contact the Ministry of Magic personnel.

However, does it seem to be getting larger and more noticeable? "I hope Professor Dumbledore doesn't have heart problems."

Elena shook her head and continued to walk comfortably. But speaking of, it really was comfortable to fight.


On the outskirts of Salzburg, a dusty and cursed wizard suddenly appeared at the edge of the road.

"Rodris, what's wrong? Cross and Joseph Auror?"

Feeling the fluctuation of magical power, the wizards who were following the positioning coordinates issued by Rodris turned their heads and looked at the embarrassed wizard, their faces changing drastically.

"Hurry... Quickly save them... just, that... muggle hospital in Salzburg."

"Who is the enemy? How many are there?"

"I don't know, but we only encountered a girl who seemed to be less than ten years old. She..."

As he said this, a expression of panic and confusion appeared on Rodris's face, and he shook his head. He still hasn't understood what kind of being they have encountered.


Ten minutes later, in the hallway where the battle was taking place in the hospital in Salzburg.

"Are you telling me that all the most outstanding and capable employees of Austria were brought down by a witch who is less than ten years old?"

Papa Rohill, who arrived at the scene, observed the four Ministry of Magic employees lying neatly in front of her, surrounded by dozens of equally grim-faced wizards.

A wizard glanced at Poppy Rothschild with a fearful face and said cautiously.

"I'm sorry, Director Rothschild. According to the magical traces at the scene, in addition to these four wizards, there was really only a trace of magical activity from a girl from start to finish. However, the other party doesn't seem too malicious. She provided them with a certain degree of treatment before leaving."

"Then why haven't they woken up yet?"

Papa Rohir frowned. "Haven't they used even a simple recovery spell?"

"We tried using magic spells to wake them up directly, but we found that, in addition to Muggle-style anesthesia, they seemed to have been affected by an extraordinarily powerful memory-blanking spell, with extremely complex magic."

The witch swallowed carefully. "Forcibly awakening them could trigger unfathomable things, so we concluded that we should quietly wait for the effects of the Muggle potion to dissipate."

At that moment, two more wizards appeared in the hallway.

"Excuse me, Lord Rothschild, we have searched the entire building and could not find the girl described by Rodris. All magical images and traces were completely cut off. There is no doubt that there is a very powerful wizard in front, and..."

The two wizards looked at each other, pulled out a blank medical history chart and placed it in Papa Rohill's hands. "And we found this. We believe you should take a look at it."

"What is this for? It's just a blank medical history chart." Papa Rohill frowned and shook the chart in confusion.

"This is the medical history chart next to Mr. George Max's bed. Although the top medical history has been torn off, we can still restore some of the writing at the top based on the mark."

"What is it?"

Pope Rothschild raised her eyebrows, sliding her fingers thoughtfully across the chart. She knew that her employees wouldn't provide meaningless information.


The witch's eyes widened sharply, she violently turned her head and looked incredulously at the two wizards in front of her, "Who else knows about this besides you?"

"That's enough," said the two wizards shaking their heads, their faces extremely serious.

"I understand," nodded Papa Rohir and looked deeply at Salzburg under the night window, placing the medical history chart in her arms, "This mission is over, we withdraw. Ministry of Magic, allow me to explain."

"But Director Rothschild, isn't that precisely what we did? Our Auror office was injured because of you," a witch who was next to Pope Roshir frowned. "At least you should give us a reason..."

Just then, a harsh alarm sounded outside the window.

Red and blue lights of police cars intertwined and dazzling headlights illuminated from all directions.

Along with the loudspeaker's shout, some red spots appeared on the wizards near the window.

"People inside, listen, this is the Federal Police Agency of Austria! You are surrounded, do not attempt to resist, surrender, raise your hands where we can see them and come out slowly."