Chapter 199 The Demon Had Arrived

Time rolled back a little.

Kaigasse, the center of Salzburg.

Aside from the food alleys that tourists love to visit, this is considered the busiest commercial district in Salzburg.

In a few days, it's the Bavarian village Oktoberfest. Many shops on both sides of the street have already started decorating corresponding decorations for the festival. The city air is filled with a cheerful festive atmosphere.

A small girl with silver hair, appearing to be around ten years old, stood on the roadside with a sturdy old man, gazing at the barbecue-scented chop house on the side of the street.

As an ancient city with a long history that can apply to be a World Cultural Heritage, most shops and buildings in Salzburg's old town have hundreds of thousands of years of history. It is strong evidence for the family schnitzel shop in front of the girl. One thing, when Elena came to travel here in a previous life, the tour guide did not boast. This is indeed a centuries-old shop.

If you want to choose a dish as a representative of Austria, it must be the Viennese steak.

Unlike chops in other countries, the European Union, which has been dull, even specified that only chops made with tender and juicy veal can be called "Viennese chops".

An authentic Viennese schnitzel needs to be thoroughly flattened first so that the meat is softer and tender.

Then it drags the flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs successively to make the outer skin golden and crisp, and seals the juices, and finally fries it slowly with butter, so the aroma of the barbecue is especially strong, and the taste can be perceived almost from afar.

"Don't you mean, are you hungry again?"

Feeling the girl beside him suddenly stopped, staring at the barbecue restaurant across the street following the girl's Baba's eyes. Grindelwald, who had put on a casual outfit, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "If I remember correctly, you just finished a strong hot dog. Before that, you also had a Turkish barbecue pie and a whole box of Mozart chocolate balls."

"I saved your life... ha..." Elena groaned and frowned.

Just halfway through, the girl suddenly yawned, which made the original coquettish action not show perfectly.

"Well, alright."

Grindelwald sighed helplessly and crossed the street as if a hole had been punched in his heart.

Frankly, for Grindelwald, when he woke up, he realized that the visual impact of four magic wands neatly placed was much greater than the joy of being alive.

Although Elena said it easily, Grindelwald knew how difficult and dangerous it was for a girl under 11 years old to take down four adult wizards.

When he woke up, he realized that the number of iron armor curses stored in the girl's collar had been completely consumed, a chaotic hospital corridor, a broken room door, and a pile of medicines, syringes, blood... Nothing shows the brutality of the previous battle.

More importantly, even under such circumstances, no one was injured in the entire conflict.

—Well, at least in terms of results.

Regarding the subsequent simple work of elimination and concealment, as well as the memory modification for the four wizards of the Austrian Ministry of Magic, for Gellert Grindelwald who recovered his wand, it was as easy as snapping his fingers, and the only failure was the lack of beauty. It seemed that a wizard who had seen Elena escaped.

"Hello, sir. Here are the two Viennese steaks you ordered, which have been packed for you. The total price is..."

The voice of the barbecue shop owner interrupted the old man's thoughts and brought him back to reality: it was time to pay.

Although he had been exiled for decades in Newmontgarde Castle, Gellert Grindelwald is still one of the wizards at the top of the magical world, and his control of magic has not diminished too much. For example—

"Confundo," Grindelwald's wand tip hidden in his arm extended silently and smoothly.

There was confusion on the shop owner's face, shaking his head, handing the plastic bag in his hand to Grindelwald, and skillfully smiling, "Thank you for your patronage, please walk slowly."

I hope this is the last time I'm eating...

Grindelwald turned the plastic bag in his hand and looked helplessly into it.

A noble and elegant erudite wizard, a wizard leader who had almost mastered most of the magical world, actually used a curse to lie and eat in the snack shop opened by Muggles, making the always proud Grindelwald feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"Well, the Viennese barbecue you wanted, be careful... wait! What's wrong with you?"

After struggling through the crowd of people standing in front of the shop, he approached the white-haired bun waiting on the roadside. Grindelwald handed her the plastic bag in his hand. changes.

"What's wrong with me? What a surprise."

Elena blinked in confusion, couldn't help but yawn, and reached out to grab the plastic bag in the old man's hand.



Some fresh drops of water fell on the back of the girl's hand and then landed on the plastic bag, making a pleasant sound.

"Is it raining?"

Elena looked down at the back of her hand. Under the streetlight, the water droplets still falling on the back of her soft hand left a red mark.

"Or still, this is..."

The girl felt dizzy, and instinctively raised her hand and wiped her face. The white and tender palms were white, "...blood? Strange, when did I hurt myself?"

"But don't be alarmed, it's not a big problem. You forgot, I am a wizard."

Raising her head, she looked at Grindelwald, who appeared blurry at times. Elena waved her hand carelessly and spoke softly.


A white and blurry light appeared at the tips of the girl's fingers, flickering for less than half a second... and then extinguished.

"Hey! Strange?"

As if in a daze, the charming girl's face shone with a bright pink, furrowing her brow in confusion.


This time, nothing happened.

An unusually intense drowsiness overwhelmed Elena. The girl couldn't help but yawn again, and her eyelids kept sinking. "Ri..."

As she said this, the girl's right hand weakly dropped, and the plastic pouch in her hand slipped to the ground with a snap.

"Wait, don't fall asleep!"

Grindelwald's expression changed, and he quickly reached out to catch the little silver-haired witch, who instantly became paralyzed. Elena, reclining in the old man's arms, tightly closed her eyes, except for a few spots of blood that had not yet solidified, there was no trace of anger.

In Grindelwald's perception, Elena's seemingly flawless appearance could no longer simply be described as bad.

Numerous small muscle fissures were scattered throughout the girl's body, and most of her organs, including her heart, showed an extremely abnormal state of hyperactivity.

Several uncontrollable forces clashed against the girl's body, but they were restricted to Elena's strengthened body, causing no direct harm. The once overwhelming magic of the girl had almost been depleted, leaving only a glimmer.

What is exactly happening?

How many times has this white furry ball used UR rune magic in the last half-day?

Ignoring the stares of others, Grindelwald lifted the girl with both hands, and they both disappeared directly into the bustling street.


Salzburg, unknown location.

"Don't worry, this boy simply released the curse too many times and exceeded the physical burden. He just needs good rest tonight, he should be fine."

A skeletal-looking old man turned trembling and said, with bewildered eyes.

"The marks of the Runi runes, Gellert. I have never heard that you have had a student in all these years."

"My students are not so foolish as to not protect themselves. That's Albus's student. I'm just looking after her for a while, and tomorrow she'll pack up and leave."

Behind him, Grindelwald leaned over to observe a huge crystal ball on the table.

Upon hearing the old man's words, Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and quickly turned to speak with disdain. Although he said it that way, his eyes involuntarily showed warmth.

After a pause, Grindelwald looked around.

"Are you sure about this place? I mean... after all, it's been forty years."

"Except for you, Dumbledore, and Lemay, the entire magical world thought I was already dead. As long as you don't involve me, this place will always be safe."

The old man shrugged and looked at Grindelwald angrily. "And, you know, time doesn't make much sense to me. Otherwise, you wouldn't find me the first time."

"No, the reason I came to you in the first place is simply because you used to have a name called Paracelsus. Time may make the strength of the wizard diminish, but for a healer, it will always make you stronger."

Grindelwald smiled, looked at Elena, and then at the silver-haired witch lying quietly on the bed. After a simple treatment, the girl's face gradually calmed, and the corners of her lips lifted slightly, as if she was dreaming. Obviously, it turns out that his idea was not wrong.

"At the same time, she's more vulnerable to shock..."

Paracelsus couldn't help but grumble discontentedly: "I'm not like you young ones, can't you consider this 498-year-old man?"

"What's this? A prophecy?"

Ignoring Paracelsus' complaints, Grindelwald turned and pointed at the large crystal ball on the table with a question, which reflected the scene of the city of Salzburg. On the other side of the high wall far from the city, dozens of police cars were heading towards the Salk Hospital, which he and Elena had just left.

"I don't believe in prophecy as you do. I am a doctor and have spent most of my life fighting the so-called prophecies."

Paracelsus shook his head disdainfully and smiled, "This is just a small window I have specifically set up to observe the fleeting Muggles."

"In other words, is this what's happening?"

As he said this, Grindelwald reached out and touched the crystal ball. After a while, the image inside the crystal ball changed, showing the scene inside the Salk Hospital, where a large group of officials from the Austrian Ministry of Magic was gathering to discuss something.

"Yes." Paracelsus stared at the crystal ball with a grimace on his face.

"One thing you said earlier was true. Over time, Muggles have become increasingly sensitive to the existence of wizards. This is the fastest Muggle I've seen responding to anomalies."

"Oh, because this is our policeman." Grindelwald waved his hand and said casually.


Paracelsus' face could not help but be surprised and suddenly smiled with disbelief, "I didn't expect you to do this kind of boring thing, you know, for wizards who can disillusion, these Muggles don't pose any threat at all."

"Well, you're right. Then, maybe I need to give them a little help."

Grindelwald stared at Elena lying on the bed, the smile on his face disappeared, and his eyes showed a trace of indifference. "Come on, in and out, this isn't Hospitality of Salzburg. And, there's a child to deal with."

"Wait... Gellert, you don't want to go back to...?"

Paracelsus looked at the coldness in Grindelwald's eyes, frowned, and his right hand unconsciously reached for the wands beside the bed.

"The time that belongs to me has ended, I understand this better than you."

Grindelwald tapped Paracelso on the shoulder and smiled calmly. "I just want someone to know how a true Dark Lord should look."

"A true, true Dark Lord?" Paracelso's face became more frightened.

"Relax, this time no one will be hurt. I assure you."

Gellert Grindelwald shrugged and suddenly turned his head as he approached the door, pointing at Paracelso, who was about to reach for Elena's wand, with a very serious tone.

"Also, if you are still considering your five hundredth birthday, allow me to give you a piece of advice. Do not touch the baby's wand, you will regret it."

Salzburg, interior of Salk Hospital.

In the face of the shouts of the Muggle police outside, most of the wizards frowned anxiously, as if they were just pesky mosquitoes outside the window.

"In summary, let's first return to the department. We will investigate the tracking matters slowly."

Pope Rohill glanced at the Austrian Federal Police Office outside the hospital and unconsciously waved his hand. "Do not worry about these Muggles, there will naturally be members of the Muggle Troubles Adjustment Committee."


A gunshot echoed from the hospital compound.

"Repeat it again, please, immediately drop your weapon, cease resistance, raise your hands where we can see them, and slowly exit the hospital."

"Everyone is still shocked, let's go."

Pope Rohill frowned, turned his wand, and was about to leave with a ghost, when suddenly his expression hardened. "Eh?"

Under his magical perception, a familiar magical prohibition suddenly rose in this area, whose only effect is to prohibit the migration of ghosts.

"Damn, this is an ambush."

A wizard wore a somewhat ugly expression, gritted his teeth bitterly, and growled, "Who the hell are they, daring to target the Ministry of Magic of Austria again and again?! Are they afraid of being jointly pursued by the Ministry of Magic?"

"Director Rothschild, what should we do now?"

"Do I have to resort to last resort regulations? Damn it, I don't want to be hit by Muggle weapons."

Unable to perform ghost transformation unless they cast a spell to break the prohibition, all the present wizards were trapped in this hospital.

"Wait... look outside! God, what is that?!"

Just at that moment, a wizard suddenly shouted.

All the lights in the outer city went out, and every building was engulfed in a translucent black fabric.

However, the Muggle police outside the Salk Hospital seem to be completely unharmed. Obviously, only the wizards in the hospital can see the translucent black fabric that fell from the sky. The events made the wizards draw their wands and cover their faces. They were filled with tension.

Pope Rohill looked up, observing the translucent black fabric falling from the sky, covering the entire hospital in darkness, touching the piece of medical record he carried in his arms with a solemn tone.

"That's Grindelwald. Gellert Grindelwald, this is how he summoned his followers over sixty years ago."